How to Become a Casino Affiliate: 2024’s Guide with Steps

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SilentBet (SB) is proud to be the partner of numerous renowned casinos and bookmakers around the world. As such, we do use affiliate links to earn commissions (at NO cost to our readers whatsoever). These aff links help us stay a cut above our competitors, delivering top-notch content you can trust. Take a look at the Ad Disclaimer page for more information on our affiliate business practices.

Silentbet is one of the pioneers in the casino affiliate marketing business. We have been a part of the industry since 2014. Nowadays, we work with the world’s best casino aff programs, which is no surprise because our products are on another level.

Our CEO and founder Atanas Tanev helped our author come up with this ultimate step-by-step guide with tips for beginners.

Being a successful partner of a casino site is not easy, no matter if you have previous affiliate experience. Thankfully, this article will share insights into how to become a casino affiliate and what to pay attention to.

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Step 1: Choose a Niche You Want to Target

People interested in learning how to become a gambling affiliate have to start somewhere, and our advice is to choose a niche. When it comes down to niches in iGaming, you can find numerous alternatives. Certain online casinos offer crypto bets, but you can also find NFT casinos, social casinos, as well as classic real money casinos.

Each has a specific affiliate program that comes with a variety of benefits. Therefore, it is essential to research each type of casino operator and know what makes a given option better than others.

Do Your SERP Research

When talking about research, we mean researching the results you get in the search engines. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that specific online casino types have more clients than others. Your job is to see which iGaming sites rank better than others and decide whether competing for the traffic is worth it.

The more exotic the niche, the more your site will succeed in the beginning. If you target a niche that is very popular with other affiliates you will need to double or even triple your efforts to get a slice of the pie.

Is SEO Knowledge a Must?

Yes, SEO knowledge (Search Engine Optimization) is a must nowadays because this market is too competitive. Everyone who wants to promote online casinos must know a thing or two about how to rank on search engines, so you should learn more information. Also scoring the SERP will help you find the best niche for your future business model.

Can I Trust Affiliate Forums?

Yes, you can trust some affiliate forums but not all. It depends on which one we’re talking about. Some of iGaming’s biggest names have been around for years, so they have more credibility.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
A forum I often use and recommend for beginner affiliates is the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association ( The forum covers important topics in thousands of threads. You can post your own questions and expect helpful answers from affiliates with years of experience in the business.

Silentbet’s Tips on How to Make the Best Choice

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the casino website that is worth promoting:

  • Check if the casino has enough experience
  • Ensure the T&Cs have transparent conditions.
  • Analyze if it is available in at least a couple of countries

Step 2: Launch a Site Targeting the Right Audience

Once you have researched the casino sites, it’s time to set up a website. Even though setting up your own site is not difficult, there are specifics regarding aff marketing.

The most important thing you should know is which markets you want to focus on. Some people who are wondering how to become a casino affiliate want an international website, whereas others target a specific location. Both have pros and cons, so you must decide which option is worth it.

Speaking of targeting specific markets, it’s also key to be familiar with the local jurisdiction. The casino industry is regulated in many parts of the world, so knowing more about it is of utmost importance.

Host & Server Ideas

In order to be a successful online casino affiliate, your website must be available 24/7. Consequently, you must choose the right host for your business. It’s usually not a good idea to use the least expensive option on the market, but you can find a cheap and reliable hosting provider.

Here are some ideas of web hosting for small businesses (ideal for beginners how learn how to partner any new and popular casino affiliate program).

Should You Learn WordPress

Even though you don’t necessarily need to learn how to use WordPress, you will need to hire someone if you don’t. Consequently, it is advisable to get familiar with it. Working on WordPress is not that hard and will take you no more than 1 month to get familiar with the basics. Even some online casinos use WP for their sites.

Do You Need Developers for your HTML

Depending on your coding skills, you may not need a developer, at least not at first. However, most casino affiliates must hire a developer once the business grows. Wondering what to tell them? Always ask for designs that are user-friendly.

Is One Affiliate Site Enough? – Silentbet’s Take

Yes, one affiliate website is usually enough. Nevertheless, those eager to succeed will almost always have more than one website. This increases their chances of ranking for a more competitive keyword.

Step 3: Choose a Casino Affiliate Program

Now that the site is up and running, the next step of the process is to select one or several from the best online casino affiliate programs around the world, the ones you like the most. This is a process that requires you to research a given brand that is willing to do business with you. Even though it sounds complicated, most iGaming operators offer partnership deals because it allows them to have more clients. It’s a win-win situation.

In most cases, the casino affiliate website differs from the gambling site itself. If you need help finding the aff program, open the casino’s site and check its footer. This is where most operators usually have a link to their aff program.

Do I Start with the Most Popular Brands First?

Yes, you could start with the most popular brands first. However, remember that casino affiliate marketing is extremely competitive (as is the whole online gambling niche), meaning you may not be able to rank if you only choose the most popular companies.

Will It Be Better to Look for New Casino Sites?

In some instances, it will be better to look for new casino sites. Besides being easier to rank for, those places may offer better commissions, among many other perks.

Should I Promote All Brands from 1 Affiliate Program?

You don’t have to promote all brands from a given affiliate program. In fact, most networks with multiple brands under their belt have one or a few that perform better than the rest. If that’s the case, it’s probably better to focus on those than the rest.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
The best piece of advice I can give you is to start with a crypto casino site that offers high commission rates. The perfect example is FortuneJack partners (read full review), an affiliate program which allows you to earn up to 70% rev share.

Step 4: Apply Online to Become a Partner

After you’ve found something that is worth it, it’s time to see how to partner with the best affiliate programs. Most brands will have a special application form that you must complete. This form consists of several steps and can require various information.

In most cases, the company will require you to share details about yourself, such as your age and where you reside, as well as your business. Depending on the company, the entire registration procedure should not take long.

Terms & Conditions for Most Affiliates

Before completing your registration process, you must accept the Terms and Conditions of the affiliate business. Most brands use standard rules, but we suggest reading everything, even if it takes several minutes.

  • Affiliates must be 18 years old at least
  • You will need to have a platform that will allow you to refer players
  • A non-disclosure agreement may need to be signed
  • You will need to agree with all other program-specific terms

Documents You Need to Provide

Besides stating specific details, you also have to be ready to verify it. To achieve that, most aff programs will require you to provide documents. The latter often includes an ID card/Passport and business-related documents.

How Much Will Application Take?

The application can take a few hours to a couple of days. Some affiliate programs take more than others, depending on the company.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
Not getting a response to my application in a timely manner is a red flag for me. The application process gives you an insight into what your dealings with your affiliate manager will be like in the future. So a word of advice from me: tardiness from the onset is never a good sign.

What to Do If You Are Not Approved?

If you are not approved, you could try contacting the people in charge and ask why you weren’t accepted. Usually, there are no restrictions regarding how many times you can apply, so you should be able to do it again. Everyone has been in a similar situation, including us.

You can, of course, move on and apply for another program. There are plenty out there.

Step 5: Create Tracking Links and Start Referring Players

After becoming part of a given affiliate network, it’s time to focus on the most important thing – results. You can use different kinds of tactics, but you will usually get an affiliate link that people need to click on to get the referral. You can place the link on banners and other places where people usually click so you can get more traffic.

The process of referring players seems easy, but it isn’t the case. One of the key elements to consider is the curation of the cookies that the given program has. Those whose cookies last longer improve the chance of securing a new customer because people can sign up even a few days after clicking the link, and you will still get their referral.

What is a Tracking Link?

A tracking link is the thing that you need to give to people who are interested in using the given casino. It will show you how many users have registered using your link.

Types of Affiliate Deals

You can find several affiliate deals, but it usually depends on the operator. The majority of casino aff operators provide multiple options so that customers can choose the best variation.


CPA stands for “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition”, depending on whom you ask. Regarding affiliate marketing, CPA is a deal where you get a fixed commission when there is a new client. In most cases, the operator will pay once the person completes a specific requirement, like making a minimum deposit.

Rev Share

When it comes down to the revenue share model, the latter is incredibly popular. Thanks to it, affiliates will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the casino from the specific player.


The majority of aff programs provide a Hybrid payment system. Here, affiliates will get a given amount for every registration and a portion of the revenue. There could be other types of hybrid systems out there, so it depends on the operator.

What is Negative Carryover?

Negative Carryover is when the negative balance you have accumulated for the given month transfers to the next one. Most affiliate programs have a no negative carryover policy, but there are exceptions.

Silentbet Pro Tip – Ask for Unique Landing Pages

If you want to maximize your affiliate earnings, asking for unique landing pages is a good idea. We have special landing pages for most top-tier casinos that allow us to stand out from the competitors’ sites. These pages are designed in a way that reveals all the perks users can get if they decide to sign up. Once you learn more about Silentbet’s affiliate business model, you will see why we’ve managed to survive for so long in this industry.

What to Expect AFTER You Become an Affiliate

After joining a given casino affiliate program, it’s time to do what you can to achieve the best possible results. Usually, the specific company will try to help you get more clients because it’s also in their interest. To do that, you can receive exclusive banners, special tools, and more.

Besides that, here is what else you should keep in mind.

Focus on Page Ranking

Your number 1 goal should be to try and focus on ranking your page. This will usually take time because you need good topic coverage and informative and helpful content. For better or worse, you also need to have good expertise regarding the SERP and how it works because having good content is not always enough to rank your page.

Backlinks Are Important

Even though there are many debates as to whether backlinks are important, there is no arguing that those things matter. If you want your page to rank faster and start on top, you need to have a solid backlink profile. Ideally, your website should be mentioned in authoritative websites and media outlets.

Marketing is A Must

Last but not least, every online casino affiliate business needs marketing to be successful. Although gambling is a delicate topic that has a lot of regulations, you can come up with a lot of ideas to market your services. This can include things such as those shown below.

Email Newsletter

One of the things you should try is to attract people to your newsletter, which can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Although people underestimate it, this is key because it lets you send them the newest promotions and offers, which could increase your traffic.

Push Notifications

Some people do not like notifications, but when it comes down to gambling sites, they can be useful. Most casino affiliate programs rank because they send people notifications about different things, so it’s worth adding it.

Social Media Post

Last but not least, every business needs some kind of presence on social media. Sadly, gambling affiliates could have problems because some social media websites are not keen on allowing them to share their services. Therefore, you must be careful which platforms you use and what kind of posts you make.

How Do Affiliates Make Money & Get Paid?

Affiliates make money by referring new customers to online casinos, earning a fixed amount of money or a commission. As mentioned, affiliates can choose from a wide range of deals, so it all comes down to the specific program.

To make money as a new casino affiliate, you must understand the business model. Needless to say, you should be aware of many other key details, such as those listed below:

  • Commission Rates – It is imperative to find casino affiliate programs with high commission rates. People using the RevShare model can expect to find between 20% and 60% of the revenue generated by a given player.
  • Payment Methods – Ideally, affiliate networks you’re using should offer several payment options. Normally, you will find e-wallets, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers.
  • Currency – Most major affiliate programs offer the most popular currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD, and others.
  • Payment Due Date – It is recommended to check when the given operator pays its affiliates. Some companies will do that at the beginning of each month, whereas others do it on the 15th.
  • Negative Carryover – We’ve already talked about it, but ideally, try locating an aff network that does not have a negative carryover rule.
  • Payment Delays & Problems – Sadly, you may encounter a casino’s affiliate program that does not pay on time. To avoid such places, try researching more about the companies you want to work with.

Common Mistakes New Affiliates Make – Avoid Them

Everyone who wants to know how to become a casino affiliate will make mistakes. Silentbet can’t protect you from all pitfalls, but since we are not new in the business, we know a thing or two.


Mistake #1: Start an Affiliate Site Before Doing Research

As mentioned, starting an affiliate site is NOT a good idea if you do not know what you are doing. Many people think it’s like a walk in the park, but the affiliate backend has tons of things you must know.

Mistake #2: Forget to Read the Terms of the Affiliate Program

Regardless of what kind of business contract you are signing up for, there will almost always be Terms and Conditions. As you can imagine, those related to iGaming have specific rules you have to follow. Therefore, only sign up for a program after reading everything.

Mistake #3: Forget to Check the Gambling Laws in the Markets You Are Targeting

Gambling legislation can be extremely annoying, especially in some countries. So, before you invest a lot of money into a specific market, get familiar with the local gambling laws. Sometimes, you may even have to hire a lawyer.

Mistake #4: Write Reviews for Ranking and NOT To Help Readers

Even if you have the best digital marketing strategy, your online casino affiliate business will not be successful if the reviews are not helpful. In other words, always focus on the person who’s going to read the review, not on the search engine you want to rank for.

Mistake #5: Don’t Update Your Content and Rely on Ever-Green Pages

The online casino industry constantly changes because websites add new products, bonuses, and events. You should do everything you can to stay up to date with everything new and update the content when needed.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
I made a lot of mistakes when I first decided to become involved in affiliate marketing. This did not stop me, though. Making mistakes and learning from them got me where I am today. So I advise you never to give up and pursue your affiliate path until the end. Also, there are some problems most casino affiliates face when starting out. Being aware of them will better prepare you for the challenge ahead.

Steal Our Best Practices – Silentbet’s Pro Tips

how to become a casino affiliate

There are many reasons why companies like Silentbet have been in the online casino affiliate business for so many years. One of them is Silentbet’s review process, which consists of several steps that have proven to work. We want to help everyone who’s thinking of starting this business, so here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Hire professional iGaming writes who have knowledge and experience
  • Use the latest tools in the business because you will have a competitive advantage
  • Always have a “Readers-First” mindset
  • Ideally, try to have your content written in several languages
  • Try to give your clients unique promo codes for exclusive bonuses

The Bottom Line: Become a Successful Affiliate in 2024

Whether you have chosen a casino affiliate program or haven’t found anything yet, remember that this industry is highly competitive. Becoming a successful casino affiliate online requires a lot of time and investment. You also need to be lucky because this is a lucrative business niche with a lot of people.

Even though Silentbet has been in the business since 2014, we are still learning and improving our services daily. So, unless you have a magic stick, you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time and effort until you see good results.

The bottom line: there are no shortcuts on your road on how to become a casino affiliate but following our tips you will be on the right track. Good luck!


What is a gambling affiliate?

A gambling affiliate is someone who earns money from advertising gambling websites to other people.

How much do casino affiliates make per year?

Casino affiliates can make millions per year, but their revenue depends on many factors.

How do online casino affiliate programs work?

Online casino affiliate programs give people commissions when someone registers using an exclusive link or a promo code.

Are all gambling affiliate programs legal?

All gambling affiliate programs that are run by legit companies are legal.

Why would a partnership program not approve an applicant?

Some partnership programs may not approve an application because this person does not meet the minimum requirements.

How do I convert new players?

You convert new players by showing them that the given online casino is worth using. After that, they need to register by using your link or the bonus code you have.

What is the best casino affiliate program in the world?

There are a lot of top-tier casino aff programs, but FortuneJack is the one that stands out.

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