Amount not credited – Betfinal (09-07-2022)

Disputed CasinoBetfinal
Disputed Amount10 USD
ReasonAmount not credited
From Coventry Storage
The problem with Betfinal is you have to contact them after you made a deposit for them to credit your balance. Which is absurd. The recent 2 deposits I made (by Interact; a form of direct payment used in Canada), the amount wasn’t credited to my balance. I had to contact them the 1st time, took 4 days for them to finally credit my balance, and now a second time. Both were small amounts. Got an email each time from my bank confirming the deposits were successful seconds after I made the deposit but took days to show up in my Betfinal account (still waiting for the second $10). No other sportsbooks works this way, when Interact process the deposit, it shows within seconds within your balance but at Betfinal tooks days. The first time, I chat with them 3-4 times, and sent an email to their helpdesk. The helpdesk never returned my query. I just noticed after 4 days the deposit I had made was finally credited. I thought they would learn from this and fix the issue they had, but the problem is happening again. I contacted them before, more than once on this, still fail to rectify the issue. I gave them ample time to rectify the issue before writing this review. If you cannot process Interact instantly like other books, don’t offer it as a deposit method. Get it right, or not at all. And if Betfinal is reading, don’t tell me to contact customer service *again* as I have done several times on this issue if you count both instances my balance wasn’t credited instantly after the Interact successful confirmation. What you could do is credit and refund my balance and at least apologize for all reviewers to see. This is an amateur book.
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