How to Cash Out on LeoVegas – Steps & Tips

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LeoVegas cash out
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To Cash Out on LeoVegas, you must follow the steps we are about to reveal in this article. In case you were not aware, the LeoVegas cash out option is available to registered punters. When used, it allows you to settle your bet earlier than usual, which minimizes the risk of losing. That said, we are about to learn the ins and outs of this feature.

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How to Use LeoVegas Cash Out?

To use LeoVegas Cash Out, you have to:

leovegas cash out betslip
  1. Login into your account.
  2. Check for “Betting History”.
  3. Select “Open” to check the open bets.
  4. Tap “Cash Out” to use the feature.

Aside from the steps above, you can also check whether Cash Out is active by going to Your betslip. That said, some people may have difficulties with the first option, so let’s go through each step individually.


Step 1: Login into your account

Like most other operators, LeoVegas will require you to have an account to use most of its features. To do that, they have to enter their email and password and select “Log In”.


Step 2: Check for “Betting History”

After logging in, you should place a bet or have done it earlier because you need to have an active bet to use Cash Out. Assuming you’ve completed this process, it is time to find the “Betting History” option.


Step 3: Select “Open” to check the open bets

Once you find the option mentioned above, you need to press “Open”. The latter will reveal all of the bets you’ve placed so far, as well as those that are not closed yet. This is where you can use “Cash Out”.


Step 4: Tap “Cash Out” to use the feature

Now that you’ve found your active bets, it is time to select the one you want to settle and use Cash Out. The amount of money that you will get depends on several factors, such as whether it is likely to predict your bet.

What is Cash Out LeoVegas?

Cash Out LeoVegas is a feature that allows bettors to redeem a bet that hasn’t been settled yet. This betting option is available on other iGaming websites, but some offer a few alternatives. Auto Cash Out and Partial Cash Out are the most popular ones, but the bad news is that one of them is not available yet.

Sports bettors interested in using this top-tier online bookmaker can only try the classic Cash Out alternative and a Partial Cash Out. However, the latter is not always available, so you have to check your betslip/open bet. As for the Auto Cash Out, this option is not available yet.


Partial Cash Out

As its name implies, this is a feature available at Leo Vegas that lets punters settle their bets partially. The idea is to get a portion of what you’ve wagered or potential winnings and keep your bet active. Doing this means keeping your potential chances of predicting the bet while reducing the overall risk.

Real Example of Cashed Out Bets

LeoVegas cash out on mobile

We had the chance to use it on several occasions, and each one allowed us to save a portion of our bets. The first time we decided to try Cash Out was when we wagered on a football match between Leverkusen and Club Brugge from the UCL.

We’ve chosen to wager $10 on “1” (which had odds of 1.8), meaning that Leverkusen had to win to predict our bets. However, after seeing that the game would end without either team scoring, we used Cash Out.

Following the steps mentioned earlier, we managed to Cash Out our bet. This allowed us to save some of the money we’ve used. Instead of losing $10, we got back around $4, which is not that bad because the chances of losing the bet were quite high.

Leo Vegas Cash Out Terms

While it is true that using Cash Out LeoVegas is not complicated, there are several rules you must know, such as:

  • The bookie will allow you to use the feature on selected events in pre-match and live betting.
  • You can use the feature on Single and Multiple bets.
  • Cash Out can’t be used on free bets.
  • There might be some delays when requesting a Cash Out, which means the system may not accept your request. You will be informed via an on-screen message.

Can I Combine Bonuses with Cash-Out?

No, you can’t combine bonuses with Cash Out on LeoVegas. If you check the T&C, you can see that the bookie does not let users combine Leovegas Cash Out with things like free bets. However, some promotions might have different rules, so read them before using the option.

Why is LeoVegas Cash Out Not Available?

LeoVegas Cash Out is unavailable because of some of the reasons mentioned below:

  • The feature may not work for the given market – as mentioned, this feature is only available for some markets, so the one you’ve chosen may not support it.
  • Technical issues (delayed Cash Out request) – despite being one of the leading bookies, LeoVegas could experience different technical issues. If that happens, Cash Out might not be available.
  • You’ve used a free bet – we’ve already pointed out that placing a free bets does not allow you to make use of Cash Out

Pros & Cons

The cash out Leo Vegas option is worth it, but it also has some disadvantages, so let’s check them.

  • Hits
  • Allows you to save a portion of your bet
  • You can use the option while placing different kinds of bet
  • There is no extra cost to use the feature
  • Misses
  • You can’t use Cash Out with a free bet

The Bottom Line: Our Verdict

Leovegas cash out is a handy sports betting feature that people can put to the test while using this brand. Despite having some limitations and the absence of an Auto Cash Out feature, we think the option is worth it. Don’t forget that you may not have the chance to use this feature if you have an active bonus.


Can I use the Cash Out on LeoVegas if I bet on football?

Yes, you should be able to use Cash Out on LeoVegas if you bet on football.

Is Cash Out available on mobile devices?

Yes, Cash Out is available on mobile devices, so you should be able to use it while betting on sports.

Do I need to have a LeoVegas account to use Cash Out?

Yes, you need to have a LeoVegas account to use Cash Out.

Why is my cashed out bet void?

Maybe you used the feature outside the stipulated time frame for the market.

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