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Betano has seen its status as an MMA betting site rise significantly in recent years. With MMA, which is the abbreviation for Mixed Martial Arts being one of the most popular sports, Betano has worked hard to develop an excellent betting section that most Canadians will find appealing. As a result, this article will explain how to bet on MMA events at Betano. Likewise, we provide an overview of the MMA betting section and include a list of support competitions, markets and betting odds.

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How to bet on MMA at Betano

One of the nice aspects about Betano MMA betting is how easy it is for Canadians to place a bet. Fortunately, that includes intuitive navigational options, easy-to-read odds and access to a large selection of betting markets. That said, if you want to bet on Mixed martial arts events at Betano, here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Log into your Betano account.
  2. Click on the “Sports” tab.
  3. Navigate to “MMA” via the sports navigational menu.
  4. Select a compition and MMA event.
  5. Preview the betting markets and odds.
  6. Make your selection and click “Bet Now”.

Overview of the MMA Betting Section at Betano

betano mma betting ca

The Betano MMA section has been designed in an efficient manner that allows bettors to easily select a competition, preview betting and their respective betting odds. This is accomplished via a conveniently displayed three column design that features a navigational menu, a list of betting competitions and a bet slip.

Similar to other categories, the MMA category includes a list of events for each competition, and within each, a list of betting options and the odds. Fortunately, Betano has colourized these so that punters can quickly place bets. The Betano app and website are also designed with same features and easy-of-use in mind.

Furthermore, the MMA betting section features several other options, although these are standard for all sports at Betano. Along those is a complete schedule of sporting events and a list of competition winners. There is also access to a variety of missions and links to its iOS and Android betting apps.

What are the Supported MMA Competitions At Betano

As it does for other sports leagues, the Betano section stays up to date on the most significant Mixed martial arts competitions in the world. Resultantly, bettors will find competitive odds for a variety of competitions, such as the UFC, KSK, PFL and most Okatagon challenge events. A brief summary of each is provided below.

UFCThe UFC, or the United Fighting Championship is considered the largest mixed martial arts competition in the world. Based out of the U.S., the UFC has hosted over 600 events to date and its notoriety has been fueled by competitions such as the UFC Unleashed that are broadcast worldwide.
KSWThe Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki, or KSW for short, is a premier mixed martial arts competition that is based in Poland. Known as one of the leading competitions on Europe, it is best known for favouring four man and eight man tournaments and for producing spectacular shows that feature big name fighters, such as Jan Błachowicz.
PFLThe PFL (Professional Fighters League) is an American-based mixed martial arts league that was founded in 2017. Unlike other organizations, the PFL is structured around a regular season and post-season that features six divisions for both men and women and a super fight division.
OktagonOktagon MMA is a Northern Italy-based international martial arts tournament that was established in 1996. Broadcast worldwide in over 120 countries and online via its Okagon.TV app, competitions feature eight fighters who compete in a variety of tournaments.

What are the Available MMA Markets at Betano?

betano mma markets

Unlike football or hockey, the available markets for MMA events is limited, but that is not to say they can’t be profitable. Resultantly, the main markets for MMA betting at Betano are Winner and Over/Under Totals.

  • This is the most frequently offered market for Mixed martial arts betting at Betano as it only requires bettors to back who they think will win a match. To win, the bettor’s selection must win the match.
Over/Under Total Rounds:
  • This is another straightforward market that is determined by how many rounds a match will last. An example of this would be selecting over 2.5 for an MMA match. If at the end of the match up it went over three rounds, your bet would be settled as a winner. If it went less, your bet would be deemed a loss.

Betano MMA Betting Odds

Overall, the Betano MMA betting odds are reasonably competitive when compared to other bookies. While this can impact profitability, the odds are not that far apart and that makes them a viable option. Furthermore, in-depth analysis has shown that while the odds for some match up’s may be lower, the odds at Betano tend to be favourable over the long term. That makes Betano a worthwhile option as this is not always the case with larger, more established bookies.

Are There Any Betano MMA Bonuses?

While there are some outstanding Betano bonuses for new and existing players, it does not offer exclusive MMA promotions. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to change, or at least, its support team was unable to verify if the bookie planned on releasing any MMA bonuses in the future. Although, bettors will find that there are multiple Betano bonuses for its sportsbook, such as its Welcome Bonus for Sport up to EUR 100 that can be staked on Mixed martial arts events.

Why bet on MMA at Betano?

Betano has designed its MMA betting section to appeal to a broad range of bettors. Whether a novice bettor or one that is experienced, the odds are favorable, and the betting options correspond with those offered by more significant sports betting sites. That in itself is reason enough to bet on the MMA at Betano, but when you factor in Betano’s reputation, and its commitment to safe and regulated gaming, it makes it a logical choice regardless of your skill level.


Is the Betano MMA betting section any good?

Yes, the Betano MMA betting section is good as it offers multiple competitions and competitive odds.

Does Betano have MMA bonuses?

Betano does not have exclusive Mixed martial arts betting bonuses.

Are the Betano MMA betting odds good?

Yes, the Mixed martial arts betting odds are Betano is competitive.

Are there any special MMA bets at Betano?

No, there are not any special Mixed martial arts bets at Betano.

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