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Gaming at Roobet becomes better daily, thanks to the bookmakers’ efforts. One such effort is the launching of the Roobet rewards system. This section will allow you to unlock incredible prizes like monthly bonuses, weekly cashback and daily rakeback.

When you join Roobet casino online, you automatically become a member of its Rewards System, known as Roowards. However, you need to play and earn points that will move you to better levels within the system. This way, you get bigger rewards.

The Roobets Roowards makes gaming here more enjoyable as you have rewards awaiting you every time.

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Understanding Roobet Reward Tiers

how roobet rewards work

When you join Roobets Rewards System, you start from zero level. As you wager certain amount of cash, you get a chance to go higher the levels of the system.

Let us get into the core of the discussion by focusing on the following:


Overview of Roowards Levels

There are different reward tiers that you get at Roowards depending on the level you are in in the programme. New players will start at zero, but they have a chance of growing up to level 10.

If you achieve level 1, you qualify for weekly cash bonus and a Roowards monthly bonus. As usual, the simple rule is that the higher you go in the Roowards levels, the better the benefits.


Achieving and Advancing Reward Tiers

roobet rewards levels

Roowards get better as you level up in the programme. To level up, you must consistently play to get the necessary points to move up.

When you wager at least $1000, you qualify for the first reward tier- the daily rakeback. You are eligible for the weekly cashback if you continuously play and achieve Level 1. This level needs you to wager an additional $500.

Finally, you must wager another $500 to achieve the monthly cashback bonus.

Rewards and Benefits

Roobet roowards

As a member of the Roobet casino, you will enjoy many benefits and rewards provided you play its Roo Picks games and qualify. The rewards come in different shapes, and you unlock the size as you climb the ladder.

Let us look at how to earn the rewards.

Reward Points Accumulation

As a starter player, you will not qualify for any reward. However, playing here allows you to grow and climb higher levels in the system. Usually, you will need to earn points that the system will use to move you to better levels.

As you play, you will realize that the points are tied to the amount you spend on the platform. You must wager a certain amount to unlock the next level.

Redeeming Reward Points

Roobet only gives you a little work in redeeming your points for bonuses. When you accumulate enough points, you need to claim the reward you qualify for.

To claim, launch the Roowards section at Roobet and hit the yellow ‘Claim’ button.

Exclusive Promotions – Part of Roowards Roobet

roobet roowards bonuses

There are a variety of rewards to enjoy in the rewards section of the casino. These are as described below.

Exclusive Bonuses

The Roobets rewards system offers you three main types of bonuses without codes or with our exclusive Roobet promo code. These include the Daily Rakeback (the rakeback percentage depends on your tier) that needs you to wager at least $1500, the Weekly Cashback that needs an extra $500 and the Roowards Monthly Bonus. For the monthly bonus, you will need to wager at least $2500 to qualify.

Promotional Events and Tournaments

To make the Roobet rewards system juicier, you can participate in events and tournaments. These open chances to win more and better rewards for loyal players. However, the events and tournaments connected to Roowards come and go. Therefore, keep checking to see what comes up soon to participate.

Tips for Efficient Reward Point Accumulation

To successfully accumulate points under the Roobet Reward System, do the following:

  • Play as much as you can.
  • Ensure you meet all the terms and conditions without violation.
  • Whenever they arise, they participate in tournaments and events.
  • Avoid cancelling bets.
  • Remain active at the Roobet casino always.
  • Avoid bets that clearly points to a loss (higher house edge).
  • Lastly, ensure you get as many winning streaks as possible.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

To ensure you enjoy the rewards offered under the Roowards system, you need to follow a set of terms and conditions. A few of the most critical include the following:

  • All the bonuses are calculated based on the number of bets during the specified period.
  • The bonuses are based on levels. The higher the level, the higher the bonus
  • The lowest level to achieve is 0, while the highest is 10.
  • Next, wager counts regardless of the currency used.
  • Lastly, all the Roolions earned through this promotion go to the crypto side of your account and cannot be converted to cash.


Are there any requirements to participate in the Roobet Reward System?

To participate in the Roobet Reward System, you need to be a registered player. Besides, you need to spend at least $1500 to qualify for any reward.

Can I lose my reward tier status if I don’t actively engage on Roobet?

No, for Roowards, the level does not go down if you do not actively use Roobet.

What are some of the benefits of reaching higher reward tiers?

Some benefits include exclusive Roowards monthly bonuses and offers, weekly cashback and daily rakeback.

How do I redeem my accumulated reward points for rewards?

You will not need to redeem any points. Once you qualify for the Rewards, you need to claim the offer.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on redeeming rewards?

Yes, there are time restrictions. For example, you must claim the Weekly cashback within 7 days.

Can I participate in both the Roobet Reward System and other promotions simultaneously?

Yes, you can participate in Roobet Reward System and other promotions.

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