Roobet Account Locked – Recovery and Tips

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roobet account locked - recover
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A licensed and well-regulated casino, Roobet occasionally needs to block user accounts to comply with its rules. If your account is blocked, there are some steps you can take to recover it. This guide will look at some possible reasons for the closure of your account. We’ll also delve into some ways of recovering lost Roobet accounts.

Unlock Roobet Account

How to Get Roobet Account Unlocked

Trying to get your Roobet account unlocked? Then follow these steps:

locked account roobet
  1. Send an email to the casino using the email you used to sign up. For example, if you registered with the email ‘’, you should use it to send your message.
  2. Add a relevant subject. For example, you can type ‘Request to Have My Account Restored’.
  3. Add this recipient email: ‘’.
  4. Type your message and ask the team to review your issue in the shortest time possible.

Tips for Faster Account Recovery on Roobet

Sometimes, the Roobet team can be a little slow in restoring locked accounts. If you’re getting impatient, you can try the following quick fixes:

  • Submit verification documents– In many cases, your account may be blocked temporarily since you haven’t submitted your verification documents. You can send a copy of your national ID card or driver’s license for the team to confirm that you are the actual owner of the betting account.
  • Use third parties– You can also send a message to third parties that will follow the issue on your behalf. Since the communication will be posted on a public forum, the casino will be under more pressure to resolve the issue.

Email Draft for Roobet Account Recovery

Here is a sample email you can use to recover your Roobet account:

Topic: Unblock my Roobet account (Unlock Profile)

Dear Roobet,

I noticed that my account was locked recently. I’ve tried logging in multiple times but have always received an error.

Can you let me know why the account was closed and what I should do to restore it? I also had $X in BTC and would like to withdraw it.

Attached you may find documents proving that I have taken the necessary measure to have my Roobet account reactivated.


(Username and email used when registering at Roobet)

Common Reasons for Roobet Account Lock

If you’re like most people, you probably signed up at Roobet without reading the terms of the casino. This isn’t recommended since casinos have different rules. Breaking any of them can result in the closure of your account. Read on to see why other people have lost their Roobet accounts.

Signing up from a restricted country

roobet restricted country

It won’t come as a surprise that Roobet has blocked a few countries from accessing its service. You may be able to bypass this restriction when you sign up, particularly if you have a reliable VPN. However, the problem arises when you need to make a withdrawal. At this point, you’ll have to submit verification documents to show your place of residence. If the casino discovers that you’re in a restricted country, you’ll end up losing your account.

Exploiting loopholes in casino bonuses or games

If the reason for the closure of your account isn’t obvious, you probably exploited the casino’s bonuses and games. The casino doesn’t allow players to use tactics that secure a guaranteed profit in the long run.

Using spamming tactics to advertise the casino for referral bonuses

Referral bonuses can be great, but you shouldn’t over-advertise the casino for these offers. Spamming other sites and player emails hurts the image of the casino and isn’t allowed.

Failing to submit verification documents

Like other legitimate casinos, Roobet requires players to complete KYC. If any of your documents is fake, you’ll quickly get locked out of your account. Note that the casino usually blocks access to accounts until your documents are checked.

Using multiple accounts

You should only register one account at Roobet. If they discover that you own multiple accounts, all of them will be disabled.

Understanding Account Lock Policies on Roobet

As you sign up at Roobet, you should understand a few account lock policies of the casino. First, the site won’t let you open a new account if your old one is blocked. You have to resolve the issue and restore your account.

The second thing to remember is that the site doesn’t always pay out the remaining winnings. This will depend on the reason for your account closure. For example, if the site determines that your winnings were obtained through unfair means, it will only send the remaining deposits and retain any winnings you had. The same thing happens to customers who have been playing from a restricted country.

Preventing Account Lock in the Future

To avoid getting your account locked in the future, you should avoid using VPNs. While these can be good for securing your device, they’ll get you flagged for fraud. When travelling to other countries, you can choose to gamble on other sites until you get back home.

It is also a good idea to go through the terms of the casino. Many people break these rules without even knowing it, and that results in account closure. You can find these rules by clicking the ‘Terms of service’ link at the bottom of the website.


Why was my Roobet account locked?

There are many reasons why Roobet may close your account. Maybe you signed up from a restricted country. Or you used profit-guaranteeing methods when playing games. Send them an email at to find out why the casino closed your account.

What can I do to recover my Roobet account?

The first step is to send an email to the casino requesting them to reactivate your account. They may ask you to send verification documents before this can be done. Note that some accounts can never be reactivated because the users broke more serious rules of the casino.

Will I be able to withdraw my winnings after losing my Roobet account?

Again, this depends on the reason for the account closure. Most people will only be allowed to withdraw their unwagered funds. The winnings may be held by the casino.

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