How to Cancel a Bet on Betway?

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Betway cancel a bet
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Although some people who use betway take the time and think carefully about what to bet on, others wager on something without researching it. Hence, bettors often make mistakes and want to cancel their bet. Some websites support bet cancellation as an option, but others do not, so let’s learn more about the current situation at Betway for 2024.

Cancel a bet

Cancelling a Bet Explained

Some people who want to know how to cancel a bet on Betway don’t understand what this actually means. Cancelling a bet is an action where you want to remove the bet you’ve placed. For example, you may want to do that if you’ve accidentally wagered on a market you didn’t want to. There are also situations where people want to cancel their bets if they’ve wagered too much money.

Can I Cancel a Bet on Betway?

How to cancel a bet on betway

No, you can’t cancel a bet on Betway. Once you submit your betslip, there is no going back. Whether you’ve wagered on football or any other popular sport, you won’t be able to remove the bet after it’s already been placed. Some bookmakers offer these options, but you can’t do this while using Betway due to legal reasons.

It is recommended to think carefully before you start betting if you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you must cancel your bet. Do your research and only place a bet when you are confident in what you’re doing.

Don’t forget that Betway will allow you to preview your bet slip before submitting it.

What Are My Alternatives?

If you’re wondering how to cancel a bet on Betway, you will realize this is impossible. Fortunately, there are a couple of alternatives you can try out, such as those listed below.


Early Cash Out on Betway

Betway cashout cover

The first option you can put to the test is called Cash Out. This is a betting feature that lets you settle a bet before it is over. Fortunately, Betway offers an Early Cash Out option, which means you can settle your bet as soon as you place it.

The bad thing about using this option is that you won’t get 100% of the amount you’ve used. In most cases, Betway will get a percentage.


Edit a Bet

Some of the top-tier betting websites have several betting features, such as Edit a Bet. The latter is an option that lets you make changes even after placing your bet. However, it is not available on Betway, so you won’t be able to change anything after wagering.


Book-A-Bet with Betway

Since Betway is among the leading iGaming operators, it has an interesting “Book-A-Bet” feature. If you use it, you can send your friend a link with your preferred betting options. This person can delete ot edit it before it is time to submit it. This minimizes the chance of making a mistake because you and your friend will have the chance to check it.

Why Betway Does Not Allow Bet Cancelation

Betway does not allow Bet Cancelation because this is against the company’s Terms of Service. Every iGaming operator is a separate legal entity and has the freedom to determine the rules that users must follow if they want to use its services. In other words, it is up to every company to decide whether to offer the option to cancel a bet.

Will Contacting Betway Support Help?

Some people forget that Betway has one of the world’s most prestigious customer support departments. Although the people who work there will probably not cancel your bet, it is worth trying, especially if you’ve made a mistake. Of course, you will have to prove that you’ve wagered by accident, so make sure to provide evidence.


How do I change my bet on Betway?

To change your bet on Betway, contact the customer support department and ask for assistance.

Will Betway give me my money back if I cancel my bet?

No, Betway won’t give you your money back if you cancel your bet because it is not allowed. However, try contacting the customer support department.

Do I have to pay something to cancel my bet at Betway?

No, you don’t have to pay anything to cancel your bet at Betway because this feature is not available yet.

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