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How to Download Bet9ja Android App

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Bet9ja is one of the biggest mobile gambling platforms that you can find in Nigeria. That said, it is one of the pioneers in that area, and it reaches out to various customers in different countries near the Nigerian region.

With such a big reputation, Bet9ja has also infiltrated the mobile gambling market with its own dedicated Bet9ja Android download app. What’s great is that the downloading process of the Android app is simple. You just need to go to the Bet9ja mobile download page and click the Download button to get the app and play with your Android device.

Download the Bet9ja Android App

How to Download OLD Bet9ja APK file for Android

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  • Old Bet9ja mobile app for Android
  • Old Bet9ja mobile sports betting thru Android

If you are old-school and prefer the simplicity of the old Bet9ja mobile app for Android then download and install this APK file instead. The benefits of opting for the Bet9ja old mobile app are numerous. To start off, it will take up much less space than the newer and enhanced application. Access to different types of sports such as football, basketball and more is made quite easy and intuitive. Last but not least, by installing the OLD mobile Bet9ja.com Android app, you can also place pre-match and in-play bets while making fast and secure deposits directly through the app.

Here is how to get the Bet9ja Old app in a few easy steps:

Old Bet9ja App Download Quide
  • Step 1: Make sure you register first by launching the official Bet9ja site from this link.
  • Step 2: After you join the bookmaker and complete the sign-up procedure, you need to choose whether to get the new or old Bet9ja Android app.
  • Step 3: If you want to install and use the older version of the application, get the old Bet9ja APK file by clicking the button below.

Some punters might worry that useful functions like CASH OUT would not be available if they download the older Bet9ja APK app. However, this is simply not the case. You can request a cash out, keep an eye on your winning and many more useful features. Of course, first and foremost, you will need to get the old app running on your Android device and then head for the Bet9ja login page where you can sign in if you have a registration or sign up to create a new account.

If you are wondering why to choose the OLD Bet9ja mobile app rather than the newer version, here are some reasons:

Most Notable Old Bet9ja Android App Features
  • Easier to download and install
  • Quicker login procedure
  • Secure Payments
  • Live betting in place
  • Faster and bug-free
  • Ideal for sports betting

For quick and hassle-free download, click on the button below, which contains the optimised for Android phones old Bet9ja app. The APK file is only 6.89 MB, so not much internal storage space is needed. Plus, it will run even if your Android OS is not updated to the latest version.

Download Bet9ja Old for Android

How to Install Bet9ja Android Application

After you download either the old or new mobile Bet9ja app, the next thing to do is to install it. However, Android doesn’t accept gambling apps, so there are some other steps to do before you begin the Bet9ja Android apk download. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Step 1: Go to the Settings part of your phone.
  • Step 2: Go to Security and then click on Unknown Sources.
  • install apps from unknown sources
  • Step 3: Go back to the download page and download the app’s .apk file.
  • Step 4: Install the app on your smartphone.
  • Step 5: Play Bet9ja for Android phone.

Bet9ja iOS App – Is it available?

  • Bet9ja mobile casino section on iPhone
  • Bet9ja mobile vertual sports section on iPhone
  • Bet9ja mobile live dealer games on iPhone

Aside from the Betja Mobile free download option for Android, most other platforms would also have an excellent dedicated iOS app that players can download and install on their phones if they are using an iPhone or an iPad.

Unfortunately, though, the Bet9ja platform does not offer such an app on its mobile official download page as of this moment. If you check the download page, the only thing you’ll see is the option to download the .apk file of the Android app, but that’s just about it. If you have an iOS device, then you can’t get a Bet9ja mobile app iOS, and the only way to play on the Bet9ja platform is via the Bet9ja mobile version which is what we’ll be discussing more about below.

Visit Bet9ja for iOS

Mobile Website Version

Bet9ja mobile site version thru tablet

The Bet9ja mobile lite version or regular mobile portal is the platform that you’ll use if you have a mobile device other than an Android, such as an iPhone/iPad or maybe a Windows Phone. To access the mobile website, you just need to open the Bet9ja website via your mobile browsers, and you will be directed there.

Now, the Bet9ja mobile version looks pretty much like the Android app and utilizes the same color scheme as the desktop version. The mobile version is also very interactive and makes use of various animations and graphics. These two aspects make Bet9ja’s mobile website version a very attractive platform.

Notable Mobile Features

Now that we’ve gone through some of the important stuff to know about the Android app and the mobile version of the website, let’s check out some of the features that the mobile platform would have to offer.

There are four aspects that we would like to examine in this review. These features are the in-play betting feature, the live streaming feature, the cash-out feature, and the live score feature. Let’s start with the in-play section.


Just to avoid some confusion, the in-play section is the same as a live betting section. It just uses a different term compared to other platforms. About Bet9ja’s in-play section, it offers a long list of really good live games that you can bet on.

It’s one of the most exciting sections of the platform because it gives you a chance to bet real-time while the events are happening – with real-time odds as well. Plus, Bet9ja offers a whole lot of events from various sports markets that you can play.

Bet9ja Live Streaming

In addition to awesome live betting experience, there’s also the live streaming option that Bet9ja offers. If you’re a real sports fan, then you’ll appreciate having a live streamer that allows you to watch your games while you monitor your bets.

Now, the live streaming option is offered for various events that are available on the Bet9ja platform. All you have to do is choose the event that you want to stream and enjoy watching the game.

Cash Out

One of the advantages that Bet9ja would have over a lot of other platforms would be a cash-out option. The cash-out option is advantageous in a sense that it gives you the chance to manage your bet more strategically.

What the cash-out feature does is it allows you to pull out some of your profits even before the event ends. With this type of feature, you can secure small amounts of money if you think the game won’t go your way later in the day.

Bet9ja Livescore

Another advantageous feature offered by Bet9ja is the Bet9ja Livescore option. If you’re the type who is very meticulous with scores and scoring details, then this will be helpful for you.

You can check all of the scores of the live events that are happening and the details on the score. With this type of information, you can match the score with the odds so that you can make a more intelligent betting decision.

Mobile Betting Options

Of course, the in-play section isn’t the only section available in the Bet9ja platform. Just like most standard mobile gambling platforms, there are several sections wherein you can enjoy different gaming experiences.

In Bet9ja, you will be able to choose from the sports section, the casino section, the virtual sports section, and the jackpot section. If ever you want some diversity with your gaming experience, you’ve got it right here.

Mobile Sports Section

Let’s start with the sports section. As for the sports markets, Bet9ja offers a pretty good selection to its players. You can find football, baseball, basketball, boxing, volleyball, badminton, and many more events.

Another great thing about the sports section would be the odds. Bet9ja is pretty known for its slightly above-average odds wherein you would have higher chances of winning and earning profits.

Mobile Casino

As for the casino, Bet9ja has a pretty decent selection of games that you can choose from. There is a lot of roulette, card, table, dice, slots, and games that you can choose from.

If you get a bit tired of the sports betting section, then you may want to try to diversify your experience a bit with the casino. With the number of games offered, you’ll have a lot to try out.

Mobile Betting on Virtual Sports

Another section that you can go to if you get tired of the regular sports market would be the virtual sports section. So what exactly is the virtual sports section anyway? It’s as its name implies– sports events that are purely virtually simulated.

This means that the games in this section aren’t actual events. Rather, they are based on real events but are simulated like a video game. In a sense, you’ll be betting on video-game type sports events.

Super9ja Jackpot Game

If you’re into jackpots, then you’ll also love the Super9ja jackpot game section. Just scroll on over to the Super9ja section and place your bets on the scores of 6 matches in its current round.

After you’ve already made your prediction, all you have to do is wait and see if you have hit any of the jackpots. If you did, then you’ll get to enjoy a lot of prize money as part of your withdrawal profits.

Benefits of Bet9ja Mobile App

The great thing about Bet9ja is that it has a lot of benefits as compared to a lot of its competitors in the sports gambling market. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the benefits the mobile platform has to offer:

  • High odds for sports
  • Wide variety of games per section
  • Very interactive mobile platform
  • Cash-out feature
  • Live streaming

Why is the Bet9ja app not working?

If ever you’re encountering some problems with your Bet9ja app or the mobile version, there are various reasons for that. First, your phone might not be compatible with the app, which is why you need to note the compatibility.

Another problem would be that you didn’t enable Unknown Sources on your phone as that’s the only way to get the Android app working. Of course, there are also times when the app is down, so you need to take note of that too.

Bet9ja Mobile App vs. Bet9ja Mobile Site

So if the Bet9ja mobile app and the mobile site are pretty much the same, which one should you use? Well, even if they have the same features, they have their respective pros and cons. Here are a few to note:

Mobile App:

Pros of the Mobile App:
  • Very interactive
  • Does not need page loading
  • Slider options
Cons of the Mobile App:
  • Needs downloading
  • No iOS app

Mobile Version:

Benefits of the Mobile Version:
  • Can be used with any phone
  • No need for a download
  • Does not take up space
Downsides of the Mobile Version:
  • Slower than the app
  • May not work if the browser has problems

System Requirements and Compatibility

To use the Android app, you will have to observe certain system requirements first. You will need to have an Android OS of 4.1 or higher to play this app. For iOS users, you won’t have to worry about any system or compatibility requirements since you’ll be using the mobile version.

Here are some of the devices you can use to run the app:

  • Samsung Note 2 and above
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A and above
  • Samsung S7 and above
  • Huawei Mate Series
  • Nokia Lumia Phones
  • All newer iPhone models

Bet9ja Mobile Bonuses

If you check out Bet9ja’s website, you’ll see that there are a lot of bonuses that you can avail of. There is a generous sports bonus, jackpot bonus, loyalty bonus, and many more at the disposal of players.

However, they do not have an exclusive mobile bonus that only applies to players wagering through their smart devices. Rather, they just allow mobile players to avail of any of the promotions available for the desktop players.

Mobile Payment Methods

One of the great things about Bet9ja is that it offers a whole range of payment methods. If one of them doesn’t work, then you’ll have a whole bunch of other methods that you can try out. Check out the following tables to know all of them and their respective details:

Paymenth MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Bank Wire Transfer
NibssIt dependsIt dependsInstant
EmailmoniIt dependsIt dependsInstant
Instant Bank Deposit₦100₦9,999,99Instant
QuickletterIt dependsIt dependsInstant
ATMIt dependsIt dependsInstant
Stanbic IBTC₦100₦1,0000,000Instant
Providus Bank₦100It dependsInstant
Paymenth MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Bank Wire Transfer₦5,000₦9,999,999Up to 24 hours
Instant Bank Deposit
Stanbic IBTC
Providus Bank
Zenith, Providus Bank, Stanbic IBTC, ATM, SkyeBank, Quickletter, Instant Bank Deposit, GTBank, Paycom, Emailmoni, Nibss, Interswitch
Bank Wire Transfer


Use the questions and answers below as a guide to know more info about Bet9ja’s mobile app and mobile website version.

I downloaded the Bet9ja APK file. What if it won’t install?

How do I use the Bet9ja app?

Why does the Bet9ja app keep crashing?

Can I change the odds from Fractional to Decimal?

Will Bet9ja offer a Bet9ja iOS app?

Can I use my desktop’s account details for my Bet9ja mobile login?

Is the Bet9ja Android version available in countries other than Nigeria?

Does the mobile sports section have horse racing?

Is the mobile casino app separate from mobile sports?

Does the mobile platform have a live chat feature?

What are the other alternative ways to contact support?

Company Information

Bet9ja was first founded in 2013 and became an established name by 2015 with its online presence growing. While it is still a young platform, many customers have flocked to it, especially with the emergence of its mobile platform.

Currently, the platform is owned by KC Gaming Networks Ltd. It has a license from Nigeria by the Lagos State Lotteries Board. This makes them a legal entity for operation in all parts of Nigeria.

Conclusion and Apps’ Rating

The great thing about Bet9ja is that it knows how to please its customers with a good mobile experience. It has an interactive app, some great mobile features, and a great casino platform.

However, the very big con about this platform is that it does not have a dedicated app for iOS devices, making it not a very attractive option for iPhone and iPad users. Still, it gets a rating with such a good score.

Android App
Usability & Design
Mobile Version
Payment Methods
90%Overall Rating

Visit Bet9ja Mobile

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