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Betway Affiliates
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If you have a website/blog which is based on the niche of online gambling, it makes sense to promote reputable brands like Betway online that will not only reward you handsomely for doing so but also enhance the reputation of your site.

Betway certainly ticks all of the right boxes in terms of being a well-established bookmaker so let’s take a closer look at precisely what is involved in setting up an affiliate account and how the account should be operated moving forward. In case you want to learn more about the Betway product offering, we recommend you to read our detailed article.

1 click to Betway

How To Join Betway Affiliate Program

The first step to join up to the Betway affiliate programme would be to head over to BetwayPartners and read the comprehensive information shared on that website. With that in mind, here are the simple steps that are required to register as a Betway affiliate:

  • Join Betway Affiliates
  • Betway Partners registration
  1. Go to the official Betway Partners site 👉 here
  2. Fill in the application form
  3. Get approved if you are eligible for partner
  4. Start referring punters and earning commission

The next step is to open a Betway Partners account and then decide what kind of affiliate deal you prefer, revenue share or CPA (cost per action). Revenue share is where you get a percentage of the revenue generated by customers who have opened an account at Betway through your link.

CPA is where you receive a set commission for each new customer who opens a Betway account through your link. You should bear in mind that if you require a CPA deal you will need to contact the support at Betway Partners to discuss your plans.

Who Can Become a Betway Partner

It actually depends on the type of website/blog that you are operating and the traffic that you are sending to your affiliate links.

These are the questions which you are asked when opening a Betway Partners account so for example, it would be pointless if you have a blog that is based on tourism and applying to promote Betway as your request would be turned down.

It should also be noted that Betway Partners have what they refer to as a one-strike rule.

This means that if you break their terms and conditions, your account will be terminated, end of story!

Bearing that in mind, if you have any ideas regarding the marketing of your website, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to run it by Betway first in order to make sure that they are OK with it.


Main Terms and Conditions to Bear in Mind

Before we look at the main terms and conditions of the Betway affiliate program, the first thing to remember is not to try any funny business.

For example, don’t try and open an account for yourself and your friends through your affiliate link, it’s just not worth it and you will not only get found out, but any commissions that have already been accrued will also more than likely be confiscated.

  • you should only use promotional materials that have been provided by Betway
  • your website should not target anyone who is under the age of 18
  • only responsible betting advertisements allowed

Your best bet is to read through the affiliate terms and conditions on the Betway Partners website and don’t forget their one strike one strike rule.

Betway Partners – What is the Affiliate Programme All About?

💻 Official WebsiteLink here
👨‍💻 Software NeededNo
📈 HybridNo
🎯 CPAYes, On arrangement
🚀 Sub affiliatesNo
Cookie sessions15 days
🚨 Negative carryoverYes
💰 Standard Revenue Deals25% – 40%
💵 CurrenciesGBP, USD
💸 Due Payments10th of each month

Ok. Let’s start from the beginning.

The Betway affiliate programme involves you opening a Betway Partner account and placing approved links and banners on your website that are provided by Betway.

These links and banners contain your unique affiliate link so when someone visits Betway after clicking on one of your links and then goes on to open a Betway account, you will be credited with the sale.

You will either receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the customer or a bounty for each customer that signs up, depending on your arrangement with Betway Partners.

How to Operate your Betway Affiliate Account

Betway Affiliates perks

In order to make the most out of the Betway affiliate programme you should always put quality content on your website or blog.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it is just a case of posting affiliate links and expecting that you will make sales because that will only end in disappointment.

Quality content will mean that visitors will keep on returning to your website, which will, in turn, mean that they will be more likely to go on to open a Betway account.

Here are some techniques that can be used to operate your Betway affiliate account in the most profitable way.

  • Quality content
  • Write reviews that show both the positive and negative aspects of the Betway sportsbook and casino
  • Always be honest
  • Keep checking the Betway Partners website for the latest news
  • Take advantage of the promotional material that is available
  • Remember, it is in the best interests of Betway that you succeed, so listen to what they have to say.

What are the perks of being a Betway partner?

There aren’t any perks as such, but you don’t really need any perks when you take into account that it is possible to earn a very decent income as a Betway affiliate.

Along the way, you will learn exactly what is required in order to make a success of promoting affiliate offers which will serve you well when it comes to promoting other online sportsbooks and casinos.

  • Opportunity to earn a great income
  • Learn the affiliate marketing business using the resources provided by Betway Partners
  • Promote other bookies and casinos

What are the Betway Affiliate Commissions?

Betway Affiliates revenue share

The two types of commissions are Revenue Share and CPA (cost per action) If you require a CPA deal, you will need to contact the Betway Partner support to discuss your requirements.

For a revenue share deal, the commission structure is listed below.

Number of New Sign UpsCommision Rate
0 – 10 new sign ups25%
11 – 40 new sign ups30%
41 – 100 new sign ups35%
101+ new sign ups40%

What about Responsible Gambling?

As you would probably expect, Betway is big on the subject of responsible gambling so there are certain rules that affiliates should be aware of.

These rules are constantly being updated, and full details can be found under the Code of Conduct section of the Betway Partners website.

Betway Affiliate Opportunities Around the World

Due to the ever-changing laws and regulations regarding online gambling around the world, it is important that you keep up to date with the latest news.


Betway Affiliates in the UK

The UK is the most profitable betting market when it comes to attracting new customers so UK blog and website owners are welcome to open an affiliate account with Betway.


Betway Affiliates in the US

Betway Affiliates USA

Being accepted as a Betway affiliate in the US is dependent on the state in which the affiliate is operating.

The available states are listed below:

  • Colorado – Sports
  • Indiana – Sports
  • Iowa – Sports
  • New Jersey – Casino and Sports
  • Pennsylvania – Casino and Sports

Betway Partners in Africa & Asia

Betway is a famous brand in Asia and Africa. Markets there include India, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and more. You can promote these domains as well and send players from countries where Betway has a license for. Thus, your revenue share will surely increase.

How to Contact Betway Partners

Betway Partners can be contacted by filling in the Contact Us form on the website.

Pros & Cons

Whenever you pick an online casino affiliate program, you will need to consider its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of betway group partners.

  • Reputable brand
  • Global presence
  • High commission rates
  • No sub-affiliate available


Can I open a Betway account through my own link?

No, your account will be closed if you try to do this.

Can I promote other bookies and casinos on my website?

Yes, you can promote and refer betway on any social media account or website.

Can I design my own banners to promote Betway?

Permission must be given by contacting the support at Betway Partners.

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