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From ivan startsev
In the online casino 1win, from August 31, 2021, to September 1, 2021, I won a sum of 5,111,000 rubles from an initial deposit of 1,500 rubles. 1win refused to pay out the winnings on the same day and decided to conduct an investigation. Within three days, I sent them a photo of my passport, a photo of myself with my passport, and photos of the cards used for the transactions, one of which does not belong to me.
After my win, I passed their verification on September 24, 2021, and received the following message: “Good evening! Our security service has reviewed your gaming account and based on its results, we inform you as follows. In accordance with section 9.7 of the Site Usage Rules, General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as ‘Rules’), if a betting participant commits fraudulent actions against the betting company (multiple accounts, use of software for betting automation, arbitrage betting, misuse of loyalty programs, etc.), the betting company reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by canceling bets and closing the participant’s account. Thus, in accordance with the violation of section 9.7, your gaming account has been blocked without the possibility of restoration.”
However, here is a story that proves I did not violate any rules. In February 2021, they refused to withdraw money to my friend (possibly due to issues with the payment system). He then suggested transferring his winnings to my account (the amount was just over 1,500 rubles, as this site allows transfers between different accounts), and I agreed. According to 1win rules, withdrawing funds to another person’s card is not prohibited. The withdrawal from my account also failed, and I transferred the money back to him. Eventually, he managed to withdraw these funds a few days later.
I did not violate rule 9.7. 1win decided to accuse me of having multiple accounts (which refers to having two or more accounts on the same site). Since September 24, 2021, I have been emailing them asking for a re-verification, but they have stopped responding. I sent them all the evidence showing that the card used once in February to attempt a withdrawal does not belong to me. I sent them a photo of my friend’s card with his initials visible, his passport photo, and his photo with his passport. They did not respond to the message.
My friend also played there and recommended that I play there. They just seem unwilling to pay out the winnings, perhaps because it’s a large amount for them.
My ID is 5481672.
I have proof that I won 2,242,800 rubles (screenshot of the win), a video proving that one card is not mine (in the video, I ask a friend to send a photo of the card. The screenshot will show the time when I asked for the screenshot and when I sent it to them), and I sent them a photo of my friend with the card and his photo with his passport to prove it. All the evidence is attached on Yandex Disk, and you can check the link to verify my words.
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  1. Katerina Gadzheva
    Staff Member

    Okay, so here is the latest official take on your case by 1win rep:

    "This player committed fraudulent action regarding rules of the campaign. He then tried to withdraw his winnings (achieved by grossly violating the T&Cs) via any means necessary. So due to security checks - this player was found to be cheating. All the fault is with the player Ivan Startsev because he violated the campaign rules."

    I will now proceed and mark your complaint as resolved on our part as there is nothing more to do to assist you.

    Kate, SB team

    1. ivan startsev
      Hello! I did not break any 1win rules! Transferring funds from one account to another is not prohibited. I can freely transfer money from my account to any other, make a gift to someone. It is also not prohibited to withdraw money to someone else's card. They state the reason for blocking as "multi-accounting," but I did not violate this rule. I have not committed any fraudulent actions. I have always played honestly and demand that at least my deposits be returned, which amount to about $6,500. I am even willing to undergo a lie detector test to prove that I am telling the truth and have neve
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      r violated any rules!
      1. Katerina Gadzheva
        Staff Member

        As far as I understand by their explanation - you breached bonus terms when betting or the site rules (cheating) way before you transferred funds from your account to your friend's.

  2. Katerina Gadzheva
    Staff Member

    Hi Ivan Startsev,

    I see that you admit to transferring funds to another 1win account, which got you in this whole mess.

    We will contact 1win with your case and see what they will say on the matter. I'll let you know as soon as we have any reply from them.

    Kate, SB team

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