How to Resolve Disputes with Online Casinos – 5 Ways

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Players often have disputes with online casinos. How to resolve such dispute points? There are several things you can do to take action and not simply wait for the problem to get resolved on its own. You have to be proactive to get the issue dealt with promptly.

Here are 5 ways to resolve disputes with casinos online:

  • #1 Talk With The Casino Support Team
  • #2 Try To Reach Out By Other Unconventional Means
  • #3 Submit an Official Complaint
  • #4 Ask for Help from Official Gambling Bodies or Independent Organizations
  • #5 Go to Court
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No matter what the reasons for online casino disputes are, you are in control. Don’t assume someone is on your side in these dire times. I suggest you take things into your own hands by following the steps below.
steps to resolve casino disputes

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#1 Talk With The Casino Support Team

Talking to the customer support team of the casino is the first step to resolving a dispute. Our advice is to be prepared before you try to get in touch. We suggest:

  • State your innocence in writing. Make it a document you can easily attach in an email or send via live chat.
  • Prepare all evidence to back up your claim. Get screenshots, chat transcripts, betting or browser history on the ready.
  • Include any details like dates, witnesses, and so on to build your case.
  • Calm down and control your temper. No one will pay much attention to you if you act impulsively and clearly affected or hurt by the situation. Be alert and of sober mind at all times.

Once you check all the items above it is time to reach out to the casino representative. Live chat is the quickest, but we suggest sending everything by email as well. Also, keep all chat transcripts and email replies backed up in case you need them to escalate the problem further.

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#2 Try To Reach Out By Other Unconventional Means

It may sound a bit like stalking, but getting a response from a casino will work best by addressing your issues on the social media, in forums, or directly on review platforms like TrustPilot. Why? Casino brands who want to keep their reputation intact will address your negative comment and try to solve the dispute as soon as possible.

Remember to use only the casino’s official channels. Tag them, use hashtags, anything to get their attention.

The well-known operators will usually reply to dispute accusations within a day of seeing their name in the mud.

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#3 Submit an Official Complaint

As a partner to some of the leading online casinos, Silentbet is equipped to help you handle any disputes you may have. Head to our Submit a Complaint page, choose a casino and then the reason for disputing it. We allow for anonymous complaints.

The best way to do so is to send us detailed info about the problem along with your email (the one you used to register in the casino with) and account ID or username.

Silentbet will then talk with a casino representative on your behalf. We will either leave your complaint open, resolve it, or give you reasons why we cannot resolve it.

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#4 Ask for Help from Official Gambling Bodies or Independent Organizations

No one wants to deal with the authorities, but in case of casino disputes gone wrong it might be inevitable. So, here’s what you need to ascertain first – the corresponding regulatory body for gambling in your location. Check casino licensing organizations by country and get in touch with them.

For instance, the UKGC has its own complaint procedure in place. They use a Resolver tool. (Source)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Providers with a Seal of Approval

Another alternative is to find independent organizations that resolve casino-client disputes. Here are some examples:

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#5 Go to Court

Going by the letter of the law is your last resort. So, escalating a dispute and facing an online casino in court is the last possible step if nothing else works. Be prepared to spend a lot of time and money if you take up the challenge. Here’s what you will need to do:

  • Find a lawyer who specializes in casino disputes
  • Build a solid case with first-rate evidence
  • Be prepared to wait for months for a decision to be reached
  • The casino can always appeal if they are not happy with the outcome
  • There is a strong chance you will lose your case no matter how strong you fought
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