Is it Possible to Go Pro Betting on Sport?

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As we discuss in our article “How to become a professional gambler”, for a select few talented and dedicated people, there are chances to go pro through betting on sports. Although proportionately only a small number of punters will be able to hone their skill and expertise from sports betting, globally, there are thousands of professional gamblers doing exactly that.

Gamble ResponsiblyDisclaimer: We do not attempt to promise anyone can become a pro punter. Here is an article merely elaborating on our thoughts on the subject. Above all, we advertise responsible gambling.

As to whether it is possible to leave your day job and become a profi punter betting on sports that may well depend on your definition of professional. It might not be possible to get Jeff Bezos-pro, but then do you really need, or even want to be such an expert? You’ll probably struggle tofind a bookie willing to accept high roller pro players, and you would need to make it a full-time activity. And forget about risking it big “Hi, can I have 1bn on this 110/1 acca, please?” Try that in your local Ladbrokes shop! Instead, focus on knowledge.

If, however, you are asking whether or not it is possible to turn into an expert from sports betting, then the answer is probably yes. It is exceedingly difficult and very few people will be able to consistently beat the bookies at all, let alone with such success they could be classified as pros. But it isn’t impossible.

If you are looking for a little betting inspiration, here are some stories of pro punters and the successful bets they have made.

Totepool Bets Offer Huge Payouts

In our introduction, we have discussed the possibility of going pro from betting but have looked at it more from the point of view of being a seasoned gambler, regularly beating the bookies, and doing so in a measured and consistent fashion. That is mostly impossible for most punters, however, still likely if you put effort and time doing it.

Your odds aren’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but they are perhaps better than your chances of hitting the National Lottery; and Tote may be the best place to start, especially for racing fans. Tote’s Totepool product offers a range of bets, but if you want to hone your skill to become a pro, it is the Tote Jackpot and Tote Scoop6 in which you ought to take an interest.

Both have the makings of pro punters. The returns are certainly worth it!

Accas Also Offer Amazing Returns

Learning the ropes of betting from small stakes is possible with many other bets too – just ask anyone who backed Leicester for the Premier League – but to truly become a pro, you’ll probably need to opt for an accumulator or acca. By combining a number of selections into one bet you can get odds and this preparation for all the matches is certainly something a pro punter will do.

Prediction Competitions

Another option when it comes to turning pro through your sporting knowledge are the many prediction competitions online bookies offer their customers. Some, such as Sky’s Super 6, are free to enter, whilst others have small entry fees around the £1 or £2 mark or offer the chance to win in exchange for placing a qualifying bet.

Over the years, there have been lots of different competitions of this nature, with Coral Football Jackpot appealing to pro punters and BetVictor Million Pound Bet doing the same in 2018.

Once again, betting on such jackpots isn’t easy and you will more than likely need to put lots of effort into it. However, these games are great fun for football fans and unlike the lottery, you truly have chance to use your skill, judgement and knowledge.

Famous Pros

There are lots and lots of examples of everyday punters making the pro ranks from betting on sports. As we have detailed, this can be done in lots of different ways, but there are also several other stages that are noteworthy. Verifying the details of exactly what these people have become pros over the years is virtually impossible, but we’re certainly confident in saying sports betting has made them such professionals!

Zeljko Ranogajec was born in Hobart, Australia and whilst relatively little is known about him. He made his pro career in a variety of ways including blackjack and Keno, but is perhaps most famous for betting on horse racing. According to a report in The Australian, Ranogajec’s punting is responsible for about a third of Betfair Australia’s turnover!

Another Australian who was incredibly wealthy and famed for his gambling was Kerry Packer. Packer made a name for himself through business and media interests. He wasn’t a pro gambler by any means and may well have lost more than his fair share of bets, but he certainly came close to the profi league too.

He tended to bet more in the casino than on sports and is said to have once lost a lot in a few weeks in London casinos. That said, he is also reported to have hones his skills in Vegas.

Returning now to the more professional side of sports betting and our last pro punter is Billy Walters. The American’s betting career was a slow burn, with his first loss coming on the World Series as a nine-year-old. More losses followed, but he began to use computer software and extensive stats to analyse sports and this resulted in a hugely pro-centered run lasting three decades.

Unfortunately, he was found guilty of insider trading in 2017 and alongside a fine, he was sentenced to five years in prison. Currently, in jail, the tale of Walters shows what powerful force greed can be.

Is it truly possible to become a pro betting?

The bottom line is that though possible, becoming a pro through betting on sport is highly unlikely. No matter how much of an eager gambler you are, you will need a tremendous dose of time, effort and dedication to become a pro gambler.

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