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Plinko is a unique casino arcade game that is based on the popular game that is featured on “The Price is Right“. The premise of the game is to drop a ball through the Plinko Pyramid maze of pins until it lands and reveals your prize. While this game is based on a simple concept.

Our detailed Stake originals guide will explain the rules of Stake Plinko and how Plinko works. Moreover, our guide will explain the game’s different features, offer up some Plinko strategies, and even include some other popular Plinko variants you can play.

How to Play Stake Plinko – STEPS

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  1. Open the casino site on your browser.
  2. Go to the casino section Originals.
  3. Browse the games or look for Plinko from the search bar.
  4. Start the game and log in your account if you want to make a real money bet.
  5. Look at the Fairness of the game tab for further instructions.

How Does the Plinko Crypto Game Work?

As mentioned, Plinko is a unique game with a simple concept, but how does the Plinko crypto game work? First of all, we should explain that playing Stake Plinko is not hard to master, even if this is your first time playing the game.

When you first open Plinko, you will see the Stake Plinko maze in the centre of your screen and the game controls on the left. To start playing, you will need to determine set your bet amount, the level of risk and the number of rows you want in play. Since each setting is unique and relevant to the Plinko betting experience, here is a brief explanation of each setting:

  • Bet amount – This is the setting you use to enter the amount you wish to bet. Remember, the larger your bet amount, the higher the risk.
  • Risk level – There are three levels of risk you can choose when playing Stake Plinko – low, medium and high. The higher the risk, the higher the level of difficulty odds of winning.
  • Number of rows – This setting determines the number of rows and pins that will be displayed on the Plinko maze. You can choose from 8 to 16 rows.
  • RTP – This Original game has an RTP of 99%.

Plinko Rules in Stake Casino Plinko Rules

However, if you read the rules for Plinko on, you will see that they are basic, meaning you haven’t many rules to follow. Essentially, there are only rules to follow, with one of those applying to how the game determines and the other the outcome and use of rotating devices. To summarize those, we have included them below:

  • Modes configured by the game determine the different potential payouts.
  • Rotating devices in hopes of creating a gravity hack is forbidden.

Essentially, what this means is the only rules you need to remember are to enter your bet, determine your risk and how many rows you want to play. Otherwise, playing Stake Plinko is pretty straightforward and easy to play.

Plinko Features

As a simple arcade-themed game, Plinko doesn’t offer many features such as free balls or bonus games you can trigger. Beyond an auto-play function, the main features in Stake Plinko are based on your bets and the way you set up the game. Resultantly, the Plinko game Stake features you will find include the auto-play function and its variable risk management options. Here is a break of those features:

  • Risk Management – This feature lets you determine the level of risk and modify the odds when playing Stake Plinko. For example, if you choose to play twelve rows at a medium risk level, your highest potential win will be 33X your bet. However, choosing four rows at the highest risk level and your payout potential is 1,000x your bet.
  • Auto Play Feature – The auto-play feature is located under the “Auto” tab within the risk management settings. It allows you to set your bet amount, risk level, number of rows and the number of consecutive rounds you would like to play.

Plinko Betting Limits and Max Wins

With being a multi-currency betting site, the betting limits and max wins are resultant on the currency being wagered. Since Stake offers over 10 crypto currencies and several international currencies such as euros and dollars, we have created a Plinko betting limits and max wins table for the most popular of those currencies.

CurrencyMin BetMax BetMax Win
Bitcoin0.00000001 BTC0.01 BTC5 BTC
Litecoin0.00000001 LTC3 LTC300 LTC
Ethereum0.00000001 ETH1 ETH150 ETH
Bitcoin Cash0.00000001 BCH1 BCH1 BCH
Tron0.00000001 TRX10,000 TRX1,000,000 TRX
EOS0.00000001 EOS100 EOS10,000 EOS/td>
Ripple0.00000001 XRP1,000 XRP300,000 XRP
Dogecoin0.00000001 DOGE2,000 DOGE2,000,000 DOGE

Bear in mind, the amounts quoted in the table above are based on the amounts displayed at the time of creating this table and are subject to change based. As expected, the crypto exchange rates do fluctuate, and therefore, the min/max bet amounts will vary.

Plinko Strategy for Stake

Considering Plinko is a game of chance, it is important to remember that while the game may seem passive, there are some strategic tactics that can help increase the odds of success. Therefore, to improve your odds of a positive outcome, try the following strategies:


#1 Choose where the ball drops

Where the ball drops into the Plinko pyramid can greatly influence the way the ball traverses through the maze. Therefore, try dropping the ball from the left or side of the maze, as it will increase your chances of landing a higher multiplier.


#2 Try Different Risk Levels

As Plinko is a game of chance, the risk level determines the payout potential. Therefore, alternating the level of risk between low, medium and high can be an effective budget-conscious strategy.


#3 Change the number of rows

By changing the number of rows you bet on, you can impact the directional flow of the Plinko Ball and potentially increase the odds of winning.

Popular Plinko Game Variants

Even though the popularity of Plinko is undeniable, the mechanics means there are not many variants of the game. However, we came across a few others that might interest you if you like Stake Plinko.

  • JacksClub Plinko – This variant offers three risk levels, up to 16 rows and payouts ranging from 0.2 to 1000x the bet.
  • BGaming Plinko – Like other Plinko variants, Bgaming Plinko offers the option to play 8 to 16 rows and features a 1000x max payout.
  • PlingoBall – This variant offers multiple risk levels, the option to play 10 to 16 rows and payout possibilities of up to 500x the bet.
  • BGaming Plinko XY – Similar to Bgaming Plinko, this version offers the same options but offers different colours and graphical enhancements.

FAQs about Stake Plinko

How to Play Stake Plinko in US? Is it possible?

No, due to current gambling laws within the United States, USA players are not permitted to play at Stake.

How to Play Plinko for Free?

You can play Stake Plinko free by using the Stake Plinko demo version.

What is the Plinko RTP?

The Plinko RTP at Stake offers one of the highest payback rations possible, with the average RTP being 99%.

What is the highest multiplier in Stake Plinko?

The highest multiplier for Plinko at Stake is 1000x. In order to hit the stake Plinko 1000x, the risk setting must be set to high, and the maximum number of rows must be played.

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