Betsafe Withdrawal Problems & How to Solve Them

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betsafe withdrawal problems
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The reasons why withdrawal issues may arise at Betsafe vary. Sometimes it is all to do with a technical problem or a bad internet connection. Sometimes, a player will experience a Betsafe withdrawal problem when they do not follow the rules of the site. Of course, delays in verification or bonus wagering breach may also result in a canceled payout request.

Withdraw from Betsafe

Unsuccessful Verification

Betsafe withdrawal problem verification

Whenever Betsafe requests verification documents from a customer, these must be provided. Until then, no withdrawals will be permitted. The verification process is relatively simple though and usually just involves uploading photos of one/two relevant documents e.g., driving licence, via your Betsafe website when logged in.

Not all players will pass verification at the first attempt after Betsafe signup. As such, increasing the time it takes before they can withdraw. The most common reason for this is uploading unclear/blurry images, or images that crop out part of the ID. It is also possible for users to upload the wrong file.


Should a document be unacceptable for any reason, you will simply be asked to try again. Upload PNG, JPG, PDF doc of 10 MB and no more with clear images.

Minimum Withdrawal Limit

When taking money out of your Betsafe account, a minimum withdrawal limit applies. Limits can vary depending on the payment method, but they will be clearly marked once a method has been selected.

You will be unable to make a withdrawal and hence have a Betsafe withdrawal delay if you enter an amount lower than the stated minimum. If your account balance is lower than the minimum and you wish to withdraw, you will need to make a deposit (this may need wagering) to take you above the threshold.


Check the withdrawal limit of Betsafe. It is usually €20 or the equivalent in another currency. Don’t try to withdraw less than this amount.

Maximum Withdrawal Limit

Betsafe withdrawal issue payout limits

As with the minimum withdrawal limits, each payment method at Betsafe comes with a maximum limit which will be clearly marked on the withdrawal page. Customers should also be aware that, as standard, no more than a total €50,000 can be withdrawn during any 24-hour period.

You will be unable to proceed with a withdrawal if it is above the stated maximum amount for that payment method. If your account balance is larger than the upper limit, simply split the amount into a few separate payments in order to withdraw the full amount.


Check to see the limits of each method allowed for Betsafe cashouts. The amount may vary. Usually it is around 50K EUR per day for most methods, however bank transfers allow more. The maximum allowed in Betsafe UK via bank wire transfer is £1 000 000, for instance.

Bad Internet Connection

If you are on a particularly poor internet connection, you may have a difficult time logging in and then navigating your way to the withdrawal page. This can force you to delay requesting a withdrawal, unless you can fix the problem there and then.


If a poor Wi-Fi signal is to blame, try using a mobile data connection instead. Either create a mobile hotspot using your smartphone, and then connect to this on your laptop/computer or simply log in to Betsafe via the smartphone itself. If a poor mobile connection is to blame, try and find a stable Wi-Fi connection but one that is password-protected rather than open to the public.

Violation of T&C

Betsafe withdrawal problem terms breach

Like with any bookmaker, there is a long list of terms and conditions players must abide by. Possible violations include things such as money laundering, collusion at poker tables, inappropriate chat messages, using a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions, having multiple accounts etc.

For most players, they are never going to do any of the things, but violations do occur. Action taken will depend on the offence but in many cases players that break the rules will have their accounts suspended, limiting their ability to withdraw. Additionally, if there are any damages incurred, Betsafe reserve the right to deduct these from a player’s balance.


If you want problem-free betsafe payouts with no cancellations or delays, simply follow the rules of the bookmaker.

Suspicious Activity

Betsafe take their anti-money laundering policies seriously so they are always on the look-out for any unusual activity. This is why they may require players to wager a previous deposit in part, or in full, before approving a withdrawal. If there are fears that an account is being used for fraudulent activity or money laundering, withdrawals can be rejected.

Your account will remain blocked or locked and you will have no access to your money.


Should you encounter a Betsafe withdrawal issue due to security check, try to assist the bookmaker. If you are innocent of suspicious activity, the operator will unblock your account and you will be able to request cash out once again.

Wagering Requirements

Betsafe withdrawal issue bonus breach

One of the most common withdrawal issues at any online casino is a failure to meet the wagering requirements for a bonus you have claimed. You should be able to see any wagering or rollover required in the My Account area or possibly via the bonus itself. If not, customer service can help.


To resolve this issue you simply need to complete the rollover as per the terms of whatever offer you claimed. Note that game, time or other restrictions may apply.


Who should I contact if I have a Betsafe withdrawal problem?

It is best to turn to the support for any Betsafe withdrawal issues.

If I choose to withdraw at Betsafe via card, must it be in my name?

Yes, all payment methods used for deposits & withdrawals should always belong to the player named on the account.

Is there a limit on how many Betsafe withdrawals I can make?

Not as such, but when reaching 25+ approved withdrawals per calendar month, these may incur a fee of 2% of the transaction amount or €5 (whichever is higher).

Can I withdraw using a different payment method than the one used for the deposit?

All withdrawals must be made via the same payment method unless this is not possible, or Betsafe have approved otherwise.

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