Icefield MyStake Mini Game – Rules & Tips

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mystake icefield game
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❄ Icefield gameUpgaming title
🎯 RTP~99%
💎 Min bet€0.2
👉 MyStake IcefieldPlay here

Icefield Yeti is a new addition by Upgaming. The game is found in MyStake casino under the mini games section. Play the game when you want a minigame to take a break from other casino games. Help the Yeti walk across the ice field by stepping on the right ice tiles; if the ice breaks, you lose. We comprehensively review the game and how to play it Icefield MyStake.

Play Icefield

How to Play Icefield at MyStake?

To play the icefield minigame at MyStake casino, register an account or log in to an existing one. If you are a new player, you can go for the Mystake minigames bonus. The bonus will reward you with as much as €500.

how to play icefield mystake
  1. Log in to your account as there is NO demo mode
  2. Select the mini-games menu on the account’s homepage
  3. Choose Icefield as the preferred minigame
  4. Click to play the game
  5. Make a bet and start playing

What are the Icefield Game Rules?

Icefield is simple and straightforward to the players. The main goal for the game is not to fall into the ice. Each step taken will help increase the winnings. Each row has one loss-making tile.

When playing the game, there are a few rules that you need to be aware of. These rules will help you get the best from the game and have fun.

With Icefield, it is possible to choose the size of the field. This can be 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12 and 6×15.

  • Choose the amount you wish to bet and place the bet.
  • Walk the Yeti on the Icefield by choosing the tray to land on in the highlighted row.
  • Choosing the right spot wins the round
  • Making the wrong choice will get you into a loss and winnings for the round
  • There is a cashout button that is used to request an early payout
  • Continue to play as much as you wish for more excitement and a chance to win more

What is IceField RTP?

Icefields has a return-to-player rate of ~99%. This aspect makes Icefield a great minigame. It boasts great payouts and rewards for its players. What is more, this mini game by Upgaming is subject to regular audits making the title provably fair.

Icefield Features

icefield mystake game

In most online gambling games, features are incorporated to make them interesting and more rewarding. These bonus features will give you value for money and more playtime. Icefield has cashout, random, and grid features that help customize the game.



Remember when I said you choose where the yeti goes on the ice field? With the random feature, you do not need to do this. Click on the random button to activate the feature where Yeti moves randomly on the icefield.


Mid-Round Cash Out

Do you think you played well and want a payout on your winnings? The mid-round cashout can be activated when the game is in play. This helps you make a cashout on your winnings even when you want to end your gaming on the mini-game.



As we mentioned earlier, Icefield allows you to choose the grid format. There are multiple grid formats in the game. The grid formats start from 2×3 to 6×15. The grid shows the ice tiles active during the gameplay.



The history feature helps you look back at the bet you made and the winnings earned. Make the best of this feature when looking at previous performances and bets made on the game.

Strategy for Icefield Yeti Mini Game on

Playing the Icefield minigame does not require you to employ unique strategies or learn one. This is a game based on random results. This means that you need a little bit of luck to get returns, the size of the grid determines the multiplier you get, which means the bigger it is, the better the chances of winning. We have a few tips you can employ to play the game for better results.

  • Make bets you can afford to lose.
  • Try our different grid setups to determine which one works for you.
  • Make use of bonuses offered on the minigames but read the bonus terms.
  • Different grids have different multipliers, which help gain more from the rounds but remember that the bigger the grid, the harder it is to cross the ice field.

Is it Possible to Play the Game for Free?

Icefield is currently available at MyStake casino and is not free. There is no demo mode for visitor of casino MyStake before login. The game is new, and we did not come across a free-to-play version of the game. The minimum bet on the game is €0.2, making it a budget-friendly game to explore. Don’t break the bank to have fun on this minigame.

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Is Icefield available on MyStake Casino?

Yes, Icefield is available on MyStake under the minigames category.

Are there other mini games similar to Icefield?

Yes, Mystake has a fun collection of minigames including Dino, Chicken and more.

Will I get a bonus to use on Icefield?

Yes, MyStake casino has a €500 welcome bonus to minigames.

Is Icefield available to high-roller punters?

Yes, it is possible to make a maximum bet of €1,000 on a single round.

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