Dino Game by MyStake – Rules & Strategies

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my stake dino mini game
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Although it is far from your classic online casino game, the Dino mini-game offered by MyStake can be a very fun alternative to the traditional experience.

Fast-paced and with a real emphasis on timing, Dino My Stake has strong similarities with other increasingly popular titles such as Aviator and JetX. Unlike with these flight-based games though, here you have a dinosaur trying to run away from an impending asteroid collision.

Play Dino MyStake

How to Play the My Stake Dino Game?

If you would like to give the My Stake Dino game a try for yourself just follow the steps below:

How to play Dino MyStake
  1. Register an account at MyStake if you do not already have one, then log in.
  2. Click the ‘Mini Games’ menu bar near the top of the page.
  3. Select the ‘Dino’ icon from the available options.
  4. Wait for the game to load. Once this has finished, you will be prompted if you wish to play with or without sound. Audio settings can be changed at any time.

As for actually playing the game itself, you can place a bet for the next round while the current round is underway or the next round is loading, by clicking the green ‘Bet’ button. Ensure you adjust the stake (bet value) appropriately beforehand. During the next round your bet will be live and you can cash out at any time prior to the asteroid striking.

What are the Rules of the Game?

Dino is a wonderfully simple game that takes very little time to get to grips with. Each round there will be a dinosaur on screen, featuring a bet multiplier above its head, that is running away from an asteroid. The longer the dinosaur runs, the higher the bet multiplier gets. Although Dino’s running speed does not change, the cash out multiplier picks up pace throughout, starting off relatively slowly but then racing through the higher numbers.

Players are free to cash out their bet at any moment, and when doing so they lock in the multiplier that was shown on screen at the time. This is how players win money on their bets, as the multiplier starts at 1 and always increases. How players lose their stake and win no money is by not cashing out before the asteroid strikes poor old Dino. The asteroid can sudden fall from the sky and crush the large reptile at absolutely any moment, making timing in this game so important.

As for key rules to be aware of, these are as follows:

  • The maximum multiplier is 10,0000x and the minimum is 1x
  • Players can place one or two bets on the same round
  • Minimum bet amount is €0.20 and maximum is €1,000 (or currency equivalent)
  • Players cannot win more than €10,000 per bet

What is the RTP of Dino?

The RTP for the My Stake Dino game is very respectable, ranging between 95% and 95.9% depending on strategy. This makes it comparable to a typical slot game.

Features of the Dino Game

Dino MyStake mini game

Here are some of the various features offered by the Dino mini game found at MyStake casino.


Game History

Dino is a relatively new creation and one developed by Swiss-based iGaming software company Upgaming. It forms part of 12 mini-games currently offered by MyStake Casino.

Note that when you play the game you can also check how previous rounds have gone. You can study the game history by easily seeing the results of the past 100 spins. Note, however, that in theory (some may disagree) that these past results have no impact on how future games will pan out.



Dino works much like a ‘live’ casino game in that players all join in for the same game and they have no control over the pacing. Once one round finishes, the next will begin automatically just a few seconds later and this continues pretty much 24/7.

Should you wish to consistently take part, you can tick the ‘auto’ bet option by one or two of the bet slips. This will ensure that you end up placing a bet, of your specified stake, automatically for every round.


Cash Out

The aim of the game is to cash out before the asteroid hits Dino. You can either cash out manually, when the feeling is right, or you can set up an auto cash out when the multiplayer reaches a pre-specified limit. Using the arrow keys, the limits move up/down in 0.5 intervals but players can also type in a figure instead just by clicking on the coefficient amount.


Current Bets

The list of current bets shows who is playing (usernames largely anonymised) the current round and how much they have bet, and in what currency. The list will update when players decide to cash out their bet, showing what multiplier they locked in and the amount won. Should the line remain grey when the asteroid strikes, this means they did not cash out in time.


Double Bet

The Dino game allows players to place two bets per round rather than just the standard one. The two bets can be of differing value and they can also be cashed out at different times. This option allows you to blend approaches, playing safe with one stake and going for glory with the other.

Strategy for Dino at Mystake.com

As a luck-based game, there is not really much of a strategy you can employ playing Dino. Players will reach the highest RTP by consistently cashing out very early, with the multiplier no higher than 1.12, but this is far from the most exciting tactic. Additionally, the RTP difference between this and other strategies is quite minimal so there is no need to abandon an approach that focuses more on bigger multipliers.

Here are some more tips:

  • Try to use maths and mathematical betting systems when you bet (Martingale, for instance)
  • Always manage your bankroll – start with the lowest bets possible
  • Use the multiplier with 1.12 or higher for cashouts

Can you Play Dino for Free?

No, players must bet real money in order to play the game Dino at MyStake. Some slots in this online casino have DEMO or Play-for-Fun mode. However, none of the mini games, including Dino My Stake have demo for free play.

Best Mini Games Alternatives

The original games here are 10+. Some of the best titles are only available on this site. Some alternatives to MyStake Dino that we recommend are:


Can I play this game if I have a poor internet connection?

It is possible but we strongly recommend selecting the auto cash out feature. This also applies if you are very old hardware that is preventing the game from running smoothly.

What happens if the game crashes?

Should the system fail or malfunction in any way, meaning the round does not complete, all bets will be refunded.

What do the list of numbers underneath the game mean?

These show the multiplier amounts at the time the asteroid hit from previous rounds. The most recent round will appear on the left. To view the data from the last 100 rounds, just click the up arrow.

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