Most Common Problems Casino Affiliates Face

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We at Silentbet have been a part of the casino affiliate business since 2014. It is hardly surprising that we have faced lots of problems over the years. Being a casino affiliate can be a profitable business, but most people looking to get involved only see the glamorous side. There are at least 9 very common problems that future iGaming affiliate wanabees must be aware of, and we will talk about them in this article.

most common casino affiliate problems

9 Most Common Problems

  • #1 Information overload
  • #2 Not getting your commissions and chasing your managers for answers
  • #3 Having to deal with complaints, compliances, and whims
  • #4 Managing a dream team might give you nightmares
  • #5 Not getting enough traffic while encorporating numerous channels
  • #6 Dealing with copycats, spam sites and rogue competitors
  • #7 Building rapport with a disinterested audience
  • #8 Having to retrain and learn new skills costantly
  • #9 Being so busy you stop seeing the end goal

If you keep reading, you will learn about the most common issues you could come across if you choose a career in gambling affiliation and how to deal with them. Thanks to Atanas Tanev, the CEO of Silentbet, we will also share a lot of real-life examples, so let’s dive in!

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#1 Information overload

Nowadays, the internet is abundant with loads of data on legal casino affiliates programs, some of which are available worldwide. Plus, new programs pop up all the time. At the same time, some casinos close down or the entire program shut downs its operation. It is hard to keep track of everything.

Of course, a quick search online will prove that the Internet is full of reviews of casino brands with inconsistent, outdated or incorrect information.

As a new affiliate, you will get bombared with information. Some aff managers will send you vanity metrics, while fortums and other players in the business will have opposite stats to share with you. Confusing to say the least. This is where new affiliates can get things wrong because they might be unsure which information to trust.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
At the beginning of my career I felt lost in the sea of information online. I blindly trusted other reviews written by my competitors before I learnt the hard way that only real tests of the casino site I want to promote will work in the long term. What is more I am now prepared to have my team putting in hours trying to learn more about a fact that the aff manager refuses to shed any light on.

How to avoid getting snowed under?

To avoid some of the most common roadblocks for casino affiliates, you should:

  • Create your own database where you can add data and keep track of all casino sites you promote.
  • Keep an eye on the biggest brands you work with on a regular basis for any updates (allocate your team to do so).
  • Always monitor your email and/or Skype because this is where the information comes from when your aff managers are concerned.
  • Always check at least a few independent sources to ensure the information is correct and unbiased if you add information on your site regarding a program/casino.

Silentbet’s best practices

One of the reasons why we don’t have most casino affiliates’ problems that others have to deal with is our professionalism from the onset. We use our own database where we enter everything important about a given gambling site. This allows us to keep track of everything and update the information within minutes.

#2 Not getting your commissions and chasing your managers for answers

Some brands do not pay commissions to affiliates and this is definitely a problem. They seem legit but refuse to pay out.

One of the daily grievances of being a casino affiliate is dealing with their account managers. A lot of them will ask you to feature their brand on different tables and charts on your site, but they don’t realize that this business model doesn’t work for everyone. For example, Silentbet focuses on creating detailed reviews, and they are the ones that drive traffic, not the comparison tables on our website.

Another common problem is related to the target GEO markets. A lot of affiliates do not take the time to browse your site and ask if you focus on a specific country.

We also have been in situations where our affiliate manager is very slow to answer our queries In some cases, they do not answer at all. Sometimes, they might even leave you on “Seen”, which is even worse.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
One time, I had to ask an aff manager 5 times about the bonus terms of the exclusive promo code we got. I waited 2 weeks until they answered my question. The struggle is real.

What to do if you are being ignored?

If you are being ignored by your affiliate managers, there are a few things you can do:

  • Start spamming their inbox and Skype account until you get an answer
  • Look for another point of contact with the program. Forums like GPWA is a good place to ask.
  • Ask someone else to contact them via their account so you can see if you are the only one being ignored
  • Close your account and stop working with the brand as a last resort

The latter may seem harsh, but a lot of gambling operators lack professionalism.

Silentbet’s pro tip

Usually, when we have issues with the aff managers, we get in touch with the operator itself or someone else from the affiliate team. We suggest doing the same because this proves you are interested in the brand. There is no point in insulting or doing something similar because there’s no going back after that.

#3 Having to deal with complaints, compliances, and whims

Among the biggest casino affiliates problems you will face are related to complaints, compliances, and whims. Gambling laws change constantly. Laws get more diversified from country to country. So we all know that the UK laws for betting are very strict. But the same is now true for Ontario, Sweden, Australia, Brazil. Casino operators must adhere to them and the same applies to affiliates who want to promote them in this GEO. So expect a lot of compliance problems that you need to resolve – removing pages from your site, not showing bonuses, etc.

Depending on your traffic, you may also get a lot of complaints from your readers. Those are tricky to deal with because you can find a lot of insults, accusations, and more.

Another annoying thing is related to the affiliate managers’ whims. Many of them demand strange changes (i.e. change of logo asap, new screenshots for the sports section), and they want them right away, so you have to be flexible and adapt to the situation.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
One time, there was an aff manager who wanted me to change and re-write the English review in Spanish within an hour! As you can imagine, I had to tell him that this is not as easy as it seems as I would need to find a native-Spanish writer who is also familiar with casino gambling to do so.

How to become a problem resolver easily?

To become a problem solver, we suggest looking at places like GPWA and similar forums for affiliates. Many affiliates underestimate these forums, but they can help you a lot, especially if you are new to this industry. A lot of affiliates think they have to be nice all the time, but you have to be able to stand your ground.

We also suggest you learn the gambling laws in all GEO markets you want to target. If you do your homework, your partners will have no reason to send you strikes for non-compliance.

Silentbet’s secret

Our secret for dealing with complaints, whims, and compliances is our experience. We have been doing this for more than 10 years now, so we are used to these situations. Practice makes perfect. Our team consists of professionals, so keep that in mind when hiring someone.

#4 Managing a dream team might give you nightmares

You may start on your own, but the casino affiliate business is not a one-man job. Once you learn how to become a casino affiliate, you will realize that you need to fill in lots of positions, such as: Writers, Editors, Developers, QA, Marketing, Project Managers, etc. The list can go on and on because it depends on the size of your business.

How to make them work together like the cogs in a well oiled machine is anyone’s guess. That’s why you can often find affiliate companies where the owner hires a manager responsible for everything.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
When I first took on this career path, I had no idea how to manage people. Luckily, it seems I’ve always had it in me and quickly learnt how to do so. My advice? Be a leader and not simply a manager.

How to juggle 10+ people at once?

Working with 10+ people isn’t easy, but it is doable as long as you:

  • Be clear as to what each person’s role is
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate
  • Monitor what is being done
  • Don’t micromanage your team
  • Give them the freedom to work
  • Positive reinforcement is a must

The latter is extremely underrated, but I think it’s key. A person with who will get positive feedback on a job well done will be way more productive than someone who has to abide by strict rules and always work under pressure.

Silentbet’s best example

To be honest, we are really lucky because Silentbet’s team consists only of professionals. Some of our colleagues, such as the content managers, work hand in hand with our writers so they can produce the best results. You need to get lucky and find people who are on the same page as you.

#5 Not getting enough traffic while incorporating numerous channels

Among the biggest casino affiliates’ complications are those related to traffic. Companies use different business models, but most rely on Google for traffic. That’s not a bad thing, but Google is known for its numerous updates, some of which can have devastating consequences.

To survive these updates, you must adapt your business and content to the specific situation. Ideally, you should have a recovery plan and follow each step when something goes wrong.

Losing traffic means losing revenue, so you have to do everything possible to prevent it from happening. Some users try compensating for their decline in organic traffic by using social media, but this is not a long-term solution. Gambling is a sensitive topic so not all channels are open for you to explore, and you have loads of regulations regarding its advertising. Some social media channels like Facebook are off limits.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
The traffic problem affects everyone, no matter how big you are. We at Silentbet have developed a strategy to anticipate issues connected with traffic fluctuations that gets a makeover every year.

How to bring in more traffic?

To bring in more traffic, you can:

  • Optimize your content to meet the latest requirements
  • Run ads campaigns
  • Come up with unique marketing ideas
  • Hire influences or streamers
  • Work alongside a celebrity

There is no right or wrong here because it all depends on your situation. Just make sure you follow all the rules while trying to bring more traffic.

Silentbet’s know-how revealed

Our goal has always been to provide users with the best possible reviews and analysis. We ensure our writers test everything themselves before writing, and this formula has been successful. Of course, we also keep an eye on everything new in the industry and try to implement it when possible.

#6 Dealing with copycats, spam sites and rogue competitors

One of the issues casino affiliates deal with is related to their competitors. The iGaming industry is saturated, so you will find many other brands that follow your steps. Let’s face it, as soon as your product becomes noticeable, people will want to covet it. Some of your “virtual enemies” will use underhand pracices like stealing your designs, copy, page ideas, etc. – and that is just the tip of the iceberg. And while most will be more innovative and do it in a roundabout way, others will copy everything letter to letter.

We have seen sites that copy everything we do, including the design and text. We also had to deal with situations where our competitors tried DDOSing our sites and used bots to mess up UX metrics.

Sadly, there’s not much you can do in these situations other than figure out a way to overcome the issue. We’ve tried contacting those places, but this never works.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
I have seen poor copies of Silentbet all over the Internet. Spam sites try to use our working affiliate business model without putting in the efforts. I get triggered, of course, but apart from disavowing such rogue sites there is little else I can do.

How to fight against your invisible enemies?

You can’t do much against those types of “invasions”, but here are a few tips that can work:

  • Try reporting copyright infringement to Google (👉 link)
  • Change some of your design elements that have been copied
  • Expose those who copied you

The latter is usually enough because people who see that a given site has copied you will stop using it.

Silentbet’s tried and tested method

We don’t want to get involved in drama, so when we find out that someone is copying us, we usually try to inform the responsible authorities. Sadly, some things, such as spam, are really hard to prove, so we make sure we have the best possible security systems. Regarding design copies, we are lucky because Silentbet is a household name, and our design is specific.

#7 Building rapport with a disinterested audience

One of the most challenging things about being in the casino affiliate business is your rapport with your audience of readers. To be perfectly honest, gambling is not a topic that presupposes lots of engagement. Most people interested in it do not care about how or what you’ve done to provide them with the information. All they want is a quick and easy solution for what they’re interested in, such as learning how to sign up, using a promo code, and more.

Not a bigger shocker, but with casino affiliate websites feedback is almost non-existent.

Another obstacle you must be prepared for is insults, rage, and overall negative comments. Hard truth: usually players will reach out ONLY if they want to complain.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
I still remember this one reader who took the time to find me on LinkedIn and tell me that my review has helped him! You can imagine how rarely such instances are if I remember this case.

How to build a real gambling community?

Building a gambling community is no easy task, but here are a few tips:

  • Come up with unique in-house competitions for a chance of rewards
  • Respond to every comment you can and help those who want more details
  • Provide unique offers with your very own promo code

Silentbet’s honest take

Dealing with customers is always challenging, no matter how experienced you are. We always try our best to answer every user and engage with our audience whenever possible. We also know that players want answers right away, so we try to highlight the main points of each of our articles.

#8 Having to retrain and learn new skills constantly

You are never too old to learn something new, and this is especially true for casino affiliates. Even though we don’t think this is a problem per se, many don’t realize this is one of the fastest-changing business models out there. This means you have to adapt and learn new skills to survive.

Throughout our 10+ years of experience, we’ve been through many changes, and we are still here because we learn and adapt. To be competitive on the market you will need to forget all about your degree and keep up with the new and buzzing developments in the world of technology, AI, etc. By the looks of it, ChatGPT is here to stay so you might as well learn how to use it.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
What I do is sign up for iGaming courses online. I also buy courses for my employees so they can continue their development. A good place to start that I recommend is the iGaming Academy and their set of courses.

How to find the best courses online?

To find the best online courses, we suggest the following:

  • Talk to other people from the industry you trust
  • See what others are using and conduct your own research
  • Visit some of the popular sites for online courses and see what they have in stock

Silentbet’s picks

We at Silentbet follow the most influential people in the digital marketing industry and adapt to every change. This often involves signing up for a variety of online courses like the ones in iGaming Academy, but also the Affiliate Lab courses by Matt Diggity. In fact, some of our team complete different courses every month just so they can be a few steps ahead of the competition.

#9 Being so busy, you stop seeing the end goal

Many people who haven’t been in the affiliate business so far assume that it’s laid-back. Sadly, this is not the case, especially in the casino affiliate niche. You will often get overwhelmed when working with multiple gambling operators, which will lead to long working days.

The bad news is that there is no way around it – you will have a lot of work to do once you start a casino affiliate business. You have to stay focused to “survive”, but it’s important to remember your end goal. Do not allow yourself to burnout because this can lead to frustration, and you may end up abandoning your project.

Atanas Tanev, CEO & Founder of Silentbet
Picture of Atanas Tanev
I know people in our industry that work 7 days a week, 365 days per year, and they don’t get burned out. It really depends on what type of person you are, but I suggest taking a break every once in a while.

How to avoid burnout and stick till the end?

To avoid burnout, here is what you can do:

  • Focus on the most important tasks for the given day
  • Do not work for too long if you know you won’t feel good after that
  • Ideally, take short breaks after focusing for a few hours
  • A lot of affiliates work 7 days a week, but we suggest having at least one day off

Silentbet’s top solution

At Silentbet, we cope with burnout by having 2 days off per week. Furthermore, our working hours are flexible, making us way more productive. We can focus when needed and complete our tasks much easier. Of course, we all get paid-leave and other perks that make our life-work balance that much better.

Final Words: No Matter the Problems, Affiliates Stand Strong

Both new and seasoned casino affiliates face plenty of problems in their day-to-day dealings with gambling sites, players, and their partners. We have highlighted just 10 of the most common problems you will face here.

The bottom line: You may have to go through hell and back, but we assure you it is worth it. Being a big online casino affiliate is never easy, and it takes a lot of time and resources. Those who stay strong, set achievable goals, and adapt to the latest changes will thrive in the long turn.


Is there a magic bullet that will solve all my problems for me?

Sadly, there is no magic bullet that can solve all of your problems. Stay focused and use our tips to achieve your goals.

Is being a casino affiliate harder than other jobs?

Yes, being a casino affiliate is harder than other jobs. Like any other entrepreneurship, you have to take a lot of risks, and it costs time and money.

Is the money you will make worth all that trouble?

Yes, the money you will make as a casino affiliate is usually worth the trouble. Check here to see some numbers. Of course, your earnings will depend on a lot of things but expect millions of dollars ROI.

How often do casino affiliates quit and take up another career path?

Casino affiliates quit more often than you think to pursue different career paths. Our estimates show that less than 15% of those who start do everything they can to make it work.

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