Bovada Login: Access Your Account from Anywhere in 2024

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bovada login page
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To sign in from the U.S.A. or another location, you will need to fill in the email and password you created upon registration. The process takes less than 1 minute.

Log In Bovada

This article will show you everything you need to know regarding the log in process. We will even include some of the common issues people come across, which means you’ll know exactly what to do if Bovada login is not available.

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Picture of Davey Hanson
The sign in process at Bovada is easy, and I never had problems with it as per my first-hand experience. However, I’ve been in the shoes of new clients with no experience, so I will show you everything you must know about the procedure.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can access Bovada US in all states except a few (Nevada, Delaware, New York, New Jersey).
  • The login process requires an email and password to access your Bovada account.
  • The site has a procedure you can go through if you can’t remember your password.
  • You can login on mobile devices to use Bovada’s services.

1-Click Login from the USA

Before you check the Bovada login page, it’s worth knowing that this site focuses on the American market. However, since it hasn’t obtained a full license in the USA, it is not available in the following states (yet):

  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland

Considering that 99% of Bovada’s traffic is from the USA according to data from SimilarWeb, the site is very popular in many states. (Source) Here is where you can find it: login by state
Login LinkStatus
🔗 Bovada Alabama LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Alaska LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Arizona LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Aarkansas LoginActive
🔗 Bovada California LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Colorado LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Connecticut LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Florida LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Georgia LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Hawaii LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Idaho LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Illinois LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Indiana LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Iowa LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Kansas LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Kentucky LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Louisiana LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Maine LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Massachusetts LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Michigan LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Minnesota LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Mississippi LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Missouri LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Montana LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Nebraska LoginActive
🔗 Bovada New Hampshire LoginActive
🔗 Bovada New Mexico LoginActive
🔗 Bovada North Carolina LoginActive
🔗 Bovada North Dakota LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Ohio LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Oklahoma LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Oregon LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Pennsylvania LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Rhode Island LoginActive
🔗 Bovada South Carolina LoginActive
🔗 Bovada South Dakota LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Tennessee LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Texas LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Utah LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Vermont LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Virginia LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Washington LoginActive
🔗 Bovada West Virginia LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Wisconsin LoginActive
🔗 Bovada Wyoming LoginActive

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How to Log In Your Bovada Account?

how to log in bovada us

To login your Bovada Account, follow our steps below:

  1. Begin the process by going to Bovada’s page and clicking “Login”.
  2. Enter an e-mail and password.
  3. Press the big red “LOGIN” button after inputting the data.
  4. Also, you can tick the “Remember Me” box if you do not want to do this every time.

Overall, there are no specifics regarding the Bovada login process. However, we’ve noticed that users who have not validated their phone numbers via the SMS verification process may have difficulties logging in.

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Picture of Davey Hanson
I was able to access my account in less than 10 seconds. Just make sure you enter the correct login details.

Can I Access Bovada Mobile Login on My Phone?

bovada mobile login

Yes, you can access Bovada mobile login on your phone, no matter what device you are using. Considering the Bovada casino app is accessible via web application, you can access it ot Android and iOS. Whatever you go for, follow the same login steps mentioned earlier.

Unlike other sites we’ve used, where there are mobile restrictions, this online gambling operator has the same services to mobile and desktop users. Speaking of the services, here are a few things to consider.

Casino Login

If Bovada’s casino is not blocked where you reside, you will find several quality games. To access them, use your Bovada casino login details (email + password). You can do that on your phone, tablet, Smart TV, or any other device you are using to access Bovada.

Poker Login

The Bovada poker login process is the same across all devices that can be used to play on. Simply input the login credentials by using the secure steps, and you are good to go.

No Account Yet? Register First!

Bovada registration form

Learning how to register at Bovada is one of the first steps everyone must complete. We know the process can be daunting, especially if you are not experienced, so here is what you need to do:

  1. Choose the “Join” option located next to “Login”.
  2. After you see the pop-up, add your First and Last name, date of birth, and mobile number.
  3. You also have to provide an email and password (you will need them for the Bovada login process), and a ZIP code.
  4. All new users of Bovada must certify they have the minimum gambling age, and they must read and agree with the Terms of Service.
Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Picture of Davey Hanson
Although the signup process may feel a bit longer compared to other top-tier betting sites in the USA, such as Stake, it does not take more than a minute.

Bovada Login Issues? Solve Them!

bovada login issues

Although most gamblers rarely have Bovada login issues, there are exceptions. We’ve researched a lot of forums and complaints, so here are the most common problems and the solutions for them.

Accessing Bovada from a Forbidden Location

As we said earlier, Bovada may be blocked in a given region, meaning you won’t be able to register for the site. Luckily, those who are existing members can use their Bovada login details to access the site. In other words, you must have an existing account beforehand.

Using VPN or Proxy to Change IP

Gambling websites almost never allow gamblers to use VPNs or a Proxy to change their IP because this violates the rules. Bovada has the same restrictions, so we suggest not violating them. There is a chance you may get in trouble.

Incorrect Login Credentials

If you’ve added incorrect details, you won’t be able to complete the Bovada login process. Make sure you are not using the verification data or something else, and add your email and password.

Forgotten Password

bovada forgot password login

We are human, so there’s always a possibility of forgetting our password. If that happens, we can rely on the “Forgot Password?” option offered by Bovada. To use it, we need to input our email and date of birth, and the operator will send an email with further instructions.

Studies show that some businesses are getting 160,000 password requests PER DAY, so this issue is a lot more common than we think. (Source)

Blocked or Suspended Account

Breaking the rules while using Bovada could result in a blocked or suspended account. There is not much to do here besides using the customer support department. Sometimes, your account may have been restricted by mistake.

Self-Exclusion Not Over

Bovada offers a series of responsible gambling tools, including self-exclusion. Once set up, you will need to wait for it to be over before you can use the site again. In other words, you won’t be able to login during that time.

Contact Support for Login Help

If you can’t resolve your Bovada login issue or have a question about something, you can use the site’s customer support team. Keep in mind that Bovada also has a detailed FAQ section where you can find the answers you need. If that does not help, use the following contact options:

The Bottom Line: Silentbet’s Take

Through our tests and trials, we have discovered that the Bovada login process in 2024 is not complicated. Sure, there are some potential difficulties you may face, but overall, the entire procedure rarely takes more than a minute.

Bovada is at the forefront of providing users with a secure experience, which explains why there are a lot of security measures in place. You need to remember your login details, and you must be in a location where the site is accessible to use it.

We’ve compared Bovada’s login process to the one found elsewhere, and we think it is on par with the best. The only downside if the operator is that it’s not available in some states yet, so not everyone can access it.

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Picture of Davey Hanson
My personal opinion is that the Bovada process is quite straightforward. I found it easy to complete, and I hope my guide will help you login in seconds.


Should I open a second Bovada account if I can’t login?

No, you shouldn’t open a second Bovada account if you can’t login. Having more than one account is against the Terms of Service.

What if I forgot both my username and password?

You can still restore your password because you will need to use your email and date of birth.

My account got suspended for using VPN for login. What do I do now?

You must contact the customer support department at Bovada and try to explain the situation.

Why is Bovada com login not working?

The login process is not working because you are most likely in a location where the site is not available.

Can I recover lost Bovada lv login?

Yes, you can recover your lost Bovada lv login by using the “Forgot Password?” option.

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