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From Abbas Pornour
Hi there .
I’ve been using 1xbet for almost 3-4 years .
I have deposited between 1-2 million dollars in total but as a high stake gambler im telling you to stay the fuck away from this bookmaker at all cost !
First of all i have to tell you i reside in a restricted country (IRAN) which is by international law (and the country’s law) is prohibited in online gambling .
The international law is about FATF/AML which iran didn’t accept and got sanctioned (any financial services to iran is listed above terrorist support unless proven otherwise)
And the country Supreme court stated many times that gambling for iranian citizens are prohibited and only a few gambling activities are legal and have license (horse riding – swimming) .

1xbet states in their T&C that they would not accept people from prohibited countries (in my case they did) .
Curaçao (CEG) (Their Authority licensor) states clearly in their T&C that IRAN is blacklisted and no bookmaker under their license shall accept people from this country .
When i registered in their website , i choose Bangladesh as my country since iran wasn’t available.
After few days they asked me for verification of my identity , i provided all my Iranian documents and waited for them to somehow reject me and tell me to withdraw my money ASAP but surprisingly they accepted me and even provided me exclusive payment methods only available for Iran !!
That’s against their T&C – International laws – and their authority (CEG) T&C .
During my experience in 1xbet , i had 6 betslips with 100k USD on each of them which i won , but after winning 1xbet changed the odds of my bets to 1.01 (refund) .
I asked them many times by email to different departments but all i received was (Due to our T&C we can change the odds of betslips whenever we want without informing the player)
Which made me furious!!

Since i brought this up to their authority (CEG) they decided to completely delete my account without my notice , so i guess 1xbet and CEG wants to continue to provide financial services to Iran without getting exposed for that .

I hereby request them to refund all my deposits , the case will be a class-action in curaçao (Netherlands supreme court) for their licensor and the bookmaker .

Stay away from 1xbet
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  1. Katerina Gadzheva
    Staff Member

    Hi Abbas Pornour,

    We tried to escalate your issue with 1xbet but they remain unresponsive. We label your complaint as Failed.

    We will keep trying to get the issue resolved but cannot promise a date yet.

    Katerina, SB team

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