1xbet Verification – KYC Procedure & Documents Needed

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To be able to use the services of the gambling platform 1xbet, you will be required to verify your account entirely. Otherwise, you may be unable to play the casino games, place bets at 1xbet or withdraw winnings. The good news is that the account verification process of 1xbet is not that difficult, and in this guide, you will find out what you need to do.

Steps to Complete the 1xbet Verification

To be able to verify your account at 1xbet, you will have to complete several major steps. The process is not that difficult. For the complete 1xbet verification, you will have to provide additional documents once you activate your new account. Here is what you need to do.

How to Verify my 1xbet Account?
How to verify 1xbet account
  1. 1xBet will notify you if documents are needed for the Security Department.
  2. Until then, go to your “Account Profile” and fill it out.
  3. If 1 x bet requires additional documents, send copies or pictures of the scanned docs (i.e. national ID or passport).
  4. You may also be asked to provide documents that prove your address such as a utility bill or local tax bill.
  5. When you provide the necessary documents, you can click on the “Save” button to complete the 1xbet verification.

What KYC Verification Documents are Requested by 1xbet?

1xbet email verification

You need to provide specific documents to verify your account. This is necessary because the operator has to avoid any fraudulent activities and set up your account properly. Here are the types of docs that you may be required to provide as part of the KYC procedure.

  • ID card: front/back copy
  • Passport: copy of cover page + photo
  • Driving licence: front/back copy
  • Utility bill: copy to prove address + your name being visible
  • Local tax bill: copy to show name and address

How To Format My Docs?

If you are required to provide the verification documents, you can choose from several formats that may be accepted:

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • JPG

You can either copy the document and attach it as a file or you can take a picture with your mobile phone and convert it to the required format. When you copy the document, you just need to choose the format that you want to use before you save the scanned copy.

Why Do I Have to Verify My Account at 1xbet?

First of all, we need to tell you that account verification is required due to security measures. Thus, the operator will know that you are a real player who is not trying to violate the terms of use of the operator. KYC (Know Your Customer) process prevents money laundering and the like. On the other hand, once you verify your player’s account, you can safely deposit and withdraw funds and use the services of 1xbet as a whole.

Can I Withdraw Money Without an Account Verification?

No, you can’t. You need to know that 1xbet follows strict procedures when it comes to players’ security. Your identity needs to be fully verified before you can request a withdrawal of any winnings at the gambling platform 1xbet.

Moreover, once you activate and verify your account, you will have to fund it first before being able to use the services of the operator. Only when your account verification is completed and approved, you will be able to cash out any money from your 1xbet account.

How Much Time Does the 1xbet Verification Take?

1xbet cofirmation email

Once you register at 1xbet via e-mail, for example, you will have to click on the account activation link within 72 hours to activate your new account. As for the verification, it may take up to 72 hours before your account is approved and the verification is completed. Of course, if you send the documents within one working day, the process may be a bit faster.

What to Do If There is a Problem with My 1xbet Verification?

For one reason or another, specific problems may occur while you are trying to verify your account. You may have entered incomplete details, or the format of your documents may not be supported. In case you stumble upon any difficulties, there are several things that you can do.

  • Check if you have entered the details correctly according to the requirements
  • Contact the customer support via live chat
  • Send an e-mail to info-en@1xbet-team.com explaining the issues


How do I verify my new 1xbet account?

You need to access your account profile section. There, you will have to provide additional documents such as a national ID and/or utility bill or tax bill.

How long is the 1xbet verification?

Once you have provided the required documents, you may have to wait up to 72 hours before your account verification is approved and completed.

Do I need to pass the KYC verification at 1xbet?

Yes, this is something that can not be skipped. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the platform’s services and request a withdrawal.

Is it safe to complete the 1xbet Verification?

Yes, the operator will keep your data private as part of the strict security policies that it follows.

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