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From Nigel Warren
For over a year I have withdrawn funds to my Nationwide bank account using SEPA bank transfer (IBAN ) which I get charged a small amount by my bank for conversion of Euro to GB pounds. Or more recently SEPA GB pounds withdrawal putting in my bank sort code & account number. This worked better for me as there was no currency conversion charge.
This has worked fine until this week. On submitting a SEPA bank transfer ( IBAN )withdrawal ( the SEPA GB pounds option was not available ) I was met with the following message.
‘Withdrawals are not available through the requested bank’
On contacting live chat and also emailing support@mystake I was pretty much told the same thing that….
The situation is not due to Mystake and would I use another means of withdrawal.
The only other options available to me are crypto currency withdrawals. I have never used crypto before and don’t really want to either.
I have a fairly large amount of money ( over £4,600 ) in my account which currently I cannot withdraw back to my bank account which is frustrating and also concerning.
I just want to be able to withdraw funds in the way I have done previously. Crypto currency is not something I am familiar with and as a result am somewhat nervous of using this means. Also as I have always deposited from my bank account, I would like to continue withdrawing to it as well.
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  1. Katerina Gadzheva
    Staff Member

    Hi again,

    We were informed that MyStake support team contacted you and you managed to reach a compromise together.

    Hope no further problems arise in the future.


  2. Katerina Gadzheva
    Staff Member

    Hello Nigel,

    We will send all details to MyStake complaints officer we have in our contact.

    I will write to you as soon as we have any official statement from the casino.

    I hope we will be able to help.

    Katerina, SB team

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