Roobet Streamers – Most Watched for Mar 2024

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Streaming has fast become one of the most popular ways to transmit video live over the internet to desktop and mobile smart devices. With an explosion of interest in online gambling streams, online casinos such as Roobet have embraced this form of viewership through their partnership with popular streamers via Twitch and YouTube. Keep reading below to find out more about Roobet streamers and whether streamers are paid for their services.

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Most Watched Roobet Twitch Streamers

While Twitch announced in 2022 that it would disallow the streaming of online gambling games, it seems that online gambling streaming via the Twitch streaming platform is alive and well. Below is a brief bio for the three most watched Roobet Twitch streamers:


casinodaddy logoOne of the most watched streamers on Twitch, CasinoDaddy amassed over 160,000 followers on the streaming platform. They regularly stream high limit slot play, but like other streamers, they are not exclusive to Roobet and often stream other games like Roulette, Blackjack and live casino games like Dream Catcher.


xposed logoAnother of the most watched Roobet streamers on Twitch, Xposed has been streaming online for seven years and has amassed over 535.000 followers. He mostly streams slots at casinos like Roobet, and on occasion, will stream games like Roulette and Baccarat.


classybeef logo Streaming live on Twitch for over three years, Classybeef is a team of nine streamers who have over 18.5 million followers. While they do not stream exclusively at Roobet, they typically play high variance slots, although of late, they mostly live stream via the Kick streaming platform.

Most Watched Roobet YouTube Streamers

While there are literally thousands who upload online gambling videos to Youtube, only a handful qualify as the most watched Roobet streamers on YouTube. However, while the streamers we have listed below are known for streaming at Roobet, they also stream elsewhere. Although, when it comes to YouTube streamers, these are the most watched:


Like it is on Twitch, Classybeef has a loyal subscriber base of over 46,000 followers. Mostly dedicated to slots, Classybeef’s popularity stems from their streaming activities and their nearly daily uploading of slot videos. The more watches their streams make, the higher the chance of making money as a streamer.


With over 104,000 subscribers, LetsGiveItASpin is another streamer who falls into the most watch Roobet Youtube streamers. While they often stream at other casinos, they average over 15,000 views per video and have had multiple videos viewed well over 500,000 times. This is the streamer who very stricktly watches all community guidelines.


Similar to his popularity at Twitch, Xposed ranks among the most watched streamers on YouTube. With over 364,000 subscribers, his slot, table game and live casino game videos average over 75,000 views last year alone.

Are Roobet Streamers Fake?

While some Roobet streamers may stream via a play for money account, the majority of Roobet streamers are not fake. The reality is, they use their own money, or money garnered through sponsorship agreements with Roobet to place real money wagers during their streaming activities. While some argue that sponsorship agreements are misleading, they are legal, as are the outcomes viewed during streams.

How Much Does Roobet Pay Streamers?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ascertain the exact amount Roobet pays streamers or whether they pay streamers, However, it is quite common for sites like Roobet to pay streamers thousands of dollars to play casino games exclusively via their online casinos.

In addition to the funds paid to streamers by Roobet, most Roobet streamers are members of Roobet’s affiliate program. The Roobet affiliate program allows them to earn affiliate commissions based on referrals they generate through their streaming activities.


Are Roobet streamers legitmate?

Yes, those who stream live via their Roobet accounts are legitimate.

Who is the most popular streamer on Roobet?

By far, the most popular streamer on Roobet with 538,000 followers is Xposed.

Who are the three most popular streamers on YouTube?

The three most popular Roobet streamers on Youtube are Classybeef, LetsGiveItaSpin and Xposed.

Can anyone become a Roobet streamer?

Yes, as long as you are of legal age and have a Roobet account in good standing, you can become a Roobet streamer.

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