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Whether you want to opt for another gambling site or quit betting altogether, choosing to delete your betting account is normal. The good news is that most operators, including Parimatch, have simplified the entire process making it easy for their clients to leave whenever they want. You should, however, note that the account deletion process differs depending on the sportsbook. Keep reading to find out how to cancel your Parimatch account with our complete guide.

Steps On How to Delete Your Parimatch Account 2022

Deleting your Parimatch gambling account is simple, especially if you use the right steps. To continue, confirm you want to delete your Parimatch account permanently and after that, follow the procedure below:

Parimatch login steps
  1. Go to 👉 Parimatch login and Account setting then open your email account.
  2. Click ‘new email’ or ‘compose
  3. Enter the Parimatch customer support email: in the recipient box.
  4. Create an email with the subject stating you want to delete your account.
  5. Include reasons why you wish to delete your account.
  6. Send the email and wait for a reply.
  7. Delete Parimatch Account

The operator may take up to 48 hours to reply to your email. You should also note that you can contact Parimatch customer support using live chat. Lastly, make sure you use the email you registered with to cancel your account. This will streamline the process.

Can I Close My Parimatch Account on My Own?

No, you cannot delete your Parimatch account alone. You will need to contact the customer support team and ask them to do it for you. There is no Delete button in your Account settings at Parimatch that you can activate from your profile. Alternatively, you can stop using your Parimatch account for 6 months and more. Being inactive will result in the deletion of your account automatically.

Reasons Why Delete Your Parimatch Account

Bettors at Parimatch may have different reasons for closing their accounts. The most common ones are listed below. Delete your Parimatch betting account if you:

  • don’t like the products and services any more
  • want to take a break away from gambling online
  • have too many bookmaker accounts
  • cannot keep your bettings under control by imposing self-limits


Will I lose my betting history after deleting my Parimatch account?

Yes, you will lose your betting history after deleting your Parimatch account.

Can I open another Parimatch account in the future after closing my current betting account?

Yes, you can open a new Parimatch account in the future after deleting your account.

Must I use the email I registered the account with to close my account?

Yes, you must use the email you registered the account with to close your account.

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