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Modern online casinos use many different tools to keep people interested in their brands. We have seen a wide range of retention programs, features, thousands of different games, apps, numerous payment gateways, and bonuses. The latter has a more important role than you think.

There are many different types of bonus campaigns, but one is called a VIP Program or Loyalty Program with VIP bonuses and rewards, and it’s usually there to give perks to the most active returning players. Not all casinos have comp points, statuses, and the like, but our team decided to analyze 378 operators and found interesting statistics concerning the distribution of loyalty programs. Here’s what you should know.

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Casino Loyalty Program Stats

loyalty programs in online casinos statistics
Stats showing loyalty programs distribution at online casinos

Starting with the statistics, we have found that 264 out of 378, or 69.84% of online casinos, have a VIP program. A lot of you probably think that the percentage is high, but operators know that this bonus attracts a lot of customers. In fact, even casinos that do not have stand-alone Loyalty Programs can often provide unique bonuses to their regular clients.

Speaking of the devil, the perks that VIP clients get are the reason why this reward is so sought-after. We have seen hundreds of loyalty programs, and each one has its specifics. Nevertheless, there are also many similarities, especially in the levels.

Each Loyalty Program has different levels or tiers, and to unlock the next one, clients have to place bets with real money. In most cases, casinos will let players get into the first VIP level as soon as they sign up and make a deposit. Yet, there are companies where gamblers will only become VIP members once they wager over a specific amount of money.

Once you are a VIP player, the rewards you can get will depend on your level and the Loyalty Program itself. They can often include birthday bonuses, access to special tournaments, cashback, and higher monthly withdrawals. Some of the more innovative online casinos can also offer a personal customer support assistant, exclusive events, and even tangible prizes, such as different devices.

As mentioned, progressing through the VIP levels requires you to wage real money. Most casinos have something known as Comp Points, but you can find it under a different name. Each real-money bet will grant you a specific number of points, depending on what you’ve played. Keep in mind that some casino sections may not provide any points, no matter how much you wager.

Rumen Morfov, Content Manager at Silentbet
Picture of Rumen Morfov
I know many gamblers don’t care about the VIP program, but I think this is an important part of a casino. It allows players who use it more often to have a way better experience.

Updating The Stats

Loyalty programs are popular, so we expect to see changes in this department. In fact, new casinos usually add this promotion to their portfolio, although we have seen existing operators do the same. We will update the stats here at least once per year.

Atanas Tanev, Owner of Silentbet
Atanasa Tanev
Loyalty Programs have always been a part of the online casino industry. I remember that the first operators I covered at Silentbet also offered this deal. It seems like people really like benefiting from the VIP perks.

Modern online casinos have to diversify their portfolio of options if they want to survive in the gambling business. One of the areas where they have to pay attention to is the bonus department. Adding a VIP Program may not seem that important, but we are confident it is a step in the right direction.

The casinos that do not have this perk will most likely offer it, whereas others that already have it will try to improve it. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for casinos to keep their customers from switching sites, so it seems like having a VIP program is a must.

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