Unibet Account Verification – Explained + KYC Docs List

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unibet account verification
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Ensuring all customers are verified is something that any reputable bookmaker will insist upon, so there is usually no avoiding it. Unibet bookmaker is no exception to this either so you should expect to go through the verification process at some stage if you register here. Fortunately, in most cases the experience is a painless one as Unibet account verification is a relatively fast and clear process when it comes to KYC processes.

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How to Verify My Unibet Account?

In some locations, it is possible that Unibet will be able to verify your details by cross-checking them with certain databases upon registration. This is a rapid process that happens in the background, and if successful, it means users can skip the task of uploading documentation.

For many other players though, Unibet verification must be completed manually, and this means following the steps below, often straight after Unibet registration and definitely before requesting a withdrawal.

unibet verify account
  1. Unibet will clearly state what types of document(s) they require, so make a note of these.
  2. Take a clear photo of the requested document(s), or scan a copy.
  3. Upload the photo/copy via the Unibet website on the ‘Verify my Account’ or ‘Upload Document’ page. Documents should always be uploaded through the website, rather than emailed to customer support.
  4. Wait for your upload to be processed. If approved, your account will now be verified.

What are the Needed Documents for Unibet Verification?

There are three different types of documents Unibet can request during the verification process:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Source of Funds

The last of these, source of funds, is the least common as it usually only happens when players are betting a large amount of money. Completing this check involves sharing documents such as bank statements or evidence of saved funds. For most players, Unibet will only be seeking proof of your identity and address, which we will focus on more below.

The range of documents requested can vary a little depending on where you live, but there is not much change in what is acceptable and what is not. You only need to provide one document from the list, not all of them.


Proof of Identity

unibet verification documents

Proof of identity is focused on ensuring you are the same person you claimed to be during registration. It also allows Unibet to identify any underage customers, as proof of identity documents all show date of birth. Valid documents include, and are usually limited to:

  • Valid driving license (photo licence, or page including photo)
  • Valid passport (double page)
  • Valid government-issued ID card

Proof of Address

Proof of address helps confirm that you are residing in the country from which you are playing and also helps prevent fraud. When it comes to proving where you live, there are several options available including:

  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill, e.g. water, electricity, landline telephone
  • Mobile phone contract
  • Official government correspondence
  • Residence certificate

In all cases, the document must feature your name and be dated within the last three months.

Unibet Verification Time

unibet verification time

Unibet aim to process verification documents within 1 to 3 working days when dealing with proof of address and/or proof of identity. Source of funds documentation can take a little longer. Customers will be notified when their documents have been approved or rejected.

The vast majority of verification documents are dealt with within the standard time frame, but slight delays are possible during especially busy periods. If you have not heard back within five working days, we suggest contacting customer services.

Why Should I Verify My Account?

In many cases customers need to verify their accounts before they can deposit money and start placing bets.

If Unibet account verification is requested later, after you have already started playing, you will be unable to make any withdrawals until you complete the verification process. Your account may also be suspended should you ignore requests for identity verification (as per the KYC policy).


Why Do Unibet Require KYC Verification Documents?

The main reason Unibet require their customers to be verified is so that they are not in breach of the terms of their gambling licence. Regulators are very strict when it comes to verification as an absence of thorough checks can lead to problems such as underage gambling, money laundering or other criminal activity. Any bookmaker caught not verifying their customers will face large fines and could even lose their licence.

Common Unibet Verification Issues and Solutions

unibet verification issues

Verification may be denied or delayed. Why? It will probably be due to technical error, random security check or problems with the KYC docs you uploaded. Here are some other common issues when it comes to account verification at Unibet.

  • Incorrect information provided
    For Unibet account verification to be successful, details will need to match those that you provided during registration so take care when inputting your details. If you made a mistake, this will need rectifying before your documents can be approved.
  • Incomplete document
    Any photo you upload for verification purposes should include the entire document, so all four corners if possible and definitely any important information such as your name, date of birth and so on.
  • Poor photo quality
    Any image, PDF or scan must be perfectly readable. If it is blurry or very low resolution, it will not be accepted.
  • Expired/too old docs
    Proof of address documents need to be dated within the last three months while proof of identity documents must be currently active. You cannot, for instance, upload a photo of an expired passport.
  • Unacceptable document type
    Unibet list very clearly what forms of documents they accept for proof of identity/address/funds. Choosing any document not specified on their list will not be accepted.


Is there anything I can do to speed up the Unibet verification time?

Nothing will speed up the process as such, but you can avoid any delays by ensuring you upload valid and clear documents via the website on the first attempt.

What happens if I cannot supply verification documents?

If you simply do not have any of the accepted document types, you will need to request them from the relevant provider. Failure to do this means you will not be able to play at Unibet and/or be blocked from withdrawing money.

Are screenshots accepted?

Unibet’s policy on screenshots varies by location so if possible, we recommend taking photos instead.

Can Unibet verify accounts via the mobile app?

Yes, it is possible to complete the verification process using your smartphone via the official Unibet app. You will have the option of uploading documents once you are logged in.

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