How Do I Play Mega Ball on Betway – Guide with Tips

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Betway Mega Ball 100x
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This live casino here is packed with a superb selection of live dealer games, but no other is as popular as Mega Ball on Betway online casino. Played in a stunning game show virtual studio, it offers excellent visuals, uncomplicated gameplay, and multiple betting options. The good news is that learning how to play MegaBall on Betway is relatively easy. In fact, it is as simple as choosing your cards, deciding how many cards to play and placing your bet.

Play Mega Ball

Steps How To Play MegaBall on Betway

As we explained, playing Betway Mega Ball is quite easy, but before you can do it, you need to register. Therefore, before you can begin playing, you’ll need to follow our 6 step guide on how to play Megaball on Betway below:

How to Play Mega Ball 100x on Betway
Betway MegaBall steps
  1. Step 1: Navigate to Betway from your desktop or mobile.
  2. Step 2: Create your new account and make a deposit.
  3. Step 3: Enter your profile and click on “Live Casino
  4. Step 4: Click the “Game Shows” tab and select “MegaBall Live”.
  5. Step 5: Choose the card value (€0.10, – €100.00).
  6. Step 6: Select the number of cards you want to play.
  7. Step 7: Wait for the next game to begin.

Betway Mega Ball Explained

Mega Ball on Betway game

Betway Mega ball is a numbered ball consisting of 51 numbers that are automatically drawn from the drawing machine. In each game, 20 balls are used, and each ball matched will be automatically marked on the cards you bought. While the game is in full swing, your cards will be arranged based on the number of matching balls on each card, with the card closest to win appearing on top.

In addition to arranging the cards with the most balls, each number you need to win will automatically be highlighted on each card. Prior to the 20th ball is drawn, the game will randomly generate a MegaBall multiplier in the range of 5 and 100x. Should the last ball drawn results in one of your purchased cards producing a winning line, the amount won will be multiplied by the multiplier drawn.

Based on the explanation above and the fact that Betway Mega Ball is a random number game, we have included a table below that outlines some MegaBall Basics and several MegaBall features:

Hosted byLive dealers
House EdgeLow
Multipliersfrom 5x to 100x (*randomly)
Betting Limits€0.10 – €100
ReturnsNo more than 1 million times the bet

Where is Mega Ball Available?

Unfortunately, where Mega Ball is available on Betway depends on the markets that Betway has chosen to operate within. As Betway only operates within regulated markets, it means you can only play Mega Ball at Betway if you can legally access one of the following Betway sites:

  • ca flag
    Betway Canada
  • be flag
    Betway Belgium
  • dk flag
    Betway Denmark
  • za flag
    Betway South Africa
  • it flag
    Betway Italy
  • fr flag
    Betway France
  • ug flag
    Betway Uganda
  • gh flag
    Betway Ghana
  • zm flag
    Betway Zambia
  • th flag
    Betway Thailand
  • se flag
    Betway Sweden
  • ng flag
    Betway Nigeria
  • ke flag
    Betway Kenya
  • es flag
    Betway Spain
  • mx flag
    Betway Mexico
  • us flag
    Betway US

Average Payout of MegaBall on Betway

Now that you know how to play megaball on Betway, it is important you understand the average payout of Mega Ball on Betway. Ultimately, the payouts of Mega Ball in Betway depend on the lines you fill on the cards you purchased. Bearing in mind that you can complete lines horizontally and vertically, it is possible to generate six lines on a Megaball card.

The mega ball bonus round is also worth exploring.


For example, if you purchased five €1 Mega Ball cards, and three of the cards resulted in two winning lines, and the random multiplier was 10x, the payout would be based on the following (4x x €1 x 10 = €40). However, if you purchased five €5 Mega Ball cards and three cards resulted in two winning lines, and the multiplier was 20x, the payout would be (4x x €5 x 20 = €400).

Therefore, to better understand the payouts based on the number of lines, we have included a MegaBall payouts table below.

Number of LinesPayouts
1 Line1x – 99:1
2 Lines4 – 499:1
3 Lines49 – 4,999:1
4 Lines249 -24,999:1
5 Lines999 – 99,999:1
6 Lines9,999 – 999,999:1

Working Mega Ball Betway Tips & Strategies

Betway Mega Ball tips

While Megaball is a game of chance where strategy does not impact the results, there are some working Mega Ball Betway tips and strategies that can be useful. What is important to know strategically is that you are unable to choose each individual number and are unable to influence the house edge.

Therefore, some of the best working tips and strategies for Mega Ball start with learning the basics of Megaball, being in control of your bankroll, see how Mega Ball 100X works from pro experts and choosing the right time to play Mega ball on Betway.


Learn the Basics of MegaBall

The most important tip before you start playing is to learn the basics of MegaBall. By learning the basics, you know in advance how to play and can begin to develop a betting strategy. Moreover, learning the basics will teach you how to maximise your odds of ending a round with a Mega Ball multiplier payout.

After learning the basics, you can then follow pro tips, like increasing the probability of success by purchasing the maximum cards for each round of Mega ball game you play.

Similarly, you can increase the probability odds by adjusting your bet size according to the size of your bankroll. This will allow you to increase the number of tickets you purchase and increase your probability of success with or without a mega ball bonus.


See How Mega Ball 100x Works from Pro Experts

If you want to see how Mega Ball 100X works from Pro Experts, the first thing you need to do is understand how they play. For starters, they base their bets on probability, meaning they know that over time the likelihood of a winning line hit is in their favour. Therefore, if you want to play MegaBall like a pro expert, consider the following:

  • Alternate the number of rounds you purchase
  • Mix up the amount you bet each round
  • Use the martingale betting strategy

Be in Full Control of Your Bankroll

One of the best tips for playing Megaball is to be in full control of your bankroll to ensure you manage losses appropriately. By being in control, you can develop a betting strategy, so that you manage your win/loss results based on your bankroll.


Choose the Right Time to Play on Betway

With the house advantage of Mega Ball being between 4.60% and 4.95%, choosing the right time to play on Betway is questionable. However, playing at peak times tends to be a favoured time to play at Betway. The theory is, the more people that play and the more cards that are in play, the better the odds of the purchased cards producing a winning line. Therefore, here are a few pro expert tips to ponder in relation to the right time to play on Betway:

  • Check how many people are playing Megaway: When you log into your Betway account and open Megaball, check how many people are playing. If the number of people playing is less, consider playing during peak times, as it means fewer cards are in-play.
  • Check on the number of payouts for previous rounds – Check on the previous round payouts to gauge the number of winning players. If the number of winning players is high, that is a good time to play as it makes the odds favourable.

Focus on Cards and Not Rounds

When playing Mega Ball, one pro tip that has proven itself over and over is to focus on the cards and not the rounds. After all, it is the cards that produce the results, so while playing more rounds increases your odds, the focus should always be on the cards being purchased.

  • Buy more tickets – not Rounds: Focus on buying more tickets for the rounds you play versus the number of rounds you play. If you play more rounds but purchase less tickets, you decrease versus increase your odds.
  • Price per card vs tickets purchased: Pay attention to the price per card you purchase versus the number of tickets you purchase. While this contradicts the previous tip, it is a suitable tip for novice players with reduced bankrolls.

Will I Be Successful Playing Mega Ball on Betway?

Whether you will be successful playing MegaBall on Betway depends on whether your purchased tickets produce line wins. If they do, then you can deem yourself a successful Megaball player. On the flip side, if you fail to produce winning lines, the opposite is true. However, this is a game of chance, so focus on having fun, not whether you are successful playing Megaball.

Most Common Issues with Mega Ball 100x

Like any live dealer game, you will find a number of issues can arise while playing the game. As the issues with Mega Ball are few and far between, the most common issues with Mega Ball we came across include:

  • Lag as a result of slow internet speeds
  • Outdated desktop and mobile operating systems
  • Round delay due to changing of hosts

Some Mega Ball Betway Alternatives to Consider

Betway Mega Ball alternative games

While MegaBall on Betway is one of its most popular live casino games, the live casino also has quite a few Mega Ball Betway alternatives to consider. Therefore, if Mega Ball is a game you enjoy, you may want to consider Evolution Gaming’s Live Crazy Time, Live Dream Catcher, or Betgames’ Wheel of Fortune and Live Dream Catcher as alternatives:


#1 Live Crazy Time

Crazy Time is another fantastic live casino game that offers some great opportunities. With multiple features like a Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko and Crazy Time bonus game, it can return a 20,000x the bet result.


#2 Live Wheel of Fortune

A great alternative to Mega Ball, Wheel of Fortune is similar to Evolutions Dream Catcher. With multiple betting opportunities, this roulette themed wheel is perfect for strategic gameplay as it offers payouts of up to 500x the bet.


#3 Live Dream Catcher

Another alternative to Mega Ball, Dream Catcher is a spin-off of roulette that features stunning visuals, immersive gameplay and several features. With the chance to land on the Dream Catcher bonus spin multiplier, it offers the opportunity to score mega-sized payouts.


Is Mega Ball on Betway provably fair?

Yes, Mega Ball is a provably fair game that is licensed and regulated by the MGA and certified fair by eCOGRA.

What is the maximum ticket price for Megaball?

The maximum price per ticket when playing Megaball is €100.

What is the maximum win multiplier offered in MegaBall?

The maximum win multiplier offered in MegaBall is 1,000,000 times the stake.

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