How to Build a Bet on Betway – #BetYourWay Explained

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Betway Build your own bet
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Build a Bet is one of many betting features at Betway sportsbook for punters who want a greater level of freedom available. If you are new to sports betting, and a fan of punting on soccer, the Betway build-a-bet is a feature that you will find useful.

This article is dedicated to explaining how to use the Betway Builder feature while also providing other helpful information, such as real-life BetYourWay samples and a list of countries that are able to use the Betway Builder feature.

Build your bet

How to Use Betway Builder – Steps

Betway how to build a bet

How to use Betway Builder is similar to the way you use other betting features at Betway. To create a Betway Builder bet, you will need to:

  1. Login to your Betway account.
  2. Click on the “Sports” tab.
  3. Find a match you are interested in and click “More Bets.”
  4. Select “Build a Bet” and add 2 to 10 outcomes.
  5. Click “Add to Betslip” and enter your stake.
  6. Click “Bet Now”.

What is Betway Bet Builder?

The Betway Builder is a betting feature that is designed to allow bettors to create a customized betslip with multiple bets for the same soccer match. The advantage this offers bettors is the freedom to bet in a manner that suits them, and like most multibets, the more selections you select, the bigger the odds and the payout potential.

As for some of the markets you can combine in a Betway Build a Bet, they include Both Team to Score, Over/Under, Exact Goals, First Goalscorer, Corners, Double Chance, Last Goalscorer, and Exact Bookings, to name a few.


Is BetYourWay & Bet Builder the Same?

Yes, Bet Your Way & Bet Builder are essentially the same, as they perform the same function. However, Build a Bet is a built-in function at Betway, while #BetYourWay is the hashtag used by Betway by bettors when tweeting their Bet Builder requests to @Betway – their only official account.

How Does BetYourWay at Betway Work?

Betyourway at betway

Essentially, BetYourWay at Betway is a built-in function that lets you mix and match different markets and multiple bets for a specific soccer game under one betslip. As we have explained, the Bet Your Way feature lets punters add multiple selections to a Build a Bet betslip for the same game and combines them into one bet.

For a Build a bet to be accepted, each betslip must have at least two selections and cannot exceed more than 10. The odds are added together, and the payouts are based on the combined odds and the amount staked. In order for a BetYourWay bet to win, each selection must win, or the bet is lost.


Examples – Real-Life Samples

To provide some additional insight into the Bet Builder feature at Betway, we have included a few examples.

Example 1

You select Liverpool as the match winner in a Premier League match against Man City, and on the same betslip, wager on both teams to score, first goalscorer, and last goalscorer. If the combined odds for the four selections total 5.32 and you wagered €10, the potential payout for your Build a Bet would be €53.22.

Example 2

You select choose AFC Bournemouth to win over Southampton with 2.75 odds while also opting to add Che Adams as the first goalscorer at 7.00 odds, both teams to score at 1.77 odds, Double Chance at 2.05 odds and total goals odd/even at 1.80 odds. In this example, the combined odds equal 15.37, if you bet €10 and your selections won, the payout would be €10153.70 (15.37 x €10 = €153.70).

Example 3

If betting on Man United to win over Tottenham with 4.00 odds, and adding Man United to score the first goal at 1.60 odds, both teams to score at 4.00 odds, handicap 3-way at 1.03 odds, and total goals odd/even at 1.90. The total odds would be 12.53, with a €50 stake, the payout will be €626.50 if all selections were successful.

However, if you also added double chance and total goals 2.5 at 2.62 odds, double chance and total goals 3.5 at 3.08, double chance and total goals 4.5 at 7.50 odds, the odds would increase to 25.73 and using the same stake amount, the potential payout would increase to €1,286.50.

Where is Betway Builder Available?

Bet Builder is available in each country Betway is licensed to operate. As they elect to only operate within markets that are regulated, the number of countries is somewhat less than operators who opt to offer their services within unregulated markets.


List of Countries with #BetYourWay

gb flag
us flag
za flag
South Africa
tz flag
ug flag
gh flag
zm flag
ng flag
ke flag
br flag
se flag
it flag
es flag
dk flag
bg flag

Terms & Conditions

Similar to other betting features at Betway, the Build a Bet feature has a number of terms and conditions that govern its use. As such, the following terms apply:

  • BuildaBet is only available to registered users over the age of 18.
  • Build-a-Bet is only valid for pre-match soccer matches.
  • These bets do not qualify for early Cash Out.
  • Each Build a Bet must contain a minimum of two selections and a maximum of ten.
  • Each selection on BuildaBet betslip must win for the bet to be settled as a winner.
  • If a Build a Bet betslip selection is voided or cancelled, the entire Build a Bet betslip will be voided.
  • Betway may reverse the settlement of a Build-a-Bet if a selection is settled in error.

Why is Bet Builder Not Working on Betway?

While Betway works diligently to ensure their systems are always functional and working correctly, at times, certain features like the Bet Builder may be unavailable. In the event Bet Builder is not working on Betway, it may be for these possible reasons:

  • Betway may be undergoing system maintenance
  • The desktop site may be down for system upgrades
  • Mobile app may be down for system upgrades
  • There could be a software glitch affecting the Build a Bet feature
  • The site could be unavailable due to a system outage problem

Pros & Cons

Also similar to other Betway betting features, the bet constuctor has its pros and cons that are worth exploring. Therefore, here are a few you might want to consider before placing a bet using the Betway Build a Bet feature.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent for maximising odds potential
  • Budget-friendly
  • iOS and Android friendly
  • Only available for soccer matches


What is the minimum stake for Betway Build a Bet?

The minimum stake per selection at Betway is €1.00.

Can I create multiple Bet Builder betslips for the same match?

Yes, you are welcome to create multiple Build a bet betslips for the same event.

What happens if a selection in my Bet Your Way losses?

Unfortunately, if one or more selections fail to win, your bet will be lost.

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