Popularity of Cryptocurrencies in Online Casinos (2024’s Stats)

Online casinos are famous for having a lot of options, including many payment solutions. Normally, people choose between e-wallets, bank transfers, and debit/credit cards, but some operators also started offering cryptocurrencies.

We at Silentbet are fortunate to work alongside some of the world’s best regular and cryptocurrency online casinos. Therefore, our team analyzed 378 operators to see which digital currencies stand out. The stats may surprise you, so keep reading to find out more.

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Cryptocurrency Popularity at Gambling Sites

cryptocurrencies used by online casino statistics
Graph data showing the most common cryptocurrencies used by online casinos

Nowadays, there are two big types of online casinos – cryptocurrency operators and regular sites. The first type only offers digital currencies, whereas the second can provide those things, as well as regular deposit and withdrawal gateways. Despite their differences, they also have similarities.

  • BTC: Following our team’s analysis, it became clear that Bitcoìn is the leading cryptocurrency among online casinos. 200 out of 378 gambling websites (52.90%) have it, which is probably not surprising. Bitcoin is the go-to cryptocurrency outside of gambling, and some of the operators that have it can also provide exclusive BTC games and bonuses. This is common among the cryptocurrency-exclusive casinos.
  • LTC: A lot of you probably expected Ethereum to be second, but this honor goes to Litecoin. 157 casinos (41.50%) offer this solution, so you can expect to find it more often than ETH. LTC is similar to BTC in many ways.
  • ETH: The third spot on the list is for Ethereum, with 39.40% or 149 casinos. In the world of cryptocurrency, Ethereum is the second-most popular choice, and people use it for a wide range of things. It seems that gambling is one of them because ETH is among the preferred cryptocurrencies.
  • DOGE: Dogecoin takes the 4th spot in our analysis because the meme coin is available in 97 operators or 25.66%. Whether you like DOGE or not, there is no arguing it is one of the most iconic options in the world of digital currencies.
  • BCH: The next thing on our list is something that not everyone understands – BitcoinCash. Found in 78 out of 378 casinos (20.63%), this cryptocurrency is often overlooked, but it can be a solid deposit preference.
  • USDT: Tether is the next alternative, with 73 appearances or 19.31%. It is one of the popular cryptocurrencies people use in an online casino when they don’t want to use some of their more “important” selections.
  • XRP: Ripple or XRP is next, and you can find this digital currency in 71 casinos (18.78%). XRP used to be more popular before, but it seems like most casinos prefer to offer other types of options.
  • TRX: Tron is another popular preference for crypto users who want to make themselves available at an online casino. You can find TRX in 44 casinos we have tested, or 11.64%.
  • DASH: Dash is the second-last cryptocurrency we came across, and you can find it in 7.40% (28) of the operators we tried out.
  • XMR: Finally, we have Monero, a digital currency that is only present in 5.82%. In other words, you can find this cryptocurrency in 22 out of the 378 online casinos we reviewed.
Rumen Morfov, Content Manager at Silentbet
Picture of Rumen Morfov
Most innovative online casinos will offer Bitcoin, even if they do not focus on cryptocurrencies. However, people who want to use some of the lesser-popular digital options should pick one of the crypto-exclusive companies.

When Are We Going to Update This List?

Normally, we update our stats once per year, but in the case of cryptocurrencies on online casinos, we will do this every couple of months. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are incredibly popular, and many operators are updating their payment solutions. Therefore, we expect to see more frequent changes in what’s available.

Atanas Tanev, Owner of Silentbet
Atanasa Tanev
Back when Silenbet started operating, there were hardly any casinos offering cryptocurrencies. I have witnessed how the industry changed, and the stats show it. I expect to see a lot more digital currencies in the world of online gambling in the future.

Considering there are things, such as a Bitcoin ETF and the fact that more and more people get involved in cryptocurrencies, we expect more casinos to offer these payment gateways. Whether you like crypto or not, you can’t deny that these transactions are convenient when gambling. You don’t need to share personal or banking information, adding another security layer.

Besides the most popular digital currencies, we also expect to see the addition of new options. Furthermore, we also think that NFT deposits (they are related to crypto) will become more popular. The only thing that can stop the rise of cryptocurrency is strict laws, but we believe that most operators will find ways to offer customers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and everything else.

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