Here Are The Best Games To Play On Bookmakers

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best games at bookmakers

Bookmakers have hundreds of casino games available online. If you’re learning about gambling online, there are many free play options available to try. Many bookmakers provide you with an array of colourful slots, amongst many other themed games, on which to play.

The top developers in the business provide a large selection of games where you can play for fur or for real. You can navigate to any site and click join to register online if you happen to be a complete newbie to an online casino.

Pro players can benefit from a variety of additional features. Read on below to find out more about the best games on offer at many bookies world-class casinos.

Gamble ResponsiblyDisclaimer: No matter which game you choose, there is always some risk involved. So bet responsively.

Types of Games

You’ll see an enormous selection of games when you land on any site’s casino homepage. Some bookies have conveniently organised casino game selections by category, and each type offers individual games that, in turn, provide countless opportunities to get some returns. You can even filter the collection by the gaming developer on some bookmakers.

We’ve selected a few games from each category for discussion that are available for you to choose from. The popular bookie, 1xBet even has a collection of its home-developed, original casino games.

Table and card games are also available and include many variations of blackjack and poker, with video and live versions. Many slots offer jackpots, although you might not consider slots in real mode due to the nature of the games. The pot is an alternative way to wager.

There are a few slots like Dragon Kingdown, Fantastic Four and the Ghost of Christmas that boast impressive values for coin jackpots. Some slots offer hundreds of potential ways to get the edge, though. A game like the Dark Knight Rises is excellent because it gives you over 500 different opportunities to score.

Themed games come in the following categories: Irish, Egyptian, Asian, and Adventure. You’ll find each group adorned with exciting and interesting slots for you to play.

Best Games for Real Money

top real money games

Punters come to a casino looking to have fun. That’s hardly a secret. Thankfully, you can too. We have a few top picks that we think are the best games for real at bookmakers. Craps, baccarat, blackjack and roulette are the top four casino games.

These casino favourites offer fantastic odds and are relatively easy to play, even for newbies. Many punters swear by sticking to these table classics. However, reviews suggest that you’re more likely to have better chances at the slots, though.

Blackjack has good odds available, is easy to play and only takes place versus the dealer. Dice games like craps have also been a favourite of punters. The odds are nearly 50/50, so you can understand the appeal.

You’ll likely already know how popular roulette is and it’s that way for a reason. This spinning game of chance is another one to look out for if you want to play for fun. Remember, European roulette and American roulette don’t offer the same odds.

All the most popular bookmakers will also have these classic casino games in a live casino section if available.


A good deal of players has been recorded with some bookmakers and many available jackpots in the past. Lucky punters have won millions of pounds with Clover Rollover. Someone else won hundreds of thousands with Lucky Ladies 88. Progressive jackpots are worth trying if you’re looking to lower your risk.

Bookmakers have been known to offer enormous jackpots on the following games: Cleopatra, 8 Immortals and Slots O’ Gold, to name but a few. You stand to get your share of some payout if you play any of the available progressive jackpots.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is often available alongside a casino at a bookmaker, provided in the sportsbook section. The sportsbook offers opportunities to bet for pre-match and live in-play events. The bookie’s sites provide tens of different sports, including virtual games to bet on.

Some bookmakers offer a variety of sports from horse racing to MMA and boxing and all of your standard favourites. As one of the leading online sportsbooks, it’s no surprise to see extensive market coverage and some appealing odds available. You can bet on any of these options, and there’s plenty of variety and an exciting collection of sports.

That’s not all, though. There’s also an in-play live betting section of a lot of sportsbooks. Here you’ll have a significant number of opportunities to bet on games that are happening live, right in front of your eyes. You can watch the games while you wager, thanks to the availability of excellent streaming services on many bookmakers as well.

You can use additional features like the cash-out option for in-play bets as well. If you’re a beginner, you might prefer virtual sports as it requires less skill. If however, you’re familiar with sports betting then go ahead and try your best.

Virtual Sports

A sportsbook will organise virtual sports events to run continuously on its site. Wagers start small and games are frequent enough that you can play at any time. Virtual sports are another potential option to play at available bookmakers.

Virtual versions of these games, called bullet horse and bullet greyhound racing, are also available. Punters can play real money on virtual sports betting for these bullet racing categories, darts and more. You can also access live streaming services with virtual games.

Virtual sports betting games work as a choice of fixed-odds competitions or events. An algorithm calculates the outcome of these events in a simulated form. You’ll play virtual sports online in a video game layout, and this can be quite thrilling.

A random number generator can also generate the outcome. You’ll see the same fixtures as everyone else when you go to play virtual sports. Punters place bets on virtual games organised by a bookmaker of choice. The outcome is then put on display for all to see, and the victors are determined. The basis of virtual sports is that winners are chosen in an unbiased manner every time. You can play many games and can play at any time of the day with virtual sports.

Virtual Football

Football fans can also enjoy a range of betting opportunities to play virtual sports. A new football match is available every three minutes! Bullet horse or greyhound racing punters can enjoy events every two minutes, and popular bookies boast some of the best virtual sports games available.

Virtual sports are accessible for many as well because the minimum bet is so low, sometimes starting at £0.10. You can, however, benefit from a sizable daily payout limit of £50,000 for virtual sports games. Any welcome bonus you claim will also be valid for virtual sports wagers.

Advantages Of Playing With Real Money vs For Free

While you might be wary of pledging your hard-earned pounds to an online site, there are plenty of advantages to reassure any doubts.

Safe & Reliable

First and foremost, reputable bookies are both secure and reliable online casinos. The top casinos have been around for a while. Often they are licensed and regulated by the British Gambling Commission for UK punters.

Your details and any sensitive information is protected. Only legitimate and verified payment methods are accepted; sometimes, third-party verification might be required. It also has a Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate. A certificate ensures that any data sent to and from a bookmakers site is protected.

Casino Bonuses

Many offer bonuses to set them apart from all of the other many online casinos competing for punters all over the world. You’ll benefit from a welcome bonus when you decide to play with real money at many casinos. There are also other special offers available that you can use to play with low risk.

If you claim a welcome bonus from a bookmakers casino, then you’ll receive a 100% matched bonus. The site describes the bonus as a new player bonus and is valid for up to a certain value. The terms and conditions state wagering requirements.

You can boost your bankroll by taking advantage of this new player bonus. You can use it for any of the games under the casino and slots tab except for a few.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t use the bonus for any poker, roulette, baccarat, craps or blackjack, including video versions. The same goes for double up slots, virtual sports, live sic bo and hi-lo gambler.

You can also claim specific casino game bonuses like the Win or Spin offers. If you opt-in, a wager of a certain value, and spins on valid games, then your returns will be matched for up to a certain amount. Punters who result down or break-even qualify for free spins as well.

Some bookmakers offer great deals like few of them provide a share of 25,000 free spins with its free spins voyage for really low stakes. This offer is only valid for a certain number of games.

Making a Profit

Playing with real money on bookmakers casinos gives you the chance to potentially become a pro at sports betting and really hone your skills. You have access to bonuses and casino game promotions to boost your chances or your bankroll. You might enjoy your hobby if you manage your account well and bet smart.

Disadvantages of Playing with Real Money vs For Free

Playing casino games and gambling online does come with some risks. You should be fine, as long as you’re aware of what to look out for. Handling your gaming responsibly is key as well. Check out the most commonly viewed disadvantages of playing for real money online.

Managing Your Bankroll

If you choose to play casino games for real money, you need to budget and manage your bankroll correctly. Not only can this help regulate your gambling, but it will also reflect the fact that you can budget successfully. Making the most out of your online gambling experience will mean looking after your bankroll.

Gambling Responsibly

When you play for real, you need to gamble responsibly and within a budget that you can maintain and afford. It can be tempting to wager large amounts and get ahead of yourself if you’re on a roll.

Many bookmakers provide its punters with gambling responsible-friendly resources. If you have any concerns, be sure to check to visit any of the listed sites via logo links on the site.

Commit To The Casino

If you would prefer to instead try the casino out without fully committing, then you can continue by enjoying only the free casino games. You’ll have to commit to registering with a bookmaker to deposit into your account if you want to use real money.


If you enjoy slots, there are plenty to choose from at an online bookmaker. If you want to play for slots with real money, you should opt for a slot game like the Dark Knight Rises. You want to have plenty of ways to up your chances. Another way to get value bets is by playing one of the progressive jackpots that are available and which have been mentioned above.

We recommend that newbies, or less seasoned punters, try their hand at classic casino table games – for example, blackjack when starting out. You’re more likely to have the edge wehn playing table games over the slots available. Casual punters, however, can enjoy the higher opportunity slots.

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