List of Betway Contacts – Email, Helpline Number, Live Chat

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💬 Live ChatLink here
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📞 Telephone0808 238 9841 or +44 207 062 5466
📍 Address9 Empire Stadium Street, Gzira, GZR 1300, Malta

It took us 2 days and 3 people from the Silentbet team to compile this list of Betway contact points around the world. This article details all ways to get in touch with this bookmaker – by email, phone or chat. We have also included social channels, current address, and helpful info about each contact method with the Betway support team for March 2024.

Get in touch

How Can I Contact Betway Support – Steps

The site does not have an easy-to-access Contact Us page. Instead, what you will have to do is launch the Helpline page of Betway. From then on you will need to follow the steps detailed below.

How to contact betway
  1. Go to the official Betway site and click on the Help link at the footer.
  2. BetwayHelp will load. It details lots of topics you might be interested in.
  3. Load any article and scroll to the bottom.
  4. At the end of the page, you will see a section with the question Do you need more help?
  5. Click Yes and a new quick link will appear – Click here to contact us
  6. You will need to log in to your betway account for full access to the contact page.

List of All Betway Email Addresses

betway email address

A much-preferred way to get in contact with Betway is via their email address. As the brand operates in multiple jurisdictions around the world, our Betway contact details email list for 2024 focuses on countries where the site works.

Betway Emails by Country
gb flag
us flag
za flag
South Africa
mw flag
tz flag
ug flag
gh flag
zm flag
ng flag
br flag
pt flag
se flag
fi flag
it flag
es flag
dk flag
bg flag

Betway Numbers – Whatsapp & Helpline

betway telephone

The last known number of Betway UK was from a Tweet thread back in 2015 by Betway Support. The Betway number in question given at the time was 0808 238 9841 (can also be used as a Whatsapp number).

For now, though, the UK site lists this number – +44 207 062 5466 as the only other alternative to answer queries via live chat or email. The working hours of the telephone support are Monday to Sunday 8 am til midnight. Here are other international Betway helpline numbers.

Betway Phone Numbers by Country
gb flag
+44 207 062 5466
za flag
South Africa
0861 787 250
mw flag
+265 891 006 472
gh flag
+233 54 431 5496
zm flag
+260 96 107 1324
ng flag
+234 1227 8860
br flag
800 814 05
pt flag
968 728 622
se flag
0200 880 161
us flag
USA (*New Jersey)

Betway Live Chat

betway live chat

Betway UK live chat is only open to logged-in members. You can launch the chat from 8 am up until midnight any day of the week. The process is pretty straightforward.

betway automated chat
  1. Launch the chat and provide your preferred name
  2. Hit the Submit button and you will start a chat
  3. Betway automated support will assist you at first
  4. The bot will guide you through several topics of discussion (i.e. Sports betting)
  5. An instant automated response will appear as soon as you select a sub-topic (i.e. BetYourWay)
  6. From then on you have two options – to click YES or Go Back
  7. Go Back literally means starting the same sequence over again
  8. Click Yes and the bot will bid you goodbye and close the chat

That being said if you live in New Jersey in the USA, live chat is open to visitors, too. Plus, you get to talk with a real person and not a bot!

Social Media Accounts of Betway

Do not underestimate the importance of social media. Follow betway socials to stay in the loop of all exciting and new betting options and bonuses. Here is an up-to-date list of Betway socials for 2024.

Betway in the Socials
YouTube Channel

Headquarters Address (Map View)

The registered address of Betway Ltd is in Malta. The full address for any correspondence is 9 Empire Stadium Street, Gzira, GZR 1300, Malta. You can see the exact headquarter address in the Google Map below.

Who Can Get in Touch with the Customer Care Team?

who can contact betway

It depends on the country where you access Betway from. In the UK the Customer Care team is minimum. Live chat is operated by a bot, which some people may find annoying. Also, chat is only accessible after login. In other words, you will need to open an account and register with Betway to ask them a question.

The same is not valid for Betway in some other European, Asian, and African countries. Notable exceptions to the rule above include the Betway contact for New Jersey (USA), South Africa, Ghana, India, Brazil, and Portugal.

Bottom Line: Betway Contact Details

All in all, looking to make contact with Betway appears to be harder than we would have liked. Getting in touch with the customer care team in the UK is almost impossible. The good news is that the site does operate in many different territories globally. We were pleasantly surprised by the New Jersey Betway support team. The contact page for is also top-notch. Ultimately, 24/7 support is possible for some of the betway domains.


How to get to Betway contact page?

If you cannot find the Contact Us page go to Betway Help instead.

When is the live chat of Betway working?

Depends on your location. Most chats operate around the clock. The UK chat is open 8 in the morning till midnight.

How to find the correct Betway number?

We have listed several numbers for Betway helpline. Try the ones here and see which one is working for your location.

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  1. Amanda G
    I'm in New Zealand and have been having so many problems especially with contacting betway.Mu username is Goody81 I did a Wothdrawl on 3rd November. Got email saying paid. Then 3 days later another email my payment wasn't paid. I went to my acc changed payment details. (I've withdrawn before and the only difference was my banking details were listed twice. But both were absolutely correct)I've sat here trying to contact live chat because auto robot only tells me go live chat anyway. The customer service person said change acc details so I did that again. On chat she said yep done. The
    Read more
    n asked me to re send in bank statement and copy of cars used and also ID.I sent that got another email my documents received and will email if need anything else. That was over a week ago. I've emailed bak to email addresses that have sent me bak this is not monitored. I've replied to other email for documents and have had no replies at all. Trying to get on live chat Is honestly the most time consuming waste of energy I've had to deal with and after weeks of this and still nothing from betway at all I really feel like I'm gonna delete my acc and make an official complaint. I'm not sure what else to do
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Amanda G

      I see that you have trouble with contacting betway. It is a recurrent problem. I am not a fan of the live chat bot either.

      Did you try a more direct approach? Why not leave them a message on Twitter @betwaysupport by adding the tag @betwaysupport on your tweet.

      Also, check out their Trustpilot page (here is a link: ) as you can see from other comments, Betway responds to all reviewers.
      Hope this helps, Kate
  2. Jacyntha Misomali
    Receiving no joy. Pls can you let me know why we cant access betway malawi today
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Jacyntha Misomali,

      We checked and the Malawi site of Betway is back live. It was down due to technical reason. See screenshot:

      Betway Malawi website
      We also added the Betway Malawi contacts in this article.

      Kate, SB team
  3. sanjay bhandari
    My username is sk_1988 from India. You have ceased betway in India last end of the month. You should have told us before ceasing in India. I had my outstanding balance around 20k in betway. It's been 2 week. But you haven't responded. You are doing fraud to all users which are from India. That's not good enough. Which number and email u r giving us. They are fake. Number is not connecting and email is computerized. So don't do that bull shit to us(india). Please return our money back. Or it will become a fraud case.
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi sanjay bhandari,

      We opened the Betway site from India, it lists this email and it promises to return any outstanding balance to customers who contact them.

      See image: Betway closed in India

      So do that as soon as possible.

      Let us know how it goes.

      Kate, SB team
    I'm not about ur service these days
  5. Narayanan
    Betway is closed in Indian on 02-Oct-2023. I have not received my outstanding balance of 2,20,000 INR yet to my bank account. Please help.
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hey, Narayanan.

      As I mentioned before, you can directly contact Betway (India) from here:

      📧 Email
      📞 Telephone 0808 238 9841 or +44 207 062 5466
  6. Manikandan
    Am withdraw my amount 10000 on 28 aug but still now not credited my account and one more yesterday am deposit 5000 but still now not credited our balance what's this
    1. Atanas Tanev
      Project Manager
      Hello Manikandan,

      Write an email detailing all info with the correct dates and your account number to betway? Find the correct email addresses you need here.

      Tell us how it goes,
      Atanas, SB team
  7. Satish Patil
    I have withdrawal of 45 500 rupees The withdrawal was successful in their apk on 23 Rd but the amount of 45 500 is not credited yet please help
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hello Satish,

      Did you write an email to betway? All email addresses are listed here. Get in touch with the support for help.

      Best of luck,
      Kate, SB team
  8. Nilesh
    I won bet but amount is not credited my wallet
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Nilesh,

      Check if first there was no technical issue with the site or whether the bet (market) was not cancelled before the settlement of your betslip.

      If this is not the case, check all email contacts of betway on this list here and send an email with your complaint directly to betway support.

      Best of luck,
      Kate, SB team
  9. Sajangarg
    In 20/5/2033 , time 03.24pm I have added 1000 rupees to Betway sports from Google pay to UPI Patel Shitalben 39378848@hdfcbank -HDFC0000001, SEND IR DEPOSIT ID the UPI transaction ID 314093076641. But cash is not deposited in Betway sports account , account shown zero balancePlease refund my money
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member

      Please send this message to so they can help you with your issue.

  10. Chilusani mahesh
    Deposit amount not credit in my wallet more than three days gone live chat not respond plz add my amount early.
  11. LOKANATH9743957771
    i have withdraw rs 5000 at 19th u r said success, but today today 25th still not credited to my Account
  12. Ankit
    I deposit today moarnig amt.1000 in india My upi ref no is. 309204552784I pay from scan qr but after tht i submit utr no thn show error no forward next process So plz chek
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Ankit,

      Send an email with this message to

      Make sure to include your Login Details (username / email / account number).

      Get in touch with us again for further assistance.

      Kate, SB
  13. Renash
    Deposit not reflecting
    1. Katerina Gadzheva
      Staff Member
      Hi Renash,

      Send an email with your issue to

      Kate SB team
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