Common Reasons That Lead to Disputes with Online Casinos

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Leading to the most common reasons have to do with problems with your player’s account, your winnings, or your bonuses.

  • #1 Declined Payout
  • #2 Rigged Games
  • #3 Bonus Cancellation
  • #4 Failed Verification
  • #5 Account Suspension
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Katerina Gadzheva, Casino Reviewer and Writer
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I have been playing on online casinos for more than a decade. My personal experience shows that there are certain steps you can take to resolve casino disputes. Before you take things further see the most common complaints reasons and how to avoid getting in such dire circumstances if possible.
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Let’s take a better look at each one below:

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1. Declined Payout

The casino’s refusal to pay out the player’s winnings is among the most common issues. Comments on our site and other review platforms like TrustPilot are flooded with negative reviews, saying a casino is a scam because they refuse to pay out.

Why is your withdrawal request still pending, delayed or declines? Maybe you forgot to verify your ID first; maybe you are trying to withdraw money locked for bonus wagering; maybe you are asking to take out more money than the maximum cap allowed. If it is neither of these things, look at the solutions below.

👉 Solution: Make a complaint on our site or post a negative comment on Trustpilot (especially if the brand is known to respond to negative comments) or the casino’s social network profiles.

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2. Rigged Games

Finding rigged games that will cheat you out of your bets is almost impossible, as all games by reputable online casinos are provably fair and use RNGs. This is, of course, unless you deal with rogue casino sites blacklisted by observant players or casino comparison sites like Silentbet.

👉 Solution: Check the reputation of the casino before you sign up and only play games that are powered by recognized software providers.

Has this ever happened to you?

3. Bonus Cancellation

Some casino sites will suddenly make your bonus void for no apparent reason. Usually, they will quote a bonus terms breach as what prompted the removal of your bonus money.

👉 Solution: Contact customer support by email and live chat as soon as possible so you can react while the bonus is still valid. Once it expires, there will be little left to do.

Has this ever happened to you?

4. Failed Verification

Having your KYC verification delayed or denied will mean you not having access to the withdrawal section. Unless you lied about your identity, age or address during registration, there is nothing the casino to do to prevent a successful Know Your Customer procedure.

👉 Solution: Normally, you can submit verification documents an unlimited number of times. So do so while following the instructions about the format, maximum size, and clarity of your copies.

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5. Account Suspension

Maybe the worst-case scenario is the casino blocking your account and refusing to give you back access to it. This is especially true if they do not inform you as to why they decided to lock your profile in the first place.

Reasons why they do it:

  • Inactivity: you haven’t logged in to your profile for 3, 6, or more months, which, according to the site terms, may result in the casino suspending your account.
  • Random safety check: sometimes casino do random checks to prove legitimacy of accounts, meaning the suspension is only temporary.
  • Suspicion of money laundering: we always advise players not to request withdrawal too often or for too big a sum. This alerts the casino and they are bound by law to perform a detailed investigation and lock your account in the process.
  • VPN use: getting caught using an IP-changing software of any kind means you try to access a casino not regulated in your jurisdiction. This is against the law and will result in immediate bans.

👉 Solution: We advise patience and lack of panic on your part. It is probably a simple solution if you are not guilty of any of the shady schemes we listed above. You can either contact the email support of the casino, submit a complaint with Silentbet or get some answers on forums like Quora or Reddit.

Has this ever happened to you?
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