Roobet Login ▷ How to Access My Account (Working Link 2024)

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roobet login link
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👨‍💻 Roobet loginvia mobile and desktop
📧 Needed credentialsusername or email and password
🚨 VPN or proxy log inallowed for visitors only
👉 Roobet linkLogin here

Learn how to log in and reset lost passwords if you have login issues with Roobet casino. Silentbet team tested the Roobet login link and process for you. Here, we will discuss common Roobet login problems you may encounter and how to solve them. We also provide altenative and mirror login links for accessing your Roo account from different countries around the world.

Log Into Roobet

How to Login in Roobet Account

You can easily log into your Roobet casino account if you are an existing player. However, you must have your account username and password at your fingertips. Besides, you must be accessing Roobet from a country where it is legal.

Proceed as follows to log in:

roobet login steps
  1. Load the official Roobet casino website.
  2. On the top right corner, click the yellow ‘login‘ button.
  3. Next, a login section will pop up, and you must enter your email address or username.
  4. Provide your account password.
  5. Finally, click on the ‘Play Now‘ button to access your account and start enjoying the Roobet gaming experience.

Access Roobet from Your Region Around the World

Check to see whether Roobet login is available in your region. Silentbet also offers alternative Roobet log in links, mirror links and VPN friendly proxy alternative links.

Roobet login link by country
us flag

Access Roobet US

ca flag

Access Roobet CA

gb flag
the UK

Access Roobet UK

mx flag

Access Roobet MX

de flag

Access Roobet DE

Roobet Mobile Login

roobet mobile login

Although many casinos offer their players a standalone mobile app, Roobet has no app. But you will still play Roobet mobile casino games via your mobile browser, as you can use the mobile web app.

Interestingly, the desktop version of Roobet Casino is like the mobile website in many ways. The position of the Roobet login button, the theme colours and the easy navigation remain similar on both.

Follow the below steps to log into your Roobet account via mobile:

  1. On your phone browser, search for Roobet’s official website and click on it.
  2. Secondly, navigate to the right corner of your phone screen and hit the ‘Login button.’
  3. Key in your Roobet login details, including username and password.
  4. Finally, click the yellow ‘Play Now‘ button.

How to Register at Roobet

Roobet signup form

Before you think about logging in to Roobet, the first thought should be about creating an account since you need it to play here. But, the good thing is that the account-creating process is brief.

Follow the steps below to have your account ready in a minute.

  1. #1 Load the official Roobet casino site.
  2. #2 On the right-side corner of your screen, hit the yellow ‘Register button.’
  3. #3 Create your username on the form that pops up and enter your email address.
  4. #4 Next, create a strong password for your player account.
  5. #5 Tick the box that follows to confirm you are 18 and that you live in a country where Roobet is legal.
  6. #6 Check the second box to accept T&Cs, privacy, responsible gambling, and any other policies at Roobet.
  7. #7 To complete registration, click the ‘Play Now‘ button. Use our promo code
    to claim your welcome bonus.

How to Reset Your Roobet Account’s Password?

roobet casino recover logins

When creating your Roobet account password, you will be tempted to create a strong one to ensure you are secure. Although this is a good idea, sometimes it can take time to remember very long and complex passwords.

If you try logging into your Roo casino account but can’t remember your password, you should not panic. Roobet has a way to reset your password.

Below are the steps to do this:

  1. After loading the official site of Roobet casino, click the Roobet login button.
  2. Just below the ‘Play Now’ button, there is a ‘Forgot Your Password?‘ option. Click on it.
  3. Enter your email address on the form that pops up and hit the ‘Send Recovery Email’ button.
  4. Next, log into your email and enter the recovery code on the blank provided.
  5. Then, create a new password that you can easily remember.
  6. Finally, click the yellow ‘Set New Password‘ button to save your new Roobet login password.

Roobet Login Problems & How to Solve Them

roobet login problems

In addition to forgetting your password, there are other issues that may arise as you play at Roobet. Knowing how to solve each of these issues connected to Roobet log in, it is essential to ensure you enjoy Roobet gaming experience.

Below are some of these issues and their simple solutions.

Forgotten username

If you forget your account username, contact the Roobet customer support team. They will verify your details before assisting you in resetting your account username.

Incorrect Roobet login credentials

You will only access your account using the correct Roobet login credentials. Therefore, repeat the process, but ensure you enter accurate details this time.

Account verification

Roobet has a four-step identification policy. During this process, you must provide personal identification documents like a national identity and proof of address. If you need help with the process, contact customer support for guidance.

Account suspension

If your account goes against the terms of Roobet, you may get banned. However, you can solve this by contacting customer support. Once you do this, file an appeal, and see if they agree to open your account.

Website being inaccessible

If the Roobet website is not accessible, the website could be down. Solving this means trying again until the website resumes. As you do this, ensure you are not connected to a VPN.

Expired login session

If you are playing and stay for long without logging in, your session might expire. The solution to this is logging in afresh.

Connectivity challenges

If you experience connectivity challenges, you should check your internet connection.

Contact Customer Support for Login Help

If you have issues that you cannot solve through any of the above ways, you can consider contacting Roobet customer support. Below are the ways of doing so:


Can I open double accounts at Roobet?

No, you should open a single account at Roobet.

What if I forgot my Roobet login details?

Contact customer support for assistance if you need to remember your account username. If you forget your account password, you should use the ‘Forgot Your Password’ button to reset it.

My account was suspended for using a VPN. What should I do?

You should contact Roobet customer support and explain the issue to them. They may or may not open your account.

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