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Study this step-by-step guide on how to remove my card details from Bet9ja and further tips. This bookie is committed to providing a secure platform whereby its customers can be confident their personal information, and card details are safe. However, they recognize that some customers may wish to remove card details from their accounts. Learn how to do so with our easy steps.

How to Remove my Bank/ATM Card Details from Bet9ja Account (steps)

In order to remove card details from your Bet9ja account, you will need to log into your account. After logging into your account, card removal is easily accomplished by completing each of the steps listed below:

bet9ja remove card steps
  1. Go to your Bet9ja account using 👉 this link
  2. Navigate to “Make a deposit
  3. Enter an amount to deposit to access your stored card details
  4. Select card you wish to delete
  5. Click the “X” beside the card.
  6. Delete card from Bet9ja

Can I Restore Card Details at Bet9ja?

Yes, you can restore deleted card details from Bet9ja. You will simply need to re-enter the data needed and save your bank, debit or ATM card. Usually, you will need to provide Bet9ja with your bank card ID number, expiry date and security code. Once ready, bet9ja will keep a saved copy of the data. You can choose to delete your card details from Bet9ja at a later time.


Will my saved card details be deleted if I close my Bet9ja account?

Yes, any card details you have stored at Bet9ja will automatically be deleted when closing your account.

After deleting my card details, can I re-enter and deposit using the same card at a later date?

Yes, you are free to re-enter your deleted card details and process future transactions.

When I remove my card details, will my transaction history still be available?

Yes, your transaction history is independent of the method used and will be displayed under the “Transactions” tab of your account.

Can I delete more than one card at the same time?

No, you will need to delete each card separately, but you are welcome to delete multiple cards you have stored under your account.

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