TrustDice Affiliate Program: Honest Review (2024)

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If you are into affiliate marketing and want to make up to 60% of the revenue share, TrustDice Affiliates is the program for you. Available in many countries around the world, Trust Dice casino’s affiliate program has a lot more to provide, such as a TXT Token Economy. And yes, we really tested the product, so it’s time to share everything we know.

Join Trustdice Affiliates

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Davey Hanson
I have reviewed almost every gambling affiliate program in existence, and I think TrustDice is among the best. The high commissions and loads of additional features make the site worthwhile.

My honest review is also based on the helpful input by Atanas Tanev. He is Silentbet’s CEO and a partner of TrustDice. I also got some information and data from Miruna Pandele who is an expert on the topic, being an affiliate manager of TrustDice program.

Summary of TrustDice.Win Affiliates

Considering the competitiveness of the gambling affiliate niche, finding an aff program you can trust is key. There are numerous key stats to consider when deciding which brand to trust. The table below will reveal more details about the TrustDice affiliates.

Software NeededNo
Commission TypeRevShare
Base Commission30%
Max Commission60%
Cookie sessionsUnknown
Negative carryoverYes
Due PaymentsBeginning of Each Month
Minimum PaymentNo
Maximum PaymentNo cap
Miruna Pandele, Affiliate Manager at Trust Dice Win
Miruna Pandele TrustDice affiliate manager
All information in this review is checked and approved by me. Data here is actual as of March 2024.

What are the Commisions?

trustdice affiliate commissions

The casino affiliates commissions vary from 30% to 60%, depending on the NGR.

The commissions at TrustDice are paid as a percentage of the net gaming revenue (NGR) generated for the given month by all referred players. NGR stands for the amount of money the company has received minus things like fees, winnings, issued bonuses, and more.

TrustDice affiliates should know that some products offer a flat commission of 30%. This includes Dice Games, Crash Games, eSport, and Sports.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Atanas Tanev
I have been a partner with Trust Dice Affiliates for years now. It took me little effort to reach the maximum rates in the revenue-share deals.

Revenue Share

Currently, TrustDice affiliates only offer people Revenue Share deals (and sub-affs). As mentioned above, some are capped at 30%, whereas the casino commission can go up to 60%. Users who generate 0-10K USDT get 30%, from 10,001 to 20K will get 40%, 20,001 to 50K will end with 45%, 50,001 to 100K will equal to 50%, whereas over 100K USDT will result in a 60% RevShare.


Despite being a big affiliate network, TrustDice does not offer any CPA deals at the time of writing. However, there is a customer support team, meaning users may be able to negotiate an exclusive deal. It all depends on how you approach the situation, but for now, the site has RevShare.


TrustDice affiliates will not have access to a Hybrid commission. As mentioned earlier, you may try to negotiate such a thing with the customer support team. Generally speaking, Hybrid commissions are popular because they have a CPA and RevShare element in them.

Sub Affiliates

Sub Affiliate commissions are available and the site calls them “Multi-level affiliates”. This thing allows you to earn extra revenue from 2nd and 3rd-level referrals.

How To Join & Become a Partner?

To join and become a partner with TrustDice, you have to:

  1. Go to the TrustDice website and navigate to the affiliate program.
  2. Select “Start Earning” and create an account.
  3. After you have submitted the required data, you will be among the TrustDice affiliates. You will also have access to your affiliate dashboard, where you can create a tracker link.
Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Atanas Tanev
Joining TrustDice’s affiliate program was as easy as it gets. The entire process takes roughly a minute.

Who Can Join Turst Dice Affiliates?

Generally speaking, anyone over 18 can join Trust Dice affiliates, both legal entities and individuals. If you are an individual, you must have the minimum age for gambling.

While it is true that TrustDice accepts a wide range of individuals and websites, there are restrictions. For example, the site does not support promoting services to children or adult websites. Violating these rules will result in a ban.


Terms and Conditions

TrustDice’s rules regarding affiliates are a lot more friendly than other aff programs. However, there are certain rules that people need to know about:

  • Trust Dice can refuse any registration at its sole discretion.
  • The affiliate must fully understand the Terms of the Agreement, have the legal age to enter into an agreement, and more.
  • Affiliates should not target jurisdictions where gambling or gambling promotions are illegal.
  • Affiliates are not allowed to generate traffic to TrustDice using fraudulent activities.
  • Partners can’t send spam.
  • Either party can terminate the agreement after giving a written notice at least 30 days earlier.

These are just some rules we wanted to share, but we suggest reading the complete Terms and Conditions. Being an affiliate is not easy and you have responsibilities, so learn more about them.

Pros and Cons of the Program

  • The commission can be high
  • No withdrawal fees
  • User-friendly customer support team
  • No minimum payment
  • Reaching the highest commission is not easy
  • The commission is only in crypto (USDT)

What are the Payment Details?

The payment details at TrustDice affiliate are user-friendly. Since the crypto wallet market size in 2022 was 8.42B, it’s no surprise this company focuses on these currencies because even more people will be using them. (Source)

Something that TrustDice affiliates like about the site is that there is no minimum amount they need to have. The affiliate network will pay their commission no matter the amount.

Another interesting fact is that affs will get paid at the beginning of each new month. The commission will be added to the player’s account, meaning you can withdraw it or use it to play.

Regarding the available payment options, the side only offers commissions in USDT. However, this crypto-gambling operator may expand its payment options in the future.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Atanas Tanev
Although I wasn’t thrilled that I can only get commissions in USDT, I must say that everything else is great. It is rare to come across an aff network with no minimum payout requirement.

What are the GEO Target Markets?

The GEO target market for TrustDice is every country where gambling is legal. This is not one of the sites that focuses on a specific jurisdiction because it has a license from Curacao. As a result, affiliates can promote the site worldwide.

Having said, a quick check on sites like SimilarWeb shows that TrustDice is most popular in:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • United States
  • Canada


What Affiliate Marketing Tools Can You Use?

trustdice affiliates perks

You can use a wide range of affiliate marketing tools, such as:

  • Real-Time Stats
  • Affiliate Dashboard
  • Link creation

To be honest, we did not find as many marketing tools on TrustDice when compared to other online casino affiliate programs, such as Nine Casino, for example. For example, you may not find any banners, meaning you must create them yourself.

What are Some Strategies for Successful TrustDice Affiliates?

The successful TrustDice affiliates used different techniques to get where they. If you analyze them, you may notice that:

  • Tip #1: Most of them focus on the countries where TrustBet is most popular. We’ve listed some of the places above.
  • Tip #2: Affiliates always provide updated information. This is crucial because it helps them maximize their results.
  • Tip #3: Affiliates point out all the advantages of TrustDice’s platform. Even though this sounds like something that everyone does, in reality, a lot of people forget to highlight some of the things that make TrustDice special.
Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Atanas Tanev
I follow all of the tips I’ve highlighted above. Keep in mind that these are just some of the tips you can copy for successful TrustDice affiliation. The ones above are based on my first-hand experience.

How to Get in Touch?

To get in touch with TrustDice, you can use the company’s customer support section via the following options:

Bottom Line: Overall Program Reputation

Our results suggest that TrustDice offers a solid affiliate program in 2024. Sure, some features are missing, but the site’s excellent products, bonuses, and options make up for that. People seem to enjoy using the brand, which explains why the number of TrustDice affiliates grows every day.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Atanas Tanev
Overall, I am happy with what TrustDice has to offer. The site’s top-quality services and attention to detail allowed our site Silentbet to achieve really good results.


How much do I have to pay to join the Trust Dice affiliate program?

You do not need to pay anything to join the TrusttDice affiliate program. All you need to do is sign up.

Do I have to be a legal entity to be an affiliate with TrustDice?

No, you do not have to be a legal entity to be an affiliate with TrustDice. The brand also accepts individuals.

Does TrustDice have a no negative carryover?

Yes, your commission might be affected when someone wins.

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