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As a betting site, Melbet recognized that the nature of the online sports betting and casino industry requires they rely on multiple avenues to market their services. One of the most effective tools at their disposal is their affiliate marketing program.

The affiliate marketing program is designed to provide a source of revenue to webmasters who agree to market the Melbet brand. In return, affiliates are given access to creative marketing tools, professional marketing advice and paid commissions for their efforts.

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Melbet Affiliate Program – Quick Facts

To become a partner within the Melbet Affiliate Program you must register on their official site Melbet Affiliates. Register, introduce new bettors to Melbet and get a commission according to your plan. Here are some basic facts about this program that you need to be aware of.

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What are the commission rates offered to Melbet affiliates?

Melbet offers a variety of commission rates to their affiliates based the number of referrals they produce each month. This ranges from 25% to 40% if opting for a revenue share model, and for CPA deal (Cost per Acquisition), affiliates are paid a fixed rate per acquisition.

Commission Rates
  • 25% to 40%


How often am I paid my earnings as a Melbet affiliate?

Earnings are paid once a month.

How long does it take for affiliate payments to reflect in my account?

Affiliate payments usually take 24 hours once paid before they reflect in your chosen payment method account.

Does Melbet charge a fee for affiliate withdrawal payments?

No, Melbet does not charge affiliates fees when processing their affiliate payments.

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