Mobile Gambling Stats: Apps vs Mobile Version Casinos

Everyone who has been involved in the online gambling space in some shape or form knows the importance of mobile gambling. Unlike 10 years ago, today, mobile gambling is the way to go for most iGaming fans. Consequently, some companies invest large amounts of money to improve what they have. Let’s see what our database has to show.

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Casinos & Mobile Devices Distribution in Numbers

mobile gambling statistics and data by silentbet
Data showing casino apps & mobile version

Regarding the data we have, 212 out of 377 online casinos DO NOT have a mobile app for Android and iOS. This means that less than 25% of the casinos have apps. What’s interesting is that all 377 operators have a mobile version of their desktop website.

The companies that have an app seem to focus more on Android than iOS. As you can see from the graph, 43.77% of the operators have an app for Android, whereas iOS is second with 36.6%. Online casinos do not develop apps for other operating systems because they are not as big as these.

The data from late 2023 shows that around 85% of all online gamblers chose to use their mobile devices instead. (Source) In other words, almost everyone is using a smartphone or tablet to gamble instead of a PC. The stats may shock some of you, but there is logic behind them.

Even though many people work from home and can use their computers to gamble online, others are at the office or elsewhere. Consequently, they do not have access to a computer, and their handheld device is the only tool they can use. Even users who work at home often prefer lying on the couch and gambling on their smartphones instead of using the computer after work.

The growing popularity of mobile gambling means only one thing – companies are shifting their focus. You can see this while browsing some of the most well-known brands in the business. Most new casino games, features, and even bonuses target mobile users, but some don’t even become available to desktop customers.

Rumen Morfov, Content Manager at Silentbet
Picture of Rumen Morfov
When I review gambling sites, I always find a mobile website, but only a few casinos have apps. From my observation, only the big names in the online casino industry offer stand-alone applications.

How Often Are We Updating These Stats?

We have dedicated team members who check everything new from all casinos. However, you don’t see new casino apps every day, so we do not expect to have that many changes, at least for now. Therefore, we will try to update these stats at least once per year.

Atanas Tanev, Owner of Silentbet
Atanasa Tanev
When I founded Silentbet, mobile gambling was a luxury that only a handful of operators offered. Nowadays, it’s a must, and even the “budget casinos” provide a mobile website that gamblers can use. There’s no arguing that mobile casinos have a crucial role in today’s gambling industry.

No matter which source of information you go to, you will find the same data – the number of mobile gamblers is growing. As a result, we expect a lot of improvements in the quality of mobile services.

Even though a lot of gamblers have no problems using mobile websites to play, others demand access to an application. However, as seen from our data, only a few companies have actual Android and iOS applications. Consequently, we won’t be surprised if operators decide to invest large amounts of money and develop stand-alone applications.

Also, mobile gambling will inevitably cross paths with AI at some point in the future. It will be exciting to see if we will have access to new types of gambling applications that provide an experience no one has ever seen before.

When discussing the future trends of mobile casinos, we also expect legal changes. As of now, most Android casino apps are not available on Google Play, whereas iOS users often have to change their region to get it. We expect this to change soon so that people can download the casino app they want without using apk files and other tools.

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