Stake Monthly Bonus – $200k in Rewards

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Stake monthly bonuses
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The monthly giveway bonus at Stake casino is a reward accessible to registered clients who use Stake’s services. There are different kinds of monthly rewards that promise up to $200k in bonuses.

This promo campaign is run every single month. At the moment the Stake monthly bonus September 2022 is active. Learn how to take part.

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How to Claim the Monthly Bonus on

To participate in the monthly giveaway for the September bonus on, you have to:

Stake VIP progress track
  1. Register and verify your email address.
  2. Start wagering so you can become a part of the VIP club.
  3. Track your progress daily
  4. Check your email to see whether you’ve received something.

Remember that Stake does not allow clients to change their monthly bonuses. In other words, you won’t be able to swap the coupon for a reload promotion or vise-versa.

When is Stake’s Monthly Bonus

Stake monthly giveaway

Stake’s monthly bonus 2022 is sent out once a month. The gambling operator provides these rewards at a random date usually in the middle of the month, so players have to check when it becomes available. They can do that by keeping an eye on the notifications, as long as they have verified emails.

Aside from verifying your email, you should also not unsubscribe from the company’s emails. This will allow Stake to contact you and let you know if you’ve won one of the many monthly rewards for December or any other month.

When is the next Stake monthly bonus date
  • Current montly giveaway: September 2022

How Much is the Stake Casino Monthly Bonus?

Stake casino monthly bonus

The Stake casino monthly bonus can reach from 10 000 USD to 200 000 USD. The sum depends on your VIP level, as well as the recent amount you’ve used to bet. As expected, active players who use Stake’s services will receive a better monthly reward than others. So, don’t be surprised if your reward for January is not as high as someone else’s who spent more money and has a higher VIP level.

Speaking of the devil, Stake has an intriguing VIP program of multiple levels. Each one provides a variety of perks, including different monthly rewards. For instance, the bonus we got for August was around 5000 USD.

How much is the monthly bonus stake?
  • ~$200k +

What will the Monthly Stake Bonus Give me Access To?

The monthly Stake bonus will come in two forms:

  • Reload bonus
  • Coupon

If you get the second option, you will have a stake monthly bonus link at the bottom of your email that you have to click. On the other hand, those who receive a reload bonus for June or another month will need to go to the VIP section and find the reload tab to receive their reward.

The reload bonus can be daily, hourly, or even every 10 mins. This means you have to visit Stake’s site to claim your bonus.

Monthly Bonus Terms and Conditions

Whether you get a reward from Stake for March or any other month of the year in 2021 & 2022, it will have specific conditions that you must know, such as:

  • The reward itself (as mentioned, you can get a reload bonus or a coupon)
  • The reward’s duration
  • How much you’ve got and the things you can use the extra funds for
  • Other applicable rules

Regardless of the monthly bonus from Stake, you have to read the rules before you start using it. Every betting sports betting and casino promotion has its specific conditions you must know, and these offers are no exception.

Is There a Stake Monthly Bonus Calculator?

No, there is no Stake monthly bonus calculator that you can use for November or any other month. As mentioned a couple of times, the reward you will get is based on two factors:

  1. VIP Level
  2. Recent Wagers

In other words, the more active you are and the more you bet, the higher reward you can get. There have been some discussions on Stake’s forum regarding the monthly bonuses and their amount, but no one has a calculator for them.


Can I read more about Stake’s monthly bonus from Reddit?

Yes, you could read more about Stake’s monthly bonuses from Reddit, but the information there is provided by individuals rather than the operator itself.

When does Stake do monthly bonuses?

Stake releases its monthly bonuses randomly, so you must keep an eye on when the reward becomes available.

Will Stake announce any information about its monthly bonuses on Twitter?

Stake offer shares different information on Twitter regarding some of its bonuses, so you may learn new things about the monthly bonuses. However, you will learn the ins and outs of these rewards by checking your email.

Why is the daily reward from the VIP host higher than the monthly bonus on Stake?

The daily reward from the VIP host could be higher than the Stake’s monthly promo because the latter is only determined on wager.

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