Top Games Featured in Online Casino Lobbies (2024’s Stats)

Throughout our 10+ years of online casino experience, we have seen many types of online casinos. Some offered great features and bonuses, but at the end of the day, most people care about the casino games. Therefore, almost all of the big names in iGaming provide thousands of games in their lobbies.

We know that customers want the best possible casino games, so we’ve dove deep into our database and analyzed 327 casinos. Each one is unique, but they also have similarities in terms of the casino games they offer. Check the stats below to learn more about the current state of the industry.

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The Most Popular Games at Online Casinos

graph showing statistics on the most common casino games in online casinos
Popularity of Casino Games

After showing you the most common casino software suppliers that most operators work with, it’s time to analyze the games they have. Remember that you may come across casinos with thousands of games and operators with just a few hundred options. No matter the case, our analysis shows that certain types of games are present all the time.

  1. #1 Slots: Speaking of the devil, slots take the crown as the most popular casino game type with 100% presence. Every casino we analyzed offers some kind of slot, which is probably not that surprising. Everyone is interested in online casinos, like slots, for different reasons, and operators know it.
  2. #2 Blackjack: This card game is also extremely popular because 98.17% or 321 out of 327 online casinos offer this game. Remember that there are many different blackjack versions, and this game can be played in many categories. For example, you can find blackjack variations in the regular table games section, but there are also live blackjack games inside the live casino.
  3. #3 Live Tables with Dealers: Speaking of live casino, this brings us to the number 3 option on our list – Live Dealer games. Available in 319 casinos in total (97.55%), almost all operators we analyzed offer games with real croupiers. Nowadays, these titles are incredibly popular and are characterized by having a real dealer, (sometimes) higher bet requirements, and more.
  4. #4 Baccarat: The next option is Baccarat, a game you can find in 96.94% of operators or 317 casinos. Like Blackjack, you can find different kinds of Baccarat options, depending on the gambling brand.
  5. #5 Roulette: Interestingly, Roulette has the same stats as Baccarat – 96.94%. Once again, there are many different Roulette alternatives, including variations with real dealers.
  6. #6 Jackpots: We expected the Jackpot games to be higher on the list, but it turns out that around 94.50% of cases (309 in total) offer these titles. There are two main types of Jackpot games – progressive and fixed. The first alternative offers prize pools that increase with every bet, whereas the second has a fixed reward. Besides that, these games are (mostly) like regular slots.
  7. #7 Video Poker: Video Poker is the next option, with a 92.05% presence. Found in 301 casinos, these games are usually located in the table games category. Keep in mind that Video Poker is different from poker games found in live casinos.
  8. #8 Lottery: Unlike all the games mentioned so far, Lotto titles are not as big as them. In fact, these games are only present in 22.23% of casinos (73 in total), so don’t be surprised if you don’t find it. There are two big types of lotto titles: in-house and third-party options. Some casinos offer lotteries organized by other companies.
  9. #9 Bingo: Lastly, we have Bingo, a game found in 9.79% of online casinos or 32 operators. Bingo games have a niche audience, so most casinos don’t offer them. However, you can find many operators (especially in the UK) that specialize in bingo and have multiple options.
Rumen Morfov, Reviewer & Content Manager at Silentbet
Picture of Rumen Morfov
New online casinos open their doors daily, so it’s hard to keep track of all the new games that become available. Nevertheless, I believe the titles mentioned here are all-time classics, and they won’t be replaced anytime soon.

Updating The Stats

Let’s face it, there are not that many changes in the types of online casino games that operators have in stock. There are, however, a lot of updates in the types of titles because some sites have started offering more alternatives. Therefore, we expect to update these stats at least once per year.

Of course, we may have to do this more frequently, especially if there is a new type of game on the horizon that people love. After all, the iGaming business is developing fast.

Atanas Tanev, Owner of Silentbet
Atanasa Tanev
I have many years of experience in the online casino space, which eventually allowed me to establish Silentbet. Over the years, I saw a shift in the games and what people are interested in. In other words, I would not be surprised if there are new types of games in the next couple of years.

There is no arguing that everyone in the online casino industry is eager to see what will happen with the future of games. One thing is certain – we do not expect to see any changes in the popularity of slots and live casino games. These options will remain the go-to alternatives for most gamblers because they are appealing.

Having said that, we also expect to see a big increase in the new types of casino games called Crash. It all started with Aviator by Spribe, but nowadays, more and more operators are offering these titles. The stats show that people like them, so we expect the Crash-type titles to surpass some of the options mentioned above.

Another thing we expect is changes in the way we play some of the games we like. Thanks to AI, we may have new types of slots in the future. Of course, we at Silentbet will be among the first to introduce you to everything new.

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