How to Change Betwinner Password – Steps & Tips

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If you can’t recall your Betwinner login password, you can still quickly regain control of your account. To reset your forgotten password on this site, you only need to visit the homepage and follow a few easy steps. We’ll walk you through how to change your Betwinner password.

Reset Password

How Do I Change My BETWINNER Password

To change your password on BETWINNER, visit the site’s homepage from your browser or the mobile app and follow these steps:


Step #1: Login to your account

betwinner forgot password link

You will find a login/Registration mini window to enter or go through Betwinner log in. Click on the login button below the username and password fields, and click on the Forgot password link. This will allow you to create a new password for your account.


Step #2: Enter the recovery email or phone number

Betwinner change password button

In the next pop-up window, enter a valid email address or phone number you want to use to recover your password. If you have a verified mobile number at Betwinner, you can use it to receive reset instructions. In this step, you’ll also have to check the “I am not a robot” box right below this window. Click on the Create a New Password button.


Step #3: Create a new password

The link in your email or mobile inbox will redirect you to create a new password. It’s essential to create a strong password for security and also make it memorable so you won’t easily forget it.

What To Do If The Change Password Link Does Not Work

When changing the password to your BetWinner account, the link may fail to work for several reasons. We’ve got some easy solutions on how to change BETWINNER password link issues.

  • Link Expired – The link might not work if you wait too long before you open it to change your password. Usually, the change password link lasts for about an hour. You can request a new link when the earlier one expires before you change your password.
  • Cache Issues – At times the change password link may lead you to a blank page. There’s no cause for alarm as this is surprisingly easy to fix. Clean the cookies and cache from your browser. Reopen the Betwinner reset password link and follow the guidelines.
  • Broken Link – On other occasions, the reset password link may fail to launch a new page altogether. This mostly happens when security plug-ins block access to the page. To fix this, update your security protocols in the browser settings to grant you access.
  • Troubleshoot Problems – Sometimes, troubleshooting why your password link doesn’t work may require an expert’s opinion. We recommend you contact BetWinner’s support desk for specialised assistance. The support desk on Bet Winner is available 24/7.

Does a New Betwinner Password Mean a New Account?

When you change your password on BetWinner, you’ll regain access to your existing account. Changing your password on BetWinner doesn’t affect your username or other account preferences and settings.

Your deposits will remain intact, and if you had winnings waiting in your account, you can still withdraw them. In addition, changing your password doesn’t affect any open bets. You’ll find your active bet slips still valid.

How Often Can I Update My BetWinner Password?

There’s no restriction to the number of times you can update your password on Betwinner. Updating old passwords can help protect your account better. Nevertheless, it’s advisable not to change your password too often. Once you register to betwinner you can update your password as much as you want.

A regular schedule for updating passwords works best. Cyber security experts advise that changing your password every three months is ideal.


Betwinner users often ask the following questions on how to change their passwords.

Can I change my password for Betwinner on the mobile app?

Yes. The Betwinner app for Android and iOS devices works like the desktop site. You can efficiently complete the password change process here.

Does changing my password affect my deposits?

No. Changing your password on BETWINNER only restores access to your existing account. Your deposits and balance remain as they were during your last session.

How long does the password change process on Betwinner last?

It takes less than three minutes to change your password on Betwinner in 3 easy steps.

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