Mystake Account Verification Process Explained

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Mystake verification account
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Just like every other gaming site, MyStake casino online requires all its members to verify their personal details. This is in line with the terms of the casino’s licensing body. Read on to learn how to verify MyStake account by sending KYC docs as ID and address proof.

Verify account

How To Verify MyStake Account?

You can verify your account by following these steps.

account verification mystake
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click ‘My Account’.
  3. Select ‘Account Verification’ from the menu.
  4. Take a photo of yourself plus your ID and attach it to your account.
  5. Take a photo of a utility bill showing your address. Remember that the bill should not be less than 90 days old.
  6. Submit your documents.

Mail Verification

Mail verification isn’t compulsory at MyStake. However, we advise you to verify your email for smooth communication as soon as you sign up to MyStake. It involves adding a code to your account. Keep in mind that you must enter your email address correctly.


Proof of Identity

MyStake KYC docs

You must verify your identity to use this site. You can use different docs for this process. All of them must be issued by the government. These include your ID card and passport. You also have to send a selfie. Good lighting is key in this process. It is better to use a phone for the photo. Also, ensure that you are the only person in the photo. Verifying your identity is required regardless of your country. It also doesn’t matter which payment method you use.

  • ID document
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Proof of Address

MyStake casino also has to verify the addresses of its users. This process is only necessary for bettors who use bank transfer. It involves sending copies of your bank statements. You can also use utility bills as part of MyStake KYC. These docs must have been issued in the last 90 days. Make sure your name and address are visible. Your documents will be verified in a few minutes. Your status will then be changed to ‘Verified’.


Debit or Credit Card Verification

This process is essential for customers who plan to use bank cards. The casino only allows bettors to use cards that contain their names. The name on the bank card must match the name used on your MyStake account. If this rule is broken, any deposits will be refunded. The casino will also hold your winnings.

When withdrawing funds, MyStake will ask you to verify your card. This involves sending photos of both sides of your debit card. Make sure you only reveal the last four digits. You should block the security code. This code is on the back of the card. You may also need to provide a card statement.

Why Should I Verify My Account on MyStake?

MyStake uses the verification processes and KYC (Know your customer) procedure for a few reasons. First, it needs to confirm that players are at least 18 years old. This protects minors. It also helps the casino comply with the law. The process further prevents fraud. This is because the site knows the players. It also confirms that the credit cards are legit. This makes it hard for users to launder money. Without verification no withdrawals at My Stake casino will be possible.

MyStake Account Activation Bonus

mystake casino welcome offer

New members of the site get the welcome offer. The bonus has two parts and is unlocked with MyStake promo code, which you can use exclusively. Sign up and get up to €/$1000. Higher deposits will attract the high roller bonus. The rewards for crypto users are more impressive than that. There are also free spins and more promos after registration.

MyStake Verification Problems

verification problem mystake

Why would MyStake be unable to grand your verification request? There is most probably some kind of issue encountered during the KYC procedure. Some MyStake verification issues are common while other occur only when there is a problem to do with suspicious activity or some kind of terms breach.

  • Unclear copies or pics of your ID documents
  • Too large files to attach for your ID proof
  • Utility bills older than required
  • No selfie sent along your KYC docs
  • Random security check


What documents do I need to use for verification?

You will need to send copies of your ID card. You can use utility bills to verify your address. You may also need copies of your debit card.

How long does the verification process take?

The My Stake verification process takes a few minutes.

Can I still play on Mystake while my account is being verified?

Yes, you can still use the site during account verification.

What happens if my verification is denied?

Your MyStake verification process may fail. This will force the site to cancel your withdrawals. You will have to send the documents again. Failed verifications can also lead to the closure of your account.

Can I expedite the verification process?

MyStake verification usually takes a few minutes. You can contact the support team if the process takes longer.

Can I complete the verification process from my smartphone?

Yes, you can complete this process on your mobile device.

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  1. Hamza
    i has been told that i have to send bank statements and to skrill verification, btw i send it to my binance account, and they are trying to blck my withdraw, after 10 tires to withdraw, i am not permitted anymore, all the tries had been rejected, tolding me that i have to change the method of payment before tolding me the bank statement and skrill verification
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Hamza,

      If there is a problem with the method you chose for withdrawal, why not try another one?

      I know from experience that using the same method for withdrawal as you did when depositing works best.

      Try that and let me know how it goes or if you need further help.

      Kate, SB team
      1. Moutaouakkil Hamza
        Hello Katerina,i cannot withdraw anymore now, they want me to send them the proof of deposit, bank statements. I'm waiting for the end of the month to send them the tree last month. and hope after this, the problem will be resolved.All my freinds, take their money out with tether at the same moment as me, it worked for them, not for me.
        1. Katerina Gadzheva
          Staff Member
          Hi Moutaouakkil Hamza,

          Really sorry to hear you have to deal with these proof of deposit issues.

          Hopefully, the statement you send will verify the payment for you and you will be able to withdraw.

          If not, reach out to us again next month so we can contact MyStake casino on your behalf and assist you further.

          Kate, SB team
  2. Karen Harris
    Allowed a vast amount of deposits one after the other over £600 within a couple of hours on an unverified account without any intervention. This account was being used on my phone by someone else. I have sent crime references off of this event. I have had zero support from mystake or any response to why so much was allowed to be deposited on an unverified account one deposit after the other without any checks or intervention. Please refund these deposits
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Karen,

      Did you contact MyStake at or via live chat? Did you get any replies?

      Deposits are allowed on accounts without verification but withdrawals will be blocked without KYC.

      Let us know more detail.

      Kate SB
      1. Jose Lujan
        Hello Katerina, I would like to know if I can edit my email that I put in mystake because I put it wrong, I'm missing a point (*translated from Spanish)
        1. Katerina Gadzheva
          Staff Member
          Hi Jose Lujan,

          You can change your email after login only. A new email confirmation will be required later. Either way, contact support for official help.

          Kate, SB team
          1. Harry
            Basically my verification has failed because I’ve put in my documents from another account that I had I’ve emailed kyc waiting on a response now, do you think I’ll still be able to get the account verified I’ve got 1k winnings in there that I need to withdraw
          2. Katerina Gadzheva
            Staff Member
            Hi Harry,

            I am afraid that they will find it suspicious if you used two accounts if you are allowed only one. Let's wait for their response. Get in touch with us if the verification fails a second time to contact Mystake on your behalf.

            Kate SB Team
          3. Harry
            They’ve closed down my account lost all the money I had in there and I had 2k absolutely scammers they are
          4. Katerina Gadzheva
            Staff Member
            Hi Harry,

            Can you file an official complaint here -> File Complaint and we will get in touch with a representative of MyStake and see what can be done.

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