What is My Betway Account Number?

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Betway account number
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To keep track of their players, Betway bookmaker and casino assigns each member an account number. In case you are wondering what is my Betway account number, it is a multi-digit personal numerical ID used for data collection purposes after registration to ensure transactions are applied correctly to your account.

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How Do I Get a Betway Account No?

What is my Betway account number

How do I get a Betway account number starts with signing up. Upon Betway account opening, the bookmaker will give you a unique 11-digit number. This will be clearly visible in My Profile. The number of your account is one of a kind and is similar to a fingerprint that matches only 1 IP and ID.

  1. Enter your personal details
  2. Complete the Account Information section.
  3. Fill in your contact details.
  4. Enter your industry and job category.
  5. Agree to the terms and click “Continue”.
  6. You will now see a pop-up message with your Betway account no

Example What is My Betway Account Number

I decided to open a new account at Betway South Africa. So I registered as a new player. After signup was complete, a pop-up containing a welcoming message appeared. Betway.co.za thanked me for registering on the site. There was a button that would take me to the Deposit section or I could disregard the message if I decided to deposit later. In this thanking message, I could see my new Betway account NO.

What is my Betway account number South Africa?
  • 3440730824

How to Check Betway Account Number

how to check my Betway account number

How to check my Betway account no. is an easily accomplished task that begins with logging into your Betway account. Once logged in, you can check “my Betway account number” by doing the following:

  1. Clicking “Customer Hub
  2. Select “Update Details” from the list of menu options.
  3. The Betway account number will be displayed here.

Why Do I Need a Number for My Account?

The reasons why you need a number for your account are quite simple. The primary reason is an account number is unlike an email address, meaning it cannot be changed or compromised. Moreover, as we have stated, a numbered account is specific to your account and automatically assigned when you registered at Betway.

Its purpose of importance is used when imputing withdrawal requests and, similarly, when contacting support. By entering your Betway account no., the operator is able to ensure transactions get processed to the correct account, and support is able to access your information to assist you with your query better.

Can I Change my Betway Account Number?

How to change my Betway account number

You are unable to change the Betway account number as each member is assigned a personalized number that is specific to their region. Additionally, as Betway does not allow multiple or duplicate accounts, the Betway account numbers that are signed remain with the player for life, even if they opt to delete or close their Betway account.

However, you can update your personal details, such as your email address, home address and mobile number, by contacting Betway support. The most efficient way to do this is via email, and within the body of the email, you should include your current personal details and the changes you wish to have updated.


If I close and reopen my account, will I have the same Betway account number?

Yes, if you close your account and reopen it, your Betway account number will remain the same.

How do I reset my Betway account password?

Navigate to the Betway home page, and click “Forget Password”.

Do I need to enter my Betway account number to make a withdrawal?

No, you do not need to enter Betway account number to make a withdrawal manually.

Can I ask Betway what is my account number?

Yes, you can reach out to Betway customer support via email at support@betway.com or live chat.

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  1. Amogelang
    I need help updating my details on betway since I lost my phone so can you assist
    1. Samuel Karugu

      Hi Amogelang,

      You can also log in using your national ID number. Did you try that?

      Sammy, SB team

    I logged into beltway and I wanted to make payment via GTB *737*50* AMOUNT*285# and I was asked for my ID but I couldn't find it one the screen and I can'tremember it.My phone number is 09091394940
    1. Samuel Karugu


      Did you look for your SA ID? You need it all the time if you want to use Betway account the right way.

      Let us know if you need assistance with your payment processing so we can contact betway on your behalf.

      Sammy, SB team

  3. Ifaa Sabaa
    Please need helpMy betway account is not working I open but not working
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Ifaa,

      You say you open the account. What does it say when you are logged in?

      I will need more details to help you.

      Sammy, SB team
  4. Stanley
    I can't sign up cause bet way say I already have an account
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Stanley,

      It is probably true that you already have an account. It might be possible that someone used your ID and opened it without your knowledge.

      Try to write Betway an official email with all details for further assistance.

      Sammy, SB team
  5. Tshegofatso
    I lost my old same card...so l need to change my betway number
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Tshegofatso,

      To change the number, contact betway via live chat or email. You will need to give them the same email address you used when you registered on their site.

      Try it and see if it works. If not write to us for help again.

      Kate, SB team
  6. Tshegofatso
    I ask for my betway account
  7. Jeanette Sebopejta
    I need to change my bank ACC no only account number not changing bank
  8. Nhathy
    I lost my old number so now I need to change into this one I'm using nw
  9. Phelelani Francis Lushaba
    I need your help about my account someone is used my account betway my number is 063****
  10. Basebi
    I lost my phone number I want to change my betway number
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hello Basebi

      Read this article on how to change phone number.


      Contact the support of betway for more help,
      Kate SB team
  11. Katerina Gadzheva
    Staff Member
    Hello Athini,

    We have an article helping you change phone number on betway - here is a link
    https://silentbet.com/betway/how-to-change-number/Hope this helps,
    Kate SB team
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