Refund declined – (12-08-2022)

Disputed Amount20 USD
ReasonRefund declined
From Matt
They accepted my deposit.

They don’t ban you from registering an account or even ask you where you live when you open one they just ask for your email address then send you to the deposit page I deposited money

Then I go over to play some slot machines and it has a drop-down menu asking what country you’re in and the United States is not an option.

Mind you I don’t use a VPN to connect to the internet. It always shows I’m located in the United States using a IP address from the United States.

Anyway they took my deposit then I contacted chat I’m like my country is not even in your drop-down list of choices they immediately closed my account and then sent me a email saying we’re keeping your deposit because you’re in violation of the terms and conditions that we don’t accept players from your country.

So they have a license to steal?
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  1. Katerina Gadzheva
    Staff Member
    Hello Matt,
    we have raised this issue with the casino. They will respond soon. We will let you know
    Kate, SB team
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