Stake Dragon Tower Slot – Steps How To Play, RTP & Tips

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Key Takeaways:

  • Dragon Tower is a Stake Original game.
  • You can start playing right away.
  • The game has 5 difficulties.
  • The Dragon Tower RTP is 98%.
  • You should set a budget when playing.

If you’re bored of using the same slots on every online casino, the Stake Dragon Tower game is something you will be interested in. This is one of the several original titles created by casino and their world-class developers.

Dragon tower Stake is among the games that attract players worldwide. It is easy to play and offers cool animations, so let’s learn more about it.

Play Dragon Tower

Katerina Gadzheva, Betting Expert & Writer for SilentBet
Katerina Gadzheva
I am an expert when it comes to Stake Originals, including this game – Dragon Tower. As part of the Stake forum (check my profile here -> CatRinna), I often answer questions to do with the game. This guide article is based on my first-hand experience playing it.

How to Play Dragon Tower in Stake Casino

To play Dragon Tower in Stake Casino, you have to:

How to play Stake dragon tower slot
  1. Open’s website.
  2. Go to the casino category and select “Stake Originals”. Alternatively, use the Search menu.
  3. Choose “Dragon Tower”, and once the game opens, enter the amount you want to bet and choose your difficulty.
  4. Finally, press “Bet” and start playing.

The Stake Dragon slot is just one of the available original titles. This fun game will entertain you for hours because you have to work your way up a tower and reveal all of the dragon eggs. You will win more money by revealing more dragon eggs.

To check whether there is an egg, simply select one of the tiles. There is even an Auto pick function for those who do not want to do it manually.

Katerina Gadzheva, Betting Expert & Writer for SilentBet
Katerina Gadzheva
I love the simplicity of the game. Playing it is fun and there are no complicated rules to follow.

Dragon Tower Slot Rules

Stake dragon tower game

The Stake Dragon Tower is a unique title that allows you to multiply your winnings. However, this is only possible if you reveal the hidden eggs.

Speaking of revealing and winning, Dragon Tower from Stake actually has five difficulties:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Expert
  • Master

If you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks, you can cashout as soon as you select one egg. Of course, this will limit your possible winnings because you won’t have any chances to reveal any more eggs.

While we are on the topic of eggs, the game will end as soon as you miss one, so you have to be really careful. If you want to complete the game, you have to go through nine rounds.

Katerina Gadzheva, Betting Expert & Writer for SilentBet
Katerina Gadzheva
I used to choose the Easy difficulty, but now, I am on Expert.

What is the Dragon Tower RTP?

Stake dragon tower fairness

The Dragon Tower RTP rating is around 98%, according to the information found on Stake’s forum. One of the reasons for this is the game’s high house edge. Even though most games from Stake usually have a 1% edge, this Dragon Tower guide reveals that the title has double that amount.

Keep in mind that RTP stands for “Return to Player”, so the higher it is, the better.

Katerina Gadzheva, Betting Expert & Writer for SilentBet
Katerina Gadzheva
As per my observations, a 98% RTP rate is impressive, even for It is one of the highest RTP ratings I’ve seen so far.

Strategy for Dragon Tower in

Although many people think they do not need to follow a specific tactic when playing casino games, this is not the case. The Dragon Tower Stake does not offer that many options, but you can usually implement some of the standard online casino tactics. For example, some people bet with fixed amounts of money, whereas others go all in.

Since the Stake Dragon slot is risky, it is advisable to set a specific budget for gambling before you start playing. That said, some people decide to take advantage of the Martingale Strategy, so they double their wager after losing and reduce the amount they use by half if they win.

Regardless of what you choose, Dragon Tower will provide you with specific hotkey commands that you can use. They will allow you to cash out or make a bet with just a press of a button.

Katerina Gadzheva, Betting Expert & Writer for SilentBet
Katerina Gadzheva
Setting a budget is a very important thing that a lot of people overlook. Thankfully, I always pay attention to how much I spend.

Where to Play Dragon Tower – Find More Places Online

As mentioned, Dragon Tower is one of Stake’s original titles, which means this is the place where you can put it to the test. Even though you may find it a similar game while using other operators, this one is just better.

People who play responsibly will have access to a high RTP rate and have fun no matter the device they are using. Speaking of RTP, eCOGRA, one of the leading third-party iGaming regulators, said that RTP is one of the crucial factors that have an effect on the experience and satisfaction of players (Source). In other words, it is important and the fact that the rate is at 98% here is impressive.

Another reason Stake is the best place to play Dragon Tiger is the many different bonuses. Whether you are on a master level or just getting started, Stake will have a promotion for you. Not all of them will be available for the game, but you may find at least a few alternatives.

After experimenting with Dragon Tower on Stake, we can safely say this is the best place to play this game.


Is there a Stake Dragon Tower calculator?

Yes, there is a Stake Dragon Tower calculator that will convert the amount of crypto you want to bet with to USD so you can check exactly how much you wager.

Does Dragon Tower accept crypto bets?

Yes, Dragon Tower accepts crypto bets because Stake is one of the leading cryptocurrency gambling websites.

Are there any similar titles to Dragon Tower at Stake?

No, we did not come across any similar titles during our Tower Guide, but they might become available in the future.

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