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betano handicap
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Sports betting is more popular than ever before. You may have heard about sports handicapping before, but what do you really know about it? You can get started with Betano today and become familiar with sports handicapping in no time. Mind that the point spread and handicap betting are effectively the same thing.

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How to place handicap bets at Betano?

Placing handicap bets is simple. Let’s use American Football as an example. You see the Cleveland Browns (+5) vs. the Baltimore Ravens (-5). You would choose whether you think the Ravens will win by five or more, or whether the Browns will lose by five or less (or win outright). When finished, head to the bet slip and hope for a winner!

To place a spread bet, simply follow these steps.

  1. First, pick the sport that you want to bet on and click on the respective menu.
  2. Then find the game that you want to bet on and look at the spread.
  3. Choose which side you want to back and your stake and then place your bet.

What is the handicap market?

spread at betano

Handicapping is a means for the bookmakers to bring game odds to even. Where there is a clear underdog or favourite in terms of betting odds, handicapping makes them essentially even (-110). This is to provide better odds and a 50-50 potential outcome.

For example, in basketball, you will notice that the better team is given a spread that is denoted with a minus. This means that they need to win by that many points. The underdog team needs to come within that many points.

  • New York Knicks (-5) vs Los Angeles Lakers (+5)

If you back the Knicks, they need to win by at least five points. If you bet on the Lakers, they need to come within five points.

How many types of handicap bets are there on the page?

Sports handicapping also comes down to what type of handicap bet you are looking to place. There are two common forms of handicapping in the form of Asian and European betting.

Betano Asian handicap explained

asian handicap betano

Asian lines makes use of half decimals in order to eliminate draws. If you see that the underdog is +1.5, they will need to lose by one or win outright in order to cash the bet. You can also have quarter goal lines in Asian lines.

Most popular types of Asian handicap Betano
  • The most popular form of Asian lines betting is on the point spread. The spread indicates how much the favourite needs to win by – or the underdog to lose by less than – in order to cash the bet. For example, a 0.25 Asian handicap bet gives one team a quarter goal lead when the ball is kicked off.

Betano European handicap explained

betano european handicap

European handicapping is very similar with a minor difference. It does not use half decimals, which means that a tie (or push) is possible if the exact outcome takes place. If the underdog is +1 but loses by exactly one, then the result would be a push.

Most popular types of European handicap Betano
  • European handicap betting offers the outcome of a draw as well. For soccer, betting on the draw is a popular outcome especially given the prolific nature of draws.

For which sports is the Betano Handicap available?

Betano Sportsbook has a litany of sports handicapping to choose from. Among the most popular are American Football, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and MMA. That said, there are also options for badminton, horse racing, boxing, and more.

Betano handicap betting tips

Handicapping can be tough for even the most experienced bettors. With a few helpful tips, you can put yourself in a better position to win on your next bet.

Look for value

Value is key because you need to maximize your wins. Getting better value out of your picks also means needing to hit less often to come out ahead on your bets over the course of a week, month, or year.

Don’t chase losses

You might have a team that is the bane of your existence, losing every time. Learn to walk away from them rather than continue until they finally produce a winner. It will be heartbreak almost every time.

Bankroll management

No matter how much you play for, bankroll management is essential. Learn how much of your bankroll to bet so that you don’t burn through your deposit in no time. This way, even in a cold streak, you still have enough to turn it around.

Can I wager my bonuses on handicap bets?

The great thing about betting at Betano is the bonuses. You can even use bonuses to make your first wager. It is a great way to turn that first pick into a big winner with just a single bet of $10. That is just one of the many bonuses that Betano offers to players.

Yes, you can use the bonuses from these promotions at Betano to make handicap bets. This includes bets on the market in a wide range of sports including hockey, soccer, basketball, and many more.

Handicap Betano final overview

Handicapping at Betano has never been easier. Whether you consider yourself a sports betting pro or just a novice, it is easy to get your picks in. The more you partake in handicap betting at Betano, the closer to “pro” you become.

All details of the brand are also available in our dedicated article where we review and rate Betano casino.


Which is the best Betano handicap market?

The best handicap market is the one that you know best. It can be tough handicapping games but having familiarity with it is a great place to start.

Is betting on handicap at Betano risky?

Picking a spread wager is tougher than an outright winner. That’s because your pick must win by a specific amount in order for the bet to cash.

Should I bet on handicap at Betano?

It depends on what you are looking for in a bet. If you are looking for something safer, handicapping isn’t the way to go. But if you want better odds, take spread picks for bigger potential winnings.

Are there spread markets for tennis at Betano?

Spread is available for tennis as well. It generally involves the number of games or sets in a particular matchup.

Can I place Betano handicap bets for in-play events?

The great thing about making bets is that they can be done for games already in progress. In-play betting allows for wagering on spread, point totals, player props, and more.

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