Stake Dice Strategy – Tips & Working Examples

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Stake dice originals
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One of the most popular dice games is the ‘Dice’ title from the Originals series. There are many reasons why this game of chance is a hit. It’s easy to pick up, has an RTP of 99% and is provably fair.

If you’re thinking of heading to the casino to play and need some tips, keep reading for a Stake Dice strategy that’ll enhance your experience of the game.

Play Stake Dice

How to Play Stake Dice with Crypto

Although cryptocurrency value can fluctuate, Bitcoin is still a fantastic option for playing the Stake crypto Dice game. Follow these steps to play using BTC:

Stake dice originals game from menu
  1. Find your deposit address from your wallet.
  2. Choose to add Bitcoin (or the cryptocurrency of your choice).
  3. Add the deposit address as the ‘Send To’ location for your crypto exchange or wallet.
  4. Open Stake casino and locate Dice game from the Originals titles.
  5. Start playing!

Rules of the Game Dice by Casino Dice is a simple game, which makes it suitable for all types of people. There are a few fundamentals to understand to get the best experience from your gameplay.

  • The game rolls a virtual dice with 100 sides.
  • Your job is to pick the roll over or roll under amount. Use the circle arrows in the box in the centre to switch between the two. Roll under means you predict lower than the result, and over is the opposite.
  • Pulling the slider up or down sets your prediction. More green space improves your probability while also decreasing the multiplier for your bet. More red increases the risk.
  • You can see the multiplier and win chance in the boxes next to the roll over/under field.

Best Dice Strategy For Beginners

Dice Stake auto game

The best Stake Dice strategy for people that are new to the game is to keep the game on the manual or auto setting. You can adjust your bet according to the previous result while still getting a feel for the game.


On Manual Setting

Start by playing Stake Dice on the manual setting. It gives you the opportunity to see how moving the slider between 0 and 100 and the size of your bet affect your returns on winning.

Your focus here should be on using your bankroll to your best advantage. That means not spending it all at once. Follow these steps:

  • Place smaller bets
  • Choose medium risk
  • Increase either the wager amount or the risk after a win
  • Decrease either the bet or risk after a loss

On Auto Setting

Once you’ve got to grips with the game, your next dice strategy stake as a relatively new player could include the Dice Auto feature. It’ll help you implement a strategy with several different controls. Here’s how to use it:

  • Choose the number of automatic bets based on your bankroll.
  • You can choose whether to increase your bet amount after a loss or after a win. If you got on well with the manual strategy, it’s best to stick to increasing after a win. You can set the percentage to increase.
  • Finally, make use of the stop on profit and stop on loss instructions. They’re handy ways to set your limits and control your bankroll.

Dice Stake Originals Strategy for Experts

Experts can use advanced tools for their Stake Dice strategy. Next to the manual and auto buttons, there are some arrows which open up the advanced strategies panel.

  • If it’s your first time using these advanced tools, choosing one of the existing strategies is your best option.
  • Enter your wager amount and number of bets.
  • Choose from Martingale, Delayed Martingale, Paroli or D’Alembert.

Use Martingale for Dice

The Martingale system aims to help you recover your losses and is ideal for games where the probability is close to 50%. You increase your bet after every loss. Only use it if you have a large bankroll, make small bets and can accept a significant loss.


Use Delayed Martingale for Dice Stake

Similar to the Martingale, the delayed version sets your bet to double after a streak of three losses. You’ll need enough in your bankroll for the increases, and smaller starting bets are preferable.


Use Paroli For Stake Originals Dice

Unlike the Martingale, a Paroli strategy uses positive progression. Your bet doubles after a win at Dice. However, after a loss, it reverts back to the starting amount. The system should be applied to a series of three bets.


Use D’Alembert for Dice by Stake

Another even-money system, the D’Alembert involves a slower progression than the Martingale strategy. You’ll increase your bet by one unit after a loss. Following a win, you’ll decrease your bet by one unit.

Once you’ve seen how the Stake advanced dice strategy is applied, it’s time to take matters into your own hands:

  • Choose the create strategy option.
  • Using the pop-up screen, create bet and profit conditions for your wager.
  • One particularly beneficial condition to look out for is setting the bet amount to reset after every streak of x number of losses.
  • Set your wager and number of bets.
  • Edit your strategy based on your results.

More Working Tips to Play Dice Originals by Stake Casino

When you’re playing Stake Dice, there are several features that can improve your play. Here are a few top tips for beginners and experts to reach their full potential:

  1. Use the Live Stats panel to check your past performance.
  2. Get in the spirit of competition and try out the Races that the casino runs
  3. Try out Theatre Mode to decrease distractions
  4. Hit the fairness button to edit the client seed and check the results aren’t manipulated

Is Stake Dice Rigged?

Stake dice fairness and seeds

No, one of the strongest advantages of Stake Dice is that it’s a provably fair game. You can view, change and verify the server seeds that are part of the algorithm for the game. These prove that the results haven’t been manipulated.


What is the RTP of Stake Dice?

The RTP of the Stake crypto dice game is 99%.

How should I choose Stake best dice strategy?

Beginners can choose the manual or auto strategies above. If you’ve had more experience with the game, you could try some preselected strategies from the expert section, or use the tips to create your own.

Can I improve my chances of winning Dice Stake?

Stake Dice is a game of chance, so you can’t control the outcome, just your risk and bet amount.

Does playing Stake casino DICE originals contribute to my VIP level?

Yes, playing Dice by Stake will have an effect on your VIP progress.

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