Betway Suspended Account – Main Reasons + Solutions

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Suspended betway account
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Like other betting sites, Betway online has its terms and conditions. Breaching these terms can lead to the suspension or closure of your account. You should go through the terms before creating an account on the site. Let’s look at the reasons for putting a Betway account on hold.

Unlock betway account

#1 Underage Gambling

Legal age at Betway

One of the biggest rules on Betway is that all members must be of legal gambling age. The site has set this age at 18 years old or more. So if you are underage your account will first be put on hold, then suspended and eventually deleted. If, however, there is some misunderstanding, you can rectify the situation.


You will have to prove your age by sending your ID card otherwise Betway suspended account will be a fact. This card must be issued by the government. Make sure you upload this document on the verification page of your account.


When I created my Betway account, I took a photo of my ID card. The front and back had to be clearly seen. I then navigated to the verification page where I uploaded the photo, along with other verification documents.

#2 More than One Betway Account

betway account locked warning pop-up

You can create multiple accounts on separate betting sites. However, you can’t create many accounts on a single website like Betway. No duplicate accounts are permitted. Nor people using the same IP, email, etc. This would be a breach of the terms of the site. Bettors usually create new accounts when they forget their passwords. Other people simply want to claim the welcome offer again.


Don’t make more than 1 betway account. If you forgot your password, you should simply recover it via SMS or email. You can’t claim the welcome offer twice, even if you use the details of close family members. Instead, you should use bonuses for existing customers.


To recover my password, I click the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page. Then I add my phone number. The sportsbook then sends the new password to my phone.

#3 Using VPN for IP Change & Access to Betway

VPN for Betway

Customers of Betway may use VPNs if they travel to countries where Betway isn’t accepted. Some people may also simply use VPNs if they live in countries that are banned from Betway. These tools are also used to enhance security when using online betting sites.


If you live in a country that is banned from Betway, you should simply use an alternative betting site. It is also advisable to avoid using Betway when travelling. For security, you can use firewalls or antivirus software.


You can use Google to search for the best betting sites in your country of residence. If you want to promote the security of your account, you should turn on Microsoft Defender. Some great antiviruses you can use are McAfee and Kaspersky.

#4 Incorrect Signup or Login Information

Betwat reasons for suspended account

Your suspended account may come about because of the use of incorrect Betway signup or login info. Using the wrong login details multiple times can make it seem like you are a hacker. This can lead to the suspension of your account.

Learn how to register the right way by checking our article describing the process in detail.


Make sure you add your real name, real ID number, and correct phone number on the signup page. If you aren’t certain about your login info, you should reset your password.


To reset the password, you should enter your phone number on the Password Reset page. You will have to verify your signup details by sending documents like your ID card and utility bills.

#5 Breach of Betway’s T&Cs

Betway terms

Many people sign up on Betway without reading the terms and conditions of the site. This makes it easy to breach some of the T’s and C’s. You should read them so as to know what you can and cannot do. Breaching rules will ultimately result in your account being suspended indefinitely.


You can access the terms of the site using the link at the bottom of the page. Try to go through these terms to determine whether there is anything you don’t agree with. In this case, you can abandon the site and sign up for an alternative sportsbook.


Before you finish creating your account, you should go through the terms of the site. For example, you should avoid using VPNs as the site doesn’t accept the use of such tools.

#6 Suspicion of Betway Bonus Abuse

Bonus abuse

Betway offers many bonuses and promos. There are certain rules you must follow when using these offers. Many people abuse the bonuses on this site because they aren’t aware of the rules. Usually, the site will investigate the use of the bonus before you make a withdrawal. That means you may not know when you are breaching the bonus terms.


Bonus abuse occurs in many ways. For example, you shouldn’t engage in hedge betting or low-margin betting. You also need to avoid spending more than 30% of the value of the bonus on single bets.


If you have a €10 bonus, you shouldn’t use the offer to bet on both sides of a match. You also shouldn’t use more than €3 on a single wager.

#7 Too Many Withdrawals – Suspicion of Money Laundering

Betway reverse withdrawal policy

Betway will also lock or limit your account if you make withdrawals frequently. Customers usually do this because of the thrill of getting funds in their accounts. Others simply want to control their urge to place more bets. This behaviour (too many and too often withdrawals) makes it seem like you are engaged in money laundering hence your Betway suspended account. It will remain on hold until the security check is over.


You can use the responsible gambling features of this site to control your betting behaviour. This will reduce the need to take money out of your account.


If I feel like I am spending too much money or time on betting, I exclude myself for a period. I have also set deposit limits.


Why is my Betway account on hold?

It is probably blocked (locked, suspended) or in other words inaccessible.

Can I reactivate a suspended Betway account?

Yes, there is a way to unblock betway account. It will require you to get in touch with the support team.

Can I create a new Betway account after closing my old one?

If you closed your Betway account, you can ask the support team to reactivate it. You don’t need to create a new account. Note that the rules for self-exclusion are different. You have to wait until the self-exclusion period expires to regain access to your account.

Can two people use the same Betway account?

No, your Betway account should be in your details. It should only be accessible to you.

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  1. Rhulani
    My account withdrawal info was changed to someone else's in early December, non of your staff assisted even by reversing the withdrawal which was locked. I suspect it was an inside job, I before that was doing well until I noticed money was disappearing. Sharing my info has never been my portion, so there is no such a thing as fairness, it's just that we somehow are desperate for money.
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Rhulani,

      Did betway resolve the problem? Was your account locked because it was hacked?

      Let me know.
      Kate, SB team
  2. Oarabile Theo
    Can you please help me to unblock my betway account
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Oarabile Theo,

      Let me know which country you are trying to access your betway account from first.

      Kate, SB team
  3. Audrey Maloba
    Hi can u please help me to block my account
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Audrey Maloba,

      Can you be a bit more specific? You want to block your account? Do you mean self-exclude, take time off or delete it?

      Or do you mean you need help unlocking a blocked betway account?

      Let me know.

      Kate, SB team
  4. Nosiphiwo
    Hi my account has been locked I need to help
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Nosiphiwo,

      Tell us where you are from so we can assist you contact betway to help you unlock locked account.

      Sammy, SB team
  5. simon parsons
    i’ve won £2600 then my account was blocked/suspended, i’m just about to upload my documents but because i’m currently suspended and there’s no customer/service or live chat where or how do i upload my documents , this is crazy, please help
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Simon Parsons,

      Did you try emailing the documents at

      Let us know if you require further assistance,

      Kate, SB team
  6. Hakeem Iskeel
    I opened betway account, I bet with them, and I hit some money, and I want to withdraw the money, I chat with an agent on line, suddenly they blocked me up.
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Hakeem,

      You can submit an official complaint here -->

      We will contact Betway and try to help you.

      Kate, SB team
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