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betano parlay bonuses
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Parlays offer a great opportunity to win big by hitting on a single bet ticket. Even better, Betano is making it possible to earn even bigger on your favourite parlays. Read on to find out more about the Betano Parlay Bonus and how it can work for you.

Get Betano Parlay Bonuses

What is a Parlay Bonus?

Most parlays simply pay out the stated odds on the ticket. As you add bets, the odds climb and so does your potential payout. The cool thing about the Betano Parlay Bonus is that you can get even larger winnings for making the same bets.

For instance, if you make a four-leg bet on Betano, you get a 10% bonus on your wins. Keep adding legs and you can earn as much as 50% back on a 10-pick parlay. The higher the odds, the larger the payouts and much more than you would get at other sportsbooks.

Different Types of Betano Parlay Bonuses

The beautiful thing about Betano is that there isn’t just one way to make a parlay. As a matter of fact, there are a few ways to win on your parlay. Read on to find out about the same game parlay, parlay booster, and parlay insurance.

Same Game Parlay

betano parlay same game

Using the Betano build a bet, you can make up a parlay comprised of events from the same game or match. Let’s use the example of the Rays vs. Yankees. If you like Wander Franco to get more than 1.5 hits, the Rays to win by 1.5 runs or more, and the two teams to combine for more than 6 runs, you can make it a parlay. It adds even more action to every single game.

Parlay Booster

parlay booster betano

The parlay booster is awesome because it gives even more value to an already potentially huge payout. When you bet at least four legs on your parlay, you can earn a bonus back on your winnings. Players get 10% on a four-leg bet and go up to 50% on a 10-leg bet. It’s a great way to give already huge winnings an even boost.

Parlay Insurance

betano parlay insurance

On basketball, hockey, and soccer, Betano will refund parlays of anywhere from five to 13 picks if you miss by just one pick. The minimum odds per selection is -154 and the maximum amount refunded is $25. Bets with multiple combinations are not allowed.

How to Qualify for Betano Parlay Bonuses

Qualifying for the Betano Parlay Bonus is as simple as i gets. There are very few requirements aside from one. Each leg of your parlay must have odds of -200 or better to qualify. So, you can’t take massive favourites and pile them into one ticket.

How to make the most of Betano Parlay Bonuses

To make the most of Betano Parlay Bonuses, make sure that you are making selections that you would otherwise. There is no point in chasing the bonus and making bad picks. Instead, make a savvy bet as you would otherwise and enjoy the Betano Parlay Bonus boosting your already solid bet.

In addition, you should ensure that you’re keeping your parlays smaller. If you add too many legs, the house edge will increase and you will have a smaller chance of winning your bet. Keep your parlays smaller and you will win more, even if the bonus isn’t as large.

In short, follow these tips to make the most of Betano Parlay Bonuses.

  • Make Selections that you would otherwise.
  • Don’t add too many legs to your parlay.

Pros and Cons of Betano Parlay Bonuses

  • Potentially huge winnings
  • A boost on already big parlay winnings
  • Minimal qualifiers
  • Increased percentages for more legs
  • Each pick must be -200 or better
  • Big payouts are only for astronomical odds

Betano Bonuses You Can Use to Make Parlay Bets

Another great thing about the bonus is that they can be used to make some of these parlays. The Sign-up bonus, a 100% deposit match bonus, can be applied to create even more winnings. Just keep in mind that any winnings have to be wagered at least five times before they can be withdrawn.

The parlay booster is also available to any sport, though a bet consisting of basketball, hockey, and soccer qualifies for bet insurance. Players can combine picks across all three sports to make as big a parlay as desired.

You can easily check all Betano promotions and rewards campaign, which we list in our dedicated bonus review.

The Bottom Line

There is a lot to love about the Betano Parlay Bonus. It is fun to track each leg, hoping they hit but now it is taken to another level. Take the already potentially huge winnings of a regular parlay and amplify them even further with the parlay bonus. It’s the best possible way to win bigger than ever before.


What is a parlay bonus and how does it work?

The parlay bonus is simple. When you make a parlay, winning delivers an even bigger bonus. It starts with a 10% bonus on a four-leg parlay and goes all the way up to 50% on a successful 10-leg parlay.

How do I qualify for Betano’s parlay bonuses?

The best part of the Betano Parlay Bonuses is that they don’t really require any qualifications. The only thing to keep in mind is that each leg has to be at least -200 odds or better.

Are there any specific sports or markets that qualify for parlay bonuses?

The parlay bonuses are available for all sports. That said, there is parlay insurance for bets with hockey, basketball, and soccer as the selections. Those bets pay up to $25 back on parlays that miss by one pick.

What is the maximum bonus amount I can receive for a parlay bet?

The biggest bonus available is 50% back on a 10-game parlay. Depending on the odds, that can be a serious boost in winnings to an already sizable payout.

Can I combine different sports or events in a parlay bet to qualify for the bonus?

They can! The parlay bonus is available for parlays with anywhere from four to 10 picks. They can combine picks from just about any sport, even some same-game parlays.

Is Betano same game parlay and bet builder the same?

The same game parlay is not the same as Betano bet builder. The latter can combine picks from any game or sport. The former are all picks from one single event or game.

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