Casinos with Responsible Gambling Tools: Statistics by Silentbet

We at Silentbet have been comparing and analyzing casinos since 2014. Through those years, we have accumulated a lot of data regarding the features of responsible gambling and its incorporation in online casino sites that we’d like to share with you.

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Responsible Gambling Data

online casinos with responsible gambling tools in percentage
All stats based on Silentbet online casinos database

Over the last 10+ years, we have analyzed 500+ online casinos, and we have tasked 5 of our in-house members to pay close attention to the responsible gambling options that they offer. To make everything more understandable, we have created a pie chart that reveals the different options and how many casinos offer them.

As you can see, the go-to responsible gambling feature is called Permanent Account Closure or Deleting your Account Permanently, a feature offered in 327 online casinos. A lot of people want to know how to delete a betting account because this means they can’t use a given iGaming site anymore. 100% of the casinos we tested have this.

Our experts have noticed that Self-Exclusion takes the 2nd spot as the go-to responsible gambling feature (with 85.63%). Judging from our analysis, 280 casinos offer it. Remember that there are several self-exclusion variations out there, and some operators may only have a couple of them.

Number 3 on our list is the Deposit Limit feature, available in 205 casinos or 62.69% of the ones we reviewed. Interestingly, it also has several variations, but our studies show that most operators have them.

197 online casinos we have visited have a Cool-Off period, a highly underrated responsible gambling feature. That is 60.24%. Some are more flexible and offer different cool-off durations.

Up next, nearly half of the casinos in our database (46.18%) have a Self-Assessment Test, which is present in more than 151 casinos. We also believe this is an underrated feature that many players do not use until it’s too late.

The Wager Limit tool is available in 117 online casinos (35.78%), meaning people can control the amount of money they spend.

There’s also a Loss Limit responsible gambling option, which is available in 110 operators (33.64%). You can use this feature in many scenarios because it helps you control your losses. 32.42% of the operators surveyed have a session limit.

The Reality Check is a feature for responsible betting available in 96 casinos, making up 29.36% of our test subjects.

Lastly, we have the Withdrawal Lock, which is only present in 3 iGaming operators that we had the chance to analyze. This is a megre 0.92%.

Rumen Morfov, Content Manager at Silentbet
Picture of Rumen Morfov
I have worked closely with our authors to ensure that the data presented here is accurate. It took us a lot of time to go through our database, but I believe that the end result is worth it.

How Often Do We Update the Data?

Silentbet has a dedicated team of professionals to ensure you have access to accurate and updated info. Therefore, we will update the information here at least once per year. This may not seem that often, but responsible gambling is not something that changes all the time. We recommend visiting this page regularly because it will help you identify the latest changes in the iGaming trends.

Atanas Tanev, Owner of Silentbet
Atanasa Tanev
I have been monitoring online casinos for many years now, and believe me when I am telling you that none of these responsible gambling options were available. Considering the implementation of AI and other tech, I expect we will have big changes in the next couple of years.

Even though the responsible gambling options and features don’t change that often, we expect to see changes in the next couple of years. Our research into the Gambling Industry Stats & Trends shows the laws will become stricter. The growing number of casinos means that a lot more people start using such sites. Not all of them have general awareness and experience, so they need to rely on responsible gambling options to stay safe.

Due to these reasons, we expect to see casinos offering more and more options. In fact, we would not be surprised if some operators decide to develop new and exclusive options giving even more control to players, which we haven’t seen yet. For example, a responsible betting feature might monitor people’s activity when using a mobile device because the latter is the preferred form of wagering.

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