How to Change Number on Betway – Update Phone Number

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Betway how to change number
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Your contact number serves as a special identification for your active Betway account and you may not be able to change it by yourself. The good news is that in case you have a new number and need to change it at Betway, you will be able to do it on your own or with the help of the support team. In most cases, you will need to contact customer support first and declare that you need to change your contact number. Then, you need to follow a specific procedure that we have tested and described for you.

Change Betway number

Change your Contact Number – Steps

Betway uses your contact number as a special account identification code in some locations. Unlike in other casinos, where you can access your account and change the details by yourself immediately, Betway has a rather different approach at times. Note that even customer support may not be authorised to change your contact number either. Which leaves us with two alternatives.


Update Betway Contact Number On My Own

Here is the process that needs to be followed if you can modify betway number on your own. After you register to Betway, you will have access to your profile with login.

Change number betway
  1. Go to Login and then My Account
  2. Open the Profile tab.
  3. Insert a new telephone number.
  4. Click Update to save the changes.
  5. Wait for the confirmation code and apply it.
  6. Re-activate your account and you are ready to bet.

Contact Support for Help

If your betway account is linked to your phone number, you won’t be allowed to update your telephone by yourself. In these cases, you will need to ask the support team for assistance.

How to contact betway
  1. Once you have your new number, you will have to create a new Betway account with the new number.
  2. You need to be sure that your new account is fully verified. You have to provide the required documents.
  3. Then, you need to contact customer support and say that you will have to change your contact number.
  4. The support will check if your new account is verified.
  5. Then, the detail and fund from your old account will be transferred to the new one with the new credentials.

Is It Always Possible to Change Number on Betway?

No, in most cases, you will not be able to access your Betway account, enter the settings section and simply change your phone number. As long as it is used as a special identification number for your account, you will have to change it only if it is absolutely necessary.

Plus, if you wonder if you can change betway number of your accountthe answer is no. Your account no. will remain the same until you delete your profile.

Which Countries Allow Betway Contact Number Change?

As we said it won’t be possible to change betway account number. However, you can add a new phone number for contact. Let’s now take a look which locations allow for an edit in your personal profile info, and in particular your telephone number.


za flag
Can I Change Betway Number in South Africa?

In most cases, customers from all countries will be able to change their number on Betway following the process that we have described above. The same applies to punters from South Africa who have active accounts at Betway.


gh flag
Can I Change Betway Number in Ghana?

Players from Ghana who want to correct their number on Betway will have to follow the same process. A new account needs to be verified using the new number; then players need to contact customer support to be able to complete the process.


zm flag
Can I Change Betway Number in Zambia?

Players from Zambia who wonder how to change number on Betway will also be required to get in touch with the support representatives. Most likely, Zambian customers will have to go through the special process of changing the number.


ng flag
Can I Change Betway Number in Nigeria?

Nigerian punters will also be required to create new Betway accounts to be able to change their number in case this is necessary. Mobile gambling in this country is extremely popular and often players need to change their account numbers.


tz flag
Can I Change Betway Number in Tanzania?

If you have registered as a player from Tanzania, once again, the changing of the number will have to be done once you contact customer support and follow the special procedure.


us flag
Can I Change Betway Number in New Jersey USA?

The process for changing the number in Betwa for players in the USA also required that you contact the support representatives via e-mail.


More Locations

Know that, in most cases, players from other countries will also have to follow the same procedure if they need to change their number at Betway. The operator has a strict policy when it comes to changing your number details and it applies to all jurisdictions.

Can You Change Your Number at Betway
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Yes ✅
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Yes ✅
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Yes ✅
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Yes ✅
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Yes ✅
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Yes ✅
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Yes ✅
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Yes ✅


Why should I change my contact number on my Betway account?

You can change the number if you made a mistake when signing up or if you bought a new phone and now have a new number.

How long does it take to change your number on Betway?

It will take approximately 24 hours to contact support, ask for phone number update and verify it again.

Do I need to open a new Betway account with a new number?

No, you cannot have two active betway accounts. Simply update the personal profile information of your existing account.

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  1. Nomalibongwe
    I want to change my betway account my name and surname coz I can write my name wrong so I want to write correct Nomalibongwe Yonga
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Nomalibongwe,

      Did you contact betway? Send them a message at if they do not respond via live chat.

      Sammy, SB team
  2. Gontse
    I forgot my betway cell phone number so I wanna change them
  3. Tonis
    I want to change phone number
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Tonis,
      Can you give us more details?
  4. Evonia moeketsi
    I need to change my number Im no longer use the number i login with
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Evonia moeketsi,

      You can recover login using your SA ID.

      Sammy, SB team
  5. Martha Mothibedi
    I Can't Reset My Password And When I Register A New Account It Says My Identity Number Already Exist
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Martha Mothibedi,

      How come you cannot reset your password? Did you try using your SA ID?

      Let me know some more details so I can try to help.

      Sammy, SB team
  6. Sifiso
    I need to change my number
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Sifiso,

      Change number for login? Then use the forgot login to type in your national ID number. Then you can put your new phone number.

      Tell me how it goes.

      Sammy, SB team
  7. Thabile Fortunate
    Hi I need help I once have account with bet way I forgot my old contact number now I'm using new one can someone assist
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Thabile Fortunate,

      If you have e new phone number but you still use the same email address as before just click Forgot Username, give valid ID number and your first and last name. Then you can use the new username to log in.

      Hope this helps,

      Sammy, SB team
  8. Thabo
    I once registered with betways but I made a mistake by writing a Wrong number I wrote 0742561171 instead of 0712561171.. Please help to change my cellphone number to 0712561171
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Thabo,

      So I see you made a typo when entering your mobile number. Is your account now locked?

      If so - sent an email to betway right away.

      Here is a sample email template you can use for free: unlock betway account

      Tell me how it goes.

      Sammy, SB team
  9. Sello
    Update my phone number
    1. Samuel Karugu
      Hi Sello,

      Log in using email and then update phone number from your profile.

      Good luck,

      Sammy, SB team
  10. molatlhegi moagi
    how to update my phone number
    1. Samuel Karugu

      Since we are not sure where you are from try contact Betway - a full list of Betway contacts around the world is here (ranked by country).

      We hope this helps.

      Sammy, SB team
  11. Isaac
    I have forgot my phone number
  12. Leopela Mofolo
    Lost Number new Number 06920****
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hello Leopela Mofolo,

      We took the trouble of hiding your number so you may remain anonymous online (for your own protection.)

      Send an email to and add your name and your number in the body.

      Good luck,
      Kate SB team
    2. Mlungisi Madonsela
      Lost old number 0815912078 now i want use a new number 0788294489 please i need you help
      1. Samuel Karugu
        Hi Mlungisi Madonsela,

        Where do you want to access betway from? Telling us your country will help.

        Sammy, SB team
        1. Succeed
          Hi please help I need to change my number i lost the one which i was using on my Betway account
          1. Samuel Karugu
            Hi Succeed,

            You may use your national ID and recover your account.

            Write to betway for further help if there are any problems.

            Good luck!
            Sammy, SB team
      2. Thabo
        I once register with a wrong number instead of typing 071 I typed 074 now I can't log in pls help.
  13. Shipolene
    Lost number
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