10 Secrets Online Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

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Silentbet shares secrets online casinos would rather players never know. How are we onto the secrets? Years of experience playing casino games online, plus being partners with some of the casinos, gives us a unique perspective and insight into the hidden side of gambling websites.

10 Secrets Revealed

secrets of online casinos revealved

Here are the 10 secrets online casinos don’t want players to get a whiff of:

#1 Winning Too Much Results in Bans

Most terms and conditions of the casino sites state implicitly that winning too much and too often will result in the banning of your account. This is 100% legal.

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#2 High RTP Means Nothing

RTPs and volatility show big returns when in fact, the only winning party is the casino. Even if a slot has an RTP of 99.55%, the casino will win millions out of it, while players will get minor wins distributed evenly and randomly.

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#3 Jackpots Are Not Huge In Fact

Huge jackpots are more often than not played across multiple casinos online so a promised win of $5M may get distributed across 55 casino sites and 5000+ players. You do the maths.

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#4 Blackjack is Better Than Slots

Slots have the worst odds, while blackjack, roulette, and craps – the best. Still, slots make up 90% of all games in online casino lobbies.

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#5 Games Are Flashy for a Reason

Casino game developers incorporate flashy visual colors and loud sound effects to keep you awake and focused on the game, i.e., hooked from the start.

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#6 Hot Games Are Designed to Keep You Losing

Smaller but frequent wins that some online slots give are a way for players to keep betting while depleting their bank. Slots are programmed that way.

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#7 Game Over is Made Fun

You may have failed to notice, but casino games use fun animations even if you are losing; anything to keep your mind off reality.

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#8 Bonuses Are A Lure Best Avoided

Bonus teasing, no-deposit free spins, and other catchy promotional campaigns bring more players and profits to the casino. Such bonuses have steep wagering attached, meaning you will lose more than you get out of the bonus.

  • The best thing you can do is find a casino that gives cashback – money back on your losses with no wagering attached. Perfect examples of such retention programs are the ones of 👉 Stake and 👉 Roobet.
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#9 Site Designs Boost Certain Games

Sites are designed to lure you by strategically placing certain games at certain places. Thus, casinos have control over the games users see more often.

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#10 The Feeling of Winning is A Mirage

Online casinos intentionally make you feel like you stand a chance of winning by posting leaderboards with recent winners, high wins, and lucky wins, when the reality is that very few people win. The chances of you doing so are slim.

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Can We Change Anything by Knowing These Secrets?

Knowledge is power. So even if you cannot change the system, you can try to beat it by knowing the hooks in place. Playing responsibly and with a sober mind is the first step to go.

Plus, even though evolution in gambling is a painstakingly slow process, more people being aware of the pitfalls will bring about the much needed change much more quickly.

Katerina Gadzheva, Seasoned Player & Writer for SilentBet
Katerina Gadzheva
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Disclaimer: Silentbet does NOT endorse reckless gambling. All opinions here are our own and might not apply in certain situations.

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